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#1249 - Country Music Fan Hits The Decks As Part-Time DJ


When a student starts frequenting a local country music bar she decides to turn the tables as an aspiring country music DJ. 

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hello, hello, what's up, what's not welcome dishonest school! This is your hosts preschool about I'm so glad you're joining me. Where are you? Listening in the world, this is all about creating freedom, expanding your options, providing security for yourself, so that, if something unpredictable happens, some, perhaps you know worldwide global blocks. One event or just something that happens to you in your job, you have that security. Have that backup plan. You have an extra. And people all over the world are pursuing, not indifferent ways. I am so grateful to be able to speak to each day. I often talk about taking a stand in demonstrating your personality. I think this is kind of under appreciated, especially if you're trying to develop any sort of brand. That features you and I think, when you take a stand, demonstrate your personality, this will inevitably result in you encountering some people who don't like it and that's. Ok and back. I think that's good. I'm often
You have something Gretchen Ribbon said, which is a strong voice, will repel as well as attract ok, so you can attract people but you're also going to repel that's just outworks With that in mind, I want to give a shout out to Chelsea Baldwin and what's funny is I can't actually say what her brand is, because we going to keep it clean here on side of school, no profanity, but I can spell it out for you. It's not that bad! It's just like you know, try to be respectful. Her branded the business b, I t c h, okay, so right from her name, you either like it or you don't. I mean it's it's beautiful in that way, because some people are like business. C c h, like that's really great or some people like. That's, that's not good. I don't like that. Her tagline by the way is impatience is a virtue. I thought that was cool. I went to steal that part. I wouldn't still the other one now that winters. So if you're not offended by strong language because it goes on from there like that's just the the brand, if you're not happen
my strong language and you want to see how she positions herself. The website is business, be eighty c h, dot com, which we will link up in the show notes as well and not for today story, student starts frequenting a local country, music bar. She decides to turn the tables as an aspiring country, music dj this hawaiian students last music than than hits the decks and build a solid side income. That's all about in this episode? Finding a new home that fits your family's needs can be tricky. You want room to spread out space to gather and a place to get away from it all. Luckily, when you need a mortgage that fits your family's needs, a great place to look is rocket mortgage rocket mortgage built a home loan experienced design for you with certainty at every step, and no one wanted surprise.
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was ten years ago that Kate Williamson was living in Hawaii, studying full time. She had a full course load, but the life of a student offered a lot of downtime as well Evenings out, usually men going to a local bar Kate was a big country music fan, so she often hit up powers that only play the type of music she liked. The types of establishments where hearing Blake, Shelton or carry Underwood, wouldn't feel out of place case. Favorite bar was called the country bar in Pearl harbor. The country bark just pretty descriptive, pretty basic there. She had spent many a night there enjoying the music, and eventually she got to know the staff, including the DJ one night. He told Kate. You would love to have a backup teaching. Up until that point was unable to find anyone. That's why to be their every night. But Kate was up for it, so you could say she decided to add pitch to an idea. Kate, and this house DJ made a deal, should become the backup, dj and work for free for the next two months. Torrent
Perhaps she taken all the information she could about mixing turntables and how to seamlessly glide from one song to another to keep the beat going then, when they both felt ready could take over as a part time paid T J, but that she had her training sorted out. And then with some free dj software. She found online. She was ready to go when the first time came sallow dj? It was exciting nerve, racking and panic inducing all at once. Ass came up the decks for that first time. Her heart was pounding harder than the base through the speakers, but the worry was offer nothing. The learning it paid off and Kate was able to dj her first night, earn a few bucks and start a new site us all. Link up cue, the music from that night on Kate, had a regular gig at the country bar when the house
J took a night off, she would drop I with her computer and a collection of country tracks to spend the place into a frenzy. Now it's a small community Ottawa who, in case reputation, spread around the islands. The fact that she was the states only female country, DJ, certainly helped but it also came with problems. She often felt like she wasn't taken seriously in what was traditionally male dominated industry, but she didn't let the haters get her down and kept improving her skills. Cates reputation grew soon. She received invitations for more gigs, indifferent bar network, converted into djing weddings and private events on the side, without a lot of promotion or pressure after a few years Paypal is studying and got a job in radio. Her dj experience was helpful and She started as an intern over the course of the next few years. She built a career in the space, but she always kept one foot firmly in the dj seen occasionally working bars and events
When she wanted to further her education and went back to being a student, luckily, she had the skills to seamlessly stepped back into her old US and began to sharing more regularly by now those branched out, and even though country was your first love, she explored. Others honours its enable her to get different gigs at different types of any Ex Kate has no plans to take her dj full time and her nights out have been. Thought during the pandemic. However, over the last year, she's earned over seven thousand dollars enough money to help her avoid debt and pace and bills. Dj is, business with some of the biggest aims of the industry being worth over a hundred million dollars. Some estimates indicate that there may be up to one million professional dj is out. There are not sure if that's true, but that's what we re. Line. So I'm passing along up to one million professional dj is and whether being it
Jason, the cards, for you are not what skills can you fall back on? What site? Also do you have that you could rely upon needed to make some extra money? You could also just not do that for a while. It's always helpful to build up this kind of skilled. It is essentially another form of asset or another form of protection for you, so that, if things change, you can't do one thing and you'll be able to do. Something else is always good to develop their skills. Are it listeners? Inspiration is good. Stretching with action is better to find a show. Today's episode, it just go to sawdust and school dot com. Twelve slash twenty eight! Thank you so much for listening. You are a country, music superstar. My name is Chris Gilliam out. This is side. Hustle school. From the onward projects.
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