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#1262 - CLASSROOM: Halfway through the year! Let's review.


We’ve made it to the middle of 2020! Let’s review what we’ve covered in the Classroom series so far, and prepare to move to a major focus on marketing for the rest of the year. 

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Hey there. What's up, welcome to the classroom. Episode is signify the beginning of a new week. We are actually not just. Beginning of new week that we are almost exactly half way through the year. Halfway through the year of twenty twenty, which you know a lot of ways, we can say twenty twenty might prefer to action. If I had a twenty one, but hopefully not in all the ways, because I tend to think while, regardless of circumstance, what can I do to to better myself? What can I do to make a difference in the world in a matter? What's going on right so halfway through the year? That would be good to look back at the classroom series of what we have done so far in the past six months, and I just want to make a few changes to it, just based on conversations and feedback from many of our listeners pretty much everything I do here, it's out of school and all of my other work as well is kind of a co creation,
says in the sense that I am trying to share something like I have a message. I have something I want to teach, but on the first to recognise that it's made better because of this community. So thank you for being part of that. I thank you for your emails. Thank you, for social media interaction we've had If we haven't interacted at all. Just thank you so much for listing because, as I have said several times, you're. The reason why make the show it really is true, that's where we work on these features and try to consider what we need to do next in such. So, if you go to satisfy school tat comes last classroom. You can see this newly outdated, page yarsfield us go back and take a look or listen to anything you might have missed, or that seems particularly relevant to you. I cannot satisfy Skoda, com, slash classroom and I always encourage you to use your time well, because the thing about this
is like? I know we have people in different places, not just mean geographically, I mean in terms of your side of some journey likes. If you are a bit further along, I will just you can skip some of those topics. That's ok because you know every week we still had to do. Stories are case studies, along with all the interactive new features, such as questions and answers and throw back Thursday episodes that we introduced at the beginning of twenty so, of course, always do what's best for you. So a lot more, we looked at in the first couple months of the year, was about what makes for the right idea when I say right idea, I mean a profitable one, and how can you develop the skill of identifying loss of ideas, and this is because p, tend to have one of two challenges, especially the beginning of this process that either don't have an idea, or they don't to bring that idea to life, so some people are like. I have no idea what I would do, which is a big and why I'm trying to share lots and lots of ideas through the podcast, but but also also people like ok, I get it now. I have to make Maybe I've got my own idea, maybe
part one or modified it, but I bring that idea life like that's what I'm struggling. That's right, any get stuck so first couple months, the year were all about those top, so? How do we find the right idea? How do you devote that skill of identifying ideas and then doing more with the second part on how do you get your idea ready everything you need to do to create that product or service, and that includes both practical logistical steps, as well as some psychological once some mindset steps kind of understanding why people make purchasing decisions in the first place, which is really help to know about tat once you start getting into writing copy for your offer and actually creating an offer in the first place and then, of course, beginning to think you're going to get that offer out to the world. So, on the practical logistical side we had closer episodes such as number seventeen. Mrs number, seventeen of the classroom series not episode seventeen, but again on that page classroom.
You can see all of them so that it does so at seventeen was, if you end up working with the manufacturer or an overseas factory or some other vendor. What do you need to know? What questions do you need to ask in advance? How can you try to see off any problems, might occur and then another logistical issue is: how can you fulfil orders? How can you create a simple workflow for delivery of an item or recession upon purchase when some one chooses to give you money, which is what their choosing to do when they buy something right? What happens next? How do they receive their purchase? What do you need to what they need to do, if anything at that point, etc. We also questions about really sexy topics like taxes and business licences and bank accounts, so classroom episode, number twelve was entitled. Don't listen to this boring episode, which was all about those really exciting topics
Such as all practical and logistical and the psychological preparation, when the psychological knowledge, I guess you could say included, topics like how to create a powerful origin story like what is your order. Story. Why are you starting this project to have all the different things you could do, and why is that going to then be interesting to somebody, as well as the six factors of persuasion, part one and two, which I split into two episode? Just because there is a lot there in terms of how to introduce these characteristics or factors are elements of what causes some one to make a purchase, So that's what I've been so far and going forward the series will focus a lot more in marketing tale a bit more about
in just a moment, quick little shut out to our sponsor sponsor break, and also we come back I'll. Give you your assignment for the weak. Getting a mortgage is a necessary part of the home buying process for many, but it doesn't have to be a hassle rocket. Mortgage gives you the tools. You need to understand all your options and purchased with certainty you're on the go they get it. That's. Why rocket mortgage make the home loan process happened on your schedule, plus the opera paperless approval process. You can complete write on your phone visit, rocketmortgage dot com hustle, because when you need a mortgage that fits your life rocket, can call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender license in all states states in consumer access, dot, org number three: zero, three zero, something else we looked at about six weeks ago. That was this hopping, give the people what they want
really want not just what they say they want. So as you move choosing an idea and in developing new products, to focusing more outreach in marketing you want to make sure you're well position to do that again, giving people what they really want, not just what they say, which can often be different. How can you reach the right people? That's something else. We looked at your eye, your customer, who is that single person out there who best represents many others we can. Sign up around the block to buy from you a crash, your website with so many orders, or maybe it's not gonna, be quite like that. It leads to first, but hopefully, Buying signing up registering wherever they to do in a way that allows you to grow and do more of what's important to you, because, of course that's what it's all about so for the second half of the year. We talk a lot about that in much more detail on these classroom. Episodes begin in July, will switch to every other week and the reason why do doing that is, I'm so excited about the serious, but I'm also backlogged on so many listener. Questions,
but I want to make sure I'm trying to answer as as possible. So we're can do some more questions and answer episodes every other week and then you know on the opposite: weak the either week that will be a classroom episode, You subscribe you'll, get all that when it comes to worry about the details of the schedule, just letting you know in advance, and your assignment this week is to regroup and evaluate just gonna, sit back and take a look and see where you're at where are you out? What do you need to do to keep moving for? What's your next step, you can read notes for this, and every classroom episode this year at sight of school schooled outcome, slash classroom. Let us has been episode. Twelve sixty two, so you can also just go to satisfy that calm, slash one to six to three. Notes for this one specifically, I am so grateful that you ve been around this year. It has been quite a year as mentioned briefly in the beginning. We talk about a couple times as well, but I hope you will continue to join me. The rest of the year as well, and excited to continue building and sharing your stories. Answering your questions
Whenever I can to highlight positive change in this community, because I think you're amazing you're, amazing, you're rockstar. My name is critical about hand your listening to side of school, from the onward projects.
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