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#1273 - Q&A: How to make a prototype for a physical product?


Our listener today is starting a side hustle that requires a physical product, and he’s wondering… how can he make a prototype? Does he even need one?

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Believe it or not. A lot of kids are missing school right now, as we had in the summer break, that's partly because they have missed school for quite a while, at least in many parts of it kids have been learning at home or sometimes struggling to learn at home and our sponsor today, key we co can deliver a science. Fair were art class right to your door. Chemical has different, creates for kids of all ages. They are redefining play with hands on projects that build confidence, creativity and critical thinking, skills, there's something for every kid or kid. At heart, a cubic up get your first free and select creates a key. We coda com, slash hustle, that is K. I w, I see dot com, slash hustle. what's up friends, listers community welcome dishonest was full. My name is critical about taking on an adventure daily adventure of stories, case studies, advice, tips, questions and answers all about creating a new source of income without putting your job. That's what we're
here in lots of different ways. Today's collar is wondering why he's starting aside hustle first of all, that requires a physical product and he's wondering how can you make a prototype and just in case you know only with the word. A prototype is a sample or model of what will eventually become a product that is usually manufactured, so it's usually made an a factory and before you make one thousand and or ten thousand of your item. Whatever the big number, is you design and create a working sample now the challenge is the challenge that our color is facing in anybody in this situation would face is if it's a physical product that has existed before this Invention, essentially, how do you go about getting the prototype made, because you know there's no prototype com which, by the way I did go and check cuz. I was like I'm going to say: there's no prototype, then there probably is actually so I went and looked and it's just a park
so there's no prototype dot com or if there was it would probably a company to charge a lot of money to make a prototype. So what might be a better option? That's what will look at in this episode after the message from our sponsor a big welcome to our new sponsor grammar early gradually helps you write like a pro with advanced, real time, feedback level up your writing for work school or in personal projects. The premium features included Van suggests, on grammar, punctuation, Senate structure and style. If you're, looking for deeper insight on your writing, gradually premium gives you advance feedback on tone were choice punctuation and more. I have just install. I'm already noticing some helpful tips and suggestions just and ways to communicate better and make better word choices without really thinking about it too much so big benefit. Therefore, lots of our listeners get twenty. First off gradually premium. When you sign up gradually dot com, slash hustle this twenty percent off it gradually dot com, slash hustle. She are a
M, a r l why dot com, slash hustle? This is Dillon Similar Orlando Florida never listened to. Show for it, one year now I love the content and really love in the new format. I'm thinking about strong aside hustle that requires a physical product after some initial research out see any similar items to build from or really to model. After I'd like to have a mould created for prototype and wondering what options are, resources should look into to have one made and if having a more created is even worked. The pale. Thank you for all the help and encouragement of you and your list there's remain healthy thanks Chris Dylan. What's up man, thank you for listening or Orlando Hope, you're doing also
yeah. Let's see, I got a couple of thoughts for you here. First, I was thinking about episode. Ninety nine, so this scumbag ya know what three brand of days or something that episode was about. Two guys who made this really cool tripod stand like then it had been made before her. It was a variation on something that had been done before, but nobody who done it in this way before and so they went through a whole prototype process and they used a company called product dot com, so its product, p, r o you do, you see tee dot com and basically it is a small business. It helps other small businesses inside of sellers go through the process of designing prototyping. An connecting with she'll manufacturers overseas. So they are a middle man essentially, but one with a pretty good reputation and a few other people have used them. I don't have any inflation or experience with it myself, but I would look at product dot, com, p, r, o you do you see tee dotcom, maybe have a conversation with them. My second suggestion is actually to look locally.
Ask around just Google. You know Orlando. Whatever your location is further listeners, Google, that city name followed by makers, space or look for a corking space. If you can't find a maker space, lots of cities now have these shared spaces, which are a little bit different from corking like sitting with your laptop. They have three printers. They have more for workspace to do physical assembly. They have tradespeople that worked very their full time or just running the space upon occasion, and they usually are pretty well can. Did in a community that they know people who do all sorts of things, there's a whole economy that revolves around the spaces. Arms likes him. I start with that. Our maybe simultaneously Are you have an inquiry after product or anybody else like that? Look around locally printing in general by the way is much more accessible now, and so you might be able to pay for the space and, if real answer to make your product for you there so in case somebody else's wondering hey, what's the big deal with making a prototype like one not just make the actual product, while first, as I mentioned pro, types can reveal problems that are much better to find out before you make. You know a thousand or what
The number is the final product, but also If Dylan or somebody else is thinking about doing a crowd funding campaign, whether to kick start or something similar, it really really helps to show a demonstration of your products if it is a fair a product. I think it's almost vital to have that simple that model, because it builds trust. It shows your potential backers, not only do I have an idea, but I know I can make this idea. Work like it might require some struggle to get that prototype made until the whole point is that you have gone through that struggle. And now your message to anybody who might be a backer is, I know it works. I just need some help to get it built so essentially you're providing proof. That's why I do think it's pretty important, especially if you're considering proper funding are doing good like let us know how goes listeners have you got it, some of your own just come to satisfy Skoda, coms last questions, we're in a feature them throughout the year, as you can tell complete, we are halfway through the year, just about we're gonna feature them throughout the year. The rest of the year, still along with updates mother listeners, asked they launch their projects thanks. So much you are
Some might aim is critical about. This is sighed out school. From the onward projects.
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