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#1280 - Q&A: Help! People keep stealing and reposting my photos


A listener is a photographer who’s concerned about people reposting their images without permission. What’s the best response in these situations? 

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boarding people out there who are trying to create something for themselves, trying to build a little bit of security for themselves in an uncertain world building security in an uncertain time, achieving more self reliance, so you are less dependent on any outside company. That's what it's all about, not today's collar! is a photographer who is concerned about people reposted their images without permission and what is the best response in these situations? I hear a lot of variations of this question, whether its sometimes about my own work, like people asking me in my concerned about Piracy and my word about getting ripped off or from people who are just starting out and want to protect their hard earned. Intellectual property will talk about that in this episode. Also, I want a dimension.
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On the images I share online people like them, but it seemed like they lock him too much because they keep pushing them without giving me any credit. How can I get sides against grant taken down? and is there anything I can do to reduce the further thieves in the first place, or should I just not worry about is looking forward to hearing from you thanks Chris, the great thank you so much listening in Sydney city in the world. I miss you guys, are happier during a k over there. I hope that you too chance you visit, while at some point soon at some point when it safe. Ok, so talk about this So you know in the long run I'll give you some give you some specific tips on how to actually tractors but I also want to say that in the long run it it's it's a tough battle you now and when people are reposted your stuff online without permission,
in some ways, at least just in terms of the bigger picture, as I said worrying about it, what kind of be futile basically- and I often go back to think about something that I believe I first heard this from south garden. It seems like a very soft garden like thing he would say wherever I heard it is really stuck with me. He said your greatest problem as an author is not piracy. Its obscurity and I was like yeah. It makes perfect sense, like my greatest problem is not that people are going to that. My work is gonna, be popular the people want to steal it. The greatest challenges like no basic care. So I tried to worry about things that are within my control also, and but that said, I know I know especially for photographers and artists sums- can be really annoying if you are being I'm doing some really great work, you putting a lot of time in it, and people are just kind of posting it without credit. No you're claiming it as their own or just not passing the credit along to you, so there are a few things you can do in this situation for your popular image.
You might want to do a reverse image, search which you can do using Google or other search engines, just a kind of sea ice. Are there any instances of this out there? You can set alerts using a platform such as pixie dot com, and they will do those reverse image, searches and other searches on a regular basis actually monitor. One thing for you, you might want to consider water marking or otherwise at dinner, find your work in the image itself. Some people do that in that way, if its reposted in that there is a credit one way or another, like you, it's not possible to push the work without the credit, unless somebody really gets complicated and start sooner photocopying, but that's a different thing. Speaking of Instagram, some may have seen. People do hoo hoo We have a lot of popular images that our shared they often like, have a note like right on their profile page. That explains like hey. If you want to replace my images, here's how you do it better.
They, like here's, the right way in the wrong way to do it and he that helps at least with the cases that are you know someone accidental or somebody just doesn't quite know what's best now, but if you do find it, you know you might want to send a polite, no to the person hey. Can you take this down or ITALY? Can we credit whatever you prefer and then, if that doesn't go well, then you should report them to answer gram, or rather you find your stolen images. There is usually a process where you can go and include a link and say I hears the original and here's where this has been reproduced. Without my permission and spot forms, we usually remove them. So there are things you can do. Just remember in the long term is more important to focus on doing the work that you enjoy not just chasing down people who are improperly posting it. I'm not saying at all that it's ok, that's happened. I'm just saying like just for your own happiness, your own wellbeing and for your creative energy is more important to focus on that important working with joy. South Greg
You again for the great question. I know I've before wondering variations of that. So it's very helpful to hear that in listeners. If you have a question it come to satisfy schooled outcomes. Last questions will be featuring them throughout the year, along with updates from other listeners ass. They launch there Jack's, thank you again. My name is critical about. This is silent from the onward projects.
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