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#1318 - CLASSROOM: Set Up a Wordpress Website


If you haven’t made your first website yet, this short tutorial will get you going in no time.

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Would you like to discover powerful stories conversations resources in community all about helping you find and live your best life now, while if so, you need to check out good life project. The award winning contest by my friend Jonathan fields every week could lie. Project features, inspirational, intimate and disarmingly, unfiltered conversations about living, a fully engage life from iconic world shakers like Elizabeth Gilbert, Renee Brown, Sir Robinson and Gretchen ribbon to everyday guest. Each story has something to offer subscribe now: good life project outcome who are directly and Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcast tat. There was up and welcome the sawdust school. My name is critical about I'm your host. I have the privilege and honour of bringing you stories, chips, tactics, instructions, ideas, placements operation
all about starting your site. I saw that income generating project that you operate apart from your day. Job says not about being a full time entrepreneur or at least not right away, not taking a huge amount of ask about investing in yourself so that you have options for your future, even if you love your job, everybody needs more than one source of income suffer the past. Thirteen hundred seventeen days and bringing you these, as I said daily stories, tips, tactics, etc. Now early and twenty two We started this new series called classroom, which we did every week for the first six months now in the second half of the year, or doing it every other week, such by monthly, always get that can be used as it by weekly. Is it by ok? It's it's every other week, my sister, Now, if you aren't or even going check out any of those previous episodes, we can check out anything entire archives, it's all available for free, but the classroom episodes in particular are you can find links to those outside school dot com, slash classroom, ok,
I also encourage you with your new, where you been around a while. I was encourage you to use your time well, so we ve got people out there with a lot of experience. People are just getting started in various stages of their project, I was encouraged to has said, use your time. Well, if some of these topics seem basic than just skip them, ok we're still doing to stories awake. We're still do not of questions and answers for today, for example, if you already have a website sore and talk about today, setting up a word press website, I've already have a website. If you understand word press if you're just cruising along, then you might need this particular episode, but for everybody else today, let's look at setting up a word press website, and this can be like so many things in life very simple or very complicated. So I try to stick with the simple at least that's my goal for this programme, sometimes in life. I make things too complicated, but here today, when I stick with the simple and the goal of this to tourism is to show you
how to set up your first website in a short period of time and without spending a lot of money to get things. Your site probably won't be beautiful or amazing at first, but that's ok, because done is better than perfect and you have to start somewhere now. The first year cycle school, I made a page on the website about how to set up a website just so Mehta right. I made a page on my website about how to set up a wet right in ninety minutes. Ok, it was like set up a website in ninety minutes and this turned into one of our most popular tutorials. So I wanted to revisit and update it a bit here now when I say start a website in ninety minutes. I just want to be clear about what I mean, because your website is not going to be complete in ninety met sometimes I work on my websites for ninety minutes a day. You know every day for a long period of time. It's never ending. But that's not what we're talking about here again. Our goal is to start with simple and add complexity only as you need and because so many of us
we're getting started much more than we do with like getting better or improving. I want you to be able to start, I don't want you to be held back, and so this kind of plan absolutely can make that happen. So that's our goal. It's a quick start playing. It's a way to move forward. If you want to do that here is what you need. You need three things. Basically, it looks like maybe four things, let's say, but the third one is kind of a two part process complicated I should simplify. Are you need a domain name? You need a hosting account and you need to install word press and a word press theme. That's that two partners, we'll get to that, so a domain name, a hosting account any you need word press itself right and it is that third, one that's gonna take the most time. So a domain name, that's superstar! that is the name of your website, that Dotcom satisfy school dotcom, whatever you're dot com or your dot worker dot net or some other extension is domain. Main names cost about ten dollars a year. Probably a lot of our listeners already have a bunch of them talk to somebody the other day had like three hundred of them. That's probably too many. Unless you're, you
interior domain names here, you're, probably just paying too much for that. But anyway I d make costs about ten dollars a year. Very simple: you can register it out it lots of different places. I always recommend just to keep it simple register your domain name wherever you host your website, which is you know the second thing any so hosting account can cost as little as for five dollars a month. Sometimes ten dollars a month can cost a lot more, of course, but you know why spend more freedom two. I recommend a company that offers a deal like that for dollar a month. Deal will afford a ten dollars a month, depending on what you want, but still very, very cheap. A lot of our listeners have taken advantage of that. So few like to do that, go to cite us all school dotcom, slash website you can sign up for that very affordable, yet rely.
A web host? Ok, but whether you use that plan or another one of your party got something. That's fine, no need to change. It's just a matter of registering case just a matter of setting it up, get your domain name your hosting account, and then you are two thirds of the way. Through the process k, it should take ten minutes. Maybe thirty minutes if you want to look at a bunch of options and do some research, but those first two steps very simple, the third
it's gonna, take the most of our time, something to talk about that in some detail: how to install we're press. In a word press theme, let's take a quick break for a sponsor message and then all about we're press as well as your assignment for the week is coming up. Next. Today's episode is brought to you by the ultimate knowledge up from the hustle called trends. Trends is a place where you can workshop ideas and network with entrepreneurs and investors. Among other things, they have weekly live lectures, featuring experts who teach growth strategies Essie, oh, how to send the perfect cold email, all kinds of intriguing topics, along with access to a community of industry leaders. Right now you can get your first two weeks, for one dollar go to trains, dicey, o slash, side, us or school. To start your one dollar to a trial. That's t r, N D S, dot, seo slash side, us all school for your one dollar, two retrial trends, dot seo slash side, us all school
so now you need to install word and a word press thing and, as I said, this will take the most time, but just one word: press dot. Org is free. It is totally free you may pay ten dollars a year for your domain. You may pay for that hosting account small amount of money each month. But if you are using this system at least word press dot, Org is totally free and just one note the temperature people up, because it is complicated. It's different from we're press dot com can work. Prescott work were pressed outcome. If you're going this route, you want we're Prescott, work, word, press dot, com offers paid, hosted solutions in just four disclosure word. Press itself has been a sponsor of a show in the past. She got two different kinds of worker. S basically word. Press dot. Com is what I have mentioned. The sponsor messages word press dot. Org is the free option. Okay, so their pros and cons to each of those in its not at all that word. Press dot com is not here
way to go it s, but you have to pay for that. Ok, so the free option, we're Prescott work. They have a famous five minute insulin, can process that I will link up in the notes. Okay, so, basically, and if you are looking at workers, dot org you'll see it there, it will show you how to get the software set up for your website to go live. There are a couple different steps there. If you need some help, there's an option to pay someone to do it for you, but they do list very clearly what the steps are. Okay, so five minute installation or, however many minutes it takes. You might take a bit longer, but word press outwork. Now we're press itself is a cms means. Content management system and a theme or press theme is how you can make it look nice without being a designer during one and guess what themes can be paid, they are for sale. We ve probably featured some theme designers Huron Title School over the years, but they can also be free. There are a lot of free options, so
get those as well right at work. Prescott, Org, just look at the top navigation, four themes and if you do have some design skills or if you want to pay someone, that theme can be totally customized, your basically just downloading the code so that these can be totally customize with different images, graphics, fonts lay out options. Then you have complete freedom and licence to do that. With these things, which is really call, so I think that's a big part of. Why were pressed. Been so popular you four, I guess decades now so work press is not the only game in town, of course like there are other options for some
people another option might be better, but for a lot of people it's gonna be great. So I have used word press. I have used the system on most of my websites, probably at least fifteen websites that I can think of. Historically, they were very focused on blogs, but you can use this platform to build any kind of website like it's very, very flexible and, as I said customizable, so you got that may name. You got that hosting account. You ve got the word press software installation and you ve got some kind of word press and by the way actually wants you install the software. You can publish the site right away. So, technically speaking, you don't even need a custom theme, but without a separate theme it will be very bare bones, so I do think the theme is probably essential to that. So it's not that complicated as Had to get going, there will be more to be done just to be clear,
and in the long term I also do believe in investing in good design. I do believe in thinking about user experience web development of that kind of stuff, but I also think when you're getting started, there's nothing wrong with using a stock theme for your started website. You know I have done that before in the past. My recommendation is almost always to start with something, affordable and then invest more. If you let us go along so what's next! Well again, I don't over promise, because there is more to be done. You probably in an email, lest you might need some other stuff too. But again, all the basics are here so go and make your first website. I will include links to all this stuff at sight of soul, school dot, com, slash, thirteen eighteen as one three one eight or you can go to satisfy its quota.
Flash classroom to see every episode this year and once again not dealing mentioned for the hosting account that would be satisfied, school dot, com website, so soap, pretty simple there. Your assignment is to set up your first website using word press if you have not done so before or for those out there that are like yep. I've been doing this and head of the curve. That's awesome! Well done, so your assignment would be to make two improvements to your existing website. Like two things have been bothering you tube Yours, you want to add, or just some process you want to improve or upgrade do that this week and whatever you're up to wherever you are in the world, hope you're taking care of yourself. You checking up on somebody else out there and I hope, you're making progress for that goal. You fully them. Thank you! So much for being out there much more coming up. My name is Chris About this is cited for sport.
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