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#1323 - Q&A: How to get my first customer as a digital personal assistant?


Today’s listener wants to become a digital personal assistant to help people with tech support. How should he proceed? 

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Would you like to discover powerful stories conversations resources in community all about helping you find and live your best life now, while if so, you need to check out good life project. The award winning contest by my friend Jonathan fields every week could lie. Project features, inspirational, intimate and disarmingly, unfiltered conversations about living, a fully engage life from iconic world shakers like Elizabeth Gilbert, Renee Brown, Sorkin, Robinson and Gretchen ribbon to everyday guest. Each story has something to offer subscribe now: good life project outcome who are directly and Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen to broadcast, Am I to begin today's episode with a shot out to everybody out there who is in search of their first customer? Looking for your first customer first client, first sale This is a very important milestone and that's why, for all of our case studies, whenever we do those stories, I now do twice a week, but for the first three years of the programme I did you know.
A single day. One of the questions, I always ask is: do you remember your first sale and I learned to ask that question many years ago, when I was first talking to an external entrepreneurs and other people who started side vessels, because I noticed that there is a high percentage of people who actually remember that. Sale, not everyone dies, but it's not unusual at all to hear that. Achieving that milestone feels incredibly satisfying, and hopefully, of course it's the first of many, so anything we can do to get people to their first customer first sale is so important in today's lister fits this description. Ok, he wants to become a digital personal assistant to help people with tech support. Now, how should proceed is offer clear enough. There's something we should change should go out by Facebook adds he's wondering all kinds of stuff. So let's talk about it, how to get my
Customer has a digital, personal assistant right after this message from our sponsor days, episode is brought to you by an amazing online community. A new project from the hustle called Trent trends can give you access to a community of industry leaders in virtually every field. You can learn how to capitalize on emerging opportunities. You can learn about growth strategies as he oh, how to send the perfect cold email. All kinds of topics in weekly live lectures. Lots of research, material are kind to get stuff and right now you can get your first two weeks for just one dollar go to trains, dot, seo, slash side, us all school. To start your one dollar two week trap that is T r e Andy S: DOT ceo, slash site us all school for your one dollar two week, trial trends, dot seo, slash side us all school. I Chris by David Nate. First of all, things for everything that you are doing the help of the community.
Side hustlers out there making it happen. My idea is: being a digital personal assistant focused more on, like a personal tech support right being, basically like the nephew, her niece, that answers questions for people for people who don't have that person in their life really quick texture phone based easily buildable. I can build all the structure for everything, but what I'd really like to know is how do you get it from your very first customers should be
and spent money on ads. Should we post things on Facebook, I'm not really sure ass. I really love to know about how to plan going from zero to one thanks so much and revealed a major success at night was not thank you so much, I'm so glad you're out there. So, like we're gonna make a success. Pressure bite before I send you have to buy. STAR Post on Facebook. I do have a bit of a concern about the service and I think the more we can address on the front end like before you start. You know like here, here's my checklist to twenty eight things. I'm going do to try to market the service. What could you actually do to improve the service, or perhaps we find it a bit beforehand? It's going to achieve much better long term results for you listeners. If you want to check out his website along with me, it is
most heroic dot com, I'm much from financing that correct, but K, L, O S, hero, h, e r, o dot com kilos Yoda come so. My concern is that this service is too vague and I'm not sure that name knows enough about his intended customer because it they could be a lot of different things. Lotta different things, love different people and there's no doubt that lots of people need tech, help for sure, but that's a really big market, a people, as I said, and also their needs, are quite different. Somebody setting up there
smart speaker setup, I won't say the name of the Amazon device. You know what I'm talking about. If that's one thing, other people are trying to use their computer or phone for any number of tasks that don't have anything in common besides this broad category at attack, so on the one hand you know you might think, and- and you know I could be wrong I'll- be my sink. What's a concierge who could do all these things is the answer, but personally I'm not sure, because people do tend to ask their nephew or niece or someone they know for help for help with stuff like this, and yes, not everybody has that person. But in that case, are they then actively going to search? You know for.
Concierge or digital personal assistant. I don't think most people think about that kind of language, so this is a very common issued by the way this whole issue of like when I'm starting up. I have an idea, I think I know what's right, but the way you get to what's really right, it is through adjusting, and so here's now here's an action step, perhaps for Nate, try to show this website to someone that you think might benefit from the service and you're not trying to sell them on it or are you just gonna wanna see what they think entrusted to ask them to many leading questions, just you know show them the web
I have a look at it. You might get some information, just you that observation and if you're not able to do that, then the next best thing would be to try to do it yourself, just to try to go through your own websites and pretend oh. This is not me, I'm looking at somebody else's thing. What questions do I have to? I really understand this. Do I see the compelling benefit here and so to go back to where I started, I'm just a little concerned that the service is too vague in terms of the progress in terms of the benefit. The pricing is also a kind of just oh. Well, that's a message and will get back to you will get your quoted stuff. So my suggestion is: don't spend money on ads right now, unless its small money that you're, just using for testing a certain question.
Find the money on ads. Once you have an offer that can bertz so spend more time. Thinking about the offer and then, of course we can get to that twenty five staff checklist up some marketing things to do. I just want to make sure that name and everybody else uses their time. Well, ok, that's my two cents listeners. If you have a question com decided to school, dotcom, slash questions will be facing them throughout the year, along with updates mother listeners as they launch their projects and by the way now Let us know what happens if you get a ritual will offer at some point come back and perhaps we can mention it to get where we are in the world. I hope you have a wonderful day. My name is critical about this is side school From the onward projects.
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