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#1327 - Q&A: How can an author succeed in this day and age?


Our caller today has been working on her first novel, and she doesn’t want it to be confined to a drawer forever. She wants to sell it! But she’s also feeling discouraged, because so many books are commercially unsuccessful. What should she consider?

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Robin decided to school. What's up, my name is Chris Guillebeaux, so glad you're here or call her today, one of our listeners has been working on her first novel and she doesn't want to be confined to a drawer forever got a couple of those, my cell phone. She wants to sell it, but she's also feeling discouraged, because so many books are commercially unsuccessful. Okay, she wants to be commercially successful the idea? What should we consider that this is a question here and dear to my heart? I love the world of books. As an author, I would say I ll be the first to say it's not necessarily the most profitable, medium like in fact, in some ways. They say that most other mediums have a more profit potential, but that doesn't mean that every book is destined to be stuck in the drawer or published, but not discovered by any one, which is another faith that, sadly, all too many books meat. As I said, our collar wants to do something different. So in this episode will look briefly at the landscape of publishing focused around the question. How is it possible for an author to succeed in this day and
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the Cyprus there's this summer in Phoenix. How is it possible for an author to succeed in this day and age? There are too many books and no one cares. I've been working on my first novel for a long time and I want to be able to sell it as a series. But for that to happen, I know the first one has to sell. Well, then there will be a built in market for the next ones. Still I feel discouraged, I dont have a ton of facebook, friends and I slept marketing class. If there ever was such a class, when it comes to world building and developing characters, I'm good at that, but with so many books coming out all the time. I worry that no one will find mine and I've done all of this writing for nothing. How is it possible for an author to succeed, given all the constraints and competition that now exists thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you
hey summer, thank you for listening. Thank you for being out there you're not alone. We have a lot of authors and aspiring authors in our community resources that I asked the same question many years ago, much the same question at least going back. I guess twelve years or something when I first talk to my letter agent, who still very good friends so my now and I was learning about the role of publishing and I was like David. You know: how is it possible to succeed because there are so many books coming out? Also, people even still reading books, you Know- and he was like Christina people are celebrating book. So if you want to write a book than you should write a buck Like great, that's exactly what I want to do, and here I am years later still running bucks. I very much believe that in that industry, that media that format etc, so also the other good news. Is it's not like saying? How can you be successful as a professional basketball player, for example, because you know the pool of talent, there is quite smaller
This room for very few people to succeed right, whereas there are a lot more. Authors like there are a lot of but there are a lot more successful authors. There, a lot more people who are able to publish book spectrum land on our own and reach an audience of engage readers. Not everyone is success while that, of course, but the point is there can be a lot of them. So the competition is a lot less or at least it's not quite like being a professional. We need or lots of other things. Furthermore, there are also a lot of pathways to publishing these days. So yes, in some ways, that's overwhelming, but it also offers opportunity just depends on how you look at it. So couple of examples, couple of specific seer audio as a category is huge these days and guess what you listening to Pact s door and audio. A lot of people are into audio. If you published two bucks, you re traditional publisher. They are almost absolute.
To insist on having the audio rights and making an audio version, because they understand like topic. This market is if your cell publishing a book, then you have a choice and my recommendation. My strong recommendation is to defiling bacon audio version, so my dad rights novels, he took up novel writing after he retired from being a NASA engineer, and he recently published an audio version of his. Book. Mad librarian he's received a lot of good feedback about it. He says the almost didn't do the audio version she was.
Well, I don't know I don't listen, audio books does anybody, you know really do that and I was like dad. She tried and he's got a debt, so audio version for sure, but clubs, online communities like good, reeds and book bub, the institute's community or into reads community Instagram. All of these outlets in more can offer amplification if readers connect with your bucks now as presenting it as a series to go back to summers original question selling it as a serious and the traditional publishing model. These days, most new authors we'd better served by selling that first book independently, as in our supposed to trying to sell whole series and then going back to sell the next one once you have some proof of concept, in other words, readers like it so think she knows that already, but So don't try to sell a whole series, but it might help you to think about how to first when could become a series while you're working on it. That, of course, will make it much easier later on so anyway, I wouldn't give up hope for sure I would keep working at it. If that's what you really want to do, I never try to talk people enter,
books, because it's a long road and it's a lot of work and there might be other mediums that are more profitable, at least at first, maybe not just at first, but maybe always, but if you believe in it don't be discouraged like. I think it's worth examining heaped on it right, good luck, summer. Good luck, everybody else out there trying to accomplish something. Creative and listeners. If you have a question com to satisfy Skoda, come slash questions when a keep pushing them throughout the year, like ass, the years come. To an end, but this will be moving into that fourth quarter soon, but still we featuring them throughout the rest of the year, along with updates and ATO listeners as they launch their projects. Thank you some. Who was your amazing? My name is critical about this is How does this work. From the onward projects.
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