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#1352 - Social Media Manager Moonlights for Mothers


After a traumatic birth experience, a biologist turned social media manager takes on another new responsibility of helping expectant mothers. 

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Do you have an email is yet it is the single most powerful tool you can use to reach people with an offer. I use a service, that's both easy and customizable. At the same time, it can help you go from idea to income now listen! This is big for the first time ever they are introducing a free version of this tool is not just a trial. It is a completely free version that you can sign up to use that satisfy school dot, com, slash email, you can add up to a hug, in all subscribers Hansen, unlimited broadcast messages. Again it's free and then, when you're ready to grow, you can add more subscribers set up email, sequences and more, but you won't pay anything until you're ready. As I said, this is brand new. Just go to satisfy school dot com, slash, email to sign up, that's saga school dotcom, slash, email before we get into today story, I have a time tracking Tipp per year and more than once, I have mentioned that tracking your time, keeping up with your time. In some fashion, I can be very
upload, it did a fine patterns that you may not be aware of, and this is true, especially for those of us who are knowledge workers. If you work in an office, if you do any kind of creative work, if you have some economy and and how you structure time- and you can work in different projects in such what that is a huge benefit of course, but it also comes with a challenge of how do we figure out? Where do I sign different and what am I wasting time on? Perhaps in what would I like to spend more time on I'm pretty and all of us want to have more time to do more of what we want so a couple times, Mentioned the spreadsheet too, made by Laura Vander. Can two lore of Andrew dot com, others, a free spreadsheet, where you can track your time and keep up with their different hours and such she also has some great including a hundred and sixty eight hours and off the clock highly recommended, struggle, but I have had when I try to do kind of exercises. Is that keeping up with all your time takes a lot of time, or at least it does for me? I did it for a couple weeks now. It's like all this is really cool.
I am actually learning a fair amount, but I feel this constant, like Paul or emotional eggs till I remember how I spend every fifteen minutes every thirty minutes my time so here's my tap. I started something new. Instead of trying to track all my time, I just try to track the hours I spend on creative and so I dont worry about everything else cited as long as I'm spinning a good amount of time on things that are important to me and hopefully, an increasing amount of time. I'm not gonna try to keep up with all the rest. So if you have felt overburdened and trained people, everything. I would encourage you whether you using a spreadsheet tool or or time tracking, app or just a piece of paper, perhaps may be considered just trying to track the time you spend on creative work or whatever else is important to you I'll get. That was, as I said it, before today. Story of this story is called social media manager moonlights for mothers after a traumatic birth experience, a biologist
and social media manager takes on another new responsibility of helping expectant mothers. That story will be here in thirty seconds right after this message from our side, sir I'm excited about a new music documentary. Podcast long may they run created, directed and produced by sea thirteen originals, the team that brought you gangster capitalism and rude of evil. Long may they run is a groundbreaking new show, exploring iconic touring bans who had a lasting impact on music culture and beyond season. One focuses on the ban fish, one of the most successful impact for in pioneering bands of all time you can bend season. One of long may. They run on apple pie, casts Spotify radio dot com in anywhere. You listen to your podcast for Jennifer Jenkins, her journey to becoming a post, partum
I was a bit of a surprise to everyone, including herself, after earning a degree and wildlife and conservation biology. She worked for the United States for a service in the ways Hannah. She fully expected her life path to be full of adventures into the woods to save endangered species. Instead, she embarked on a completely different adventure. After experiencing too Eric births with her first to children, Jennifer it hired a deal out with her second baby and the support she received convinced her to shift her career path from working in the forests to working with expectant mothers. At least that was her dream. But how would you do it well to begin? Jennifer knew that she needed training and certification her first ratification cost border dollars along with a hundred and fifty dollars. An additional books in resources births are complicated. There also unique experiences, not something you can just study and a textbook.
A dollar and training has to gain a broad range of experience, so they can have a better understanding of how to support their future clients so before she could be fully certified. Jennifer also needed to spend a year and a half attending births, indifferent.
Europe's she showed her duly journey with some friends, and while she was working towards certification, she actually got her first. Quite a couple she knew was having their second child unwanted Jennifer to be part of the birth, since she wasn't yet fully certified. She offered her support for free, but it was still a huge milestone and gave her a boost to keep learning soon. Afterwards she became certified and officially able to take on paid clients. She joined a local health as well as collective and asked to be added to their website listing this, helped her get exposure and broaden our first paying customers to expand our network. She also attended admits to meet with potential moms to be face to face still. It wasn't easy. Jennifer knew that just having a certification wasn't going to magically bringing clients and learning to market herself was very difficult. It's not something that comes naturally to people and it's one of the biggest obstacles duel.
Spec's looking back juniper says she wished. She become more comfortable with the business side of things, especially search engine, optimization and other marketing early on. She encourages others to get confident, marking their business even take classes if necessary. Her next goal is to start working towards becoming a certified professional. Midwife. A midwife is medically trained in focuses on the health of the baby in the birthing process. While I do love focuses on the needs of the mother, the Good NEWS is that she's manage to build a solid side hustle through her hard work, in the first half of twenty twenty, her second you're doing this work, Jennifer had already made eight thousand dollars into balance are duly work with her job as a social media manager. Jennifer is careful to budget hurt. I'm each day so light here for someone doing this kind of work is that if you
able to this is kind of picking up on Jennifer's lesson as well. If you are able to invest more time up front, creating a clear pricing structure, I just studying not a bit, a learning about copy writing and marketing s YO, as four mentioned, but also just really crafting pretty clear, benefit, driven message. I think you could really stand out because it's a crowded fields com, it's one of what most people don't pay a lot of attention to marketing in so so that what that might help So I wonder if there's a way to reach expectant mothers, moms to be who are not currently considering natural births or assisted births were not necessarily familiar with this process of what duellist do what he likes you cetera, that's a much bigger market than the ones who are in the once. You are my already have a plan perhaps it and maybe it somewhere in the middle. If you can find a way to reach the expected mothers who are curious about this,
Dont know a lot about it, I'm as opposed to those who are already kind of sudden like I've got my path. You know this is not what I need so just a couple thoughts, their congratulations to Jennifer and listeners, inspiration is good, but its price with action is better, what can you take them the story, or what can you do today to get? You know just a little bit closer to that thing, you're working towards? What is your idea? What's the next step, I hope you're, what That, then, just to be clear, I'm trying to do the same thing myself, because we're all on a jury. Today's show notes are Cancel school dot com, one thousand three hundred and fifty two guess: what's coming up tomorrow, Centrasota one thousand three hundred and fifty three, I'll be here, I hope, you'll join me. Fishery subscribed, Mightiness Chris, How about this is site. Hustle school.
From the onward projects.
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