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#136 - Corn Syrup Allergy Leads to Booming Baked Goods Biz


After a doctor diagnoses her husband with a corn syrup allergy, a healthcare analyst mixes up a line of healthy, sweet baked goods that turns into a stable second income.

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Greetings and hello? Welcome back I'm critical about this is so school funny story, Today, we have talked a for a couple of times, people with specialised diets or people who just Healthcare this or how specific preferences and if you fit either files yourself. You probably know that to buy specialised good products have to be dealt with to make sure, you're safe and healthy or our following the lifestyle that you ve chosen So naturally, this leads to a lot of sites, vessels or potential side. Hustles gonna tell but one today, it's all about health care analysed who moonlights as a baker, earnings a thousand dollars a month in additional income. Part of this you're gonna, learn something that was completely new to me. This is about a process. A whole industry, in fact called co packing where, if you have a recipe. If you have a food product, you want to make and actually make all that yourself there companies in just about every major city that will do this, for you
As I said I didn't know, I ve worked until I started researching the story. So I look forward to bringing that to you ready for this. try day Adrian Smet as a health care fraud analysed by night. She operates healthier, Bates goods manufactured, which provides traditional sugar free, no sugar added and soon to launch gluten free line of specially desserts, perhaps not Only Adrian has always enjoyed taking a change in her household habits that led to the development of what is now a very stable second income. You see a few years ago, her huh and received a diagnosis, the changed both of their lives. He learned that he was allergic to high fructose corn syrup at least in America is used as a sweetener and a lot of different foods,
too many and way too much in the opinion of many experts, but that's a story for another day for the purposes of our story: Adrian's husband had a sweet. And its diagnosis men he could no longer eat some of his favorite desserts, including the cheesecake he loved. He also couldn't packaged cookies are candy or even a lot breads. Adrian now says that this diagnosis was the best thing that could have happened to them. They create a positive, change Anna much healthier lifestyle in her household. However, at the time she to resolve the crisis of the missing cheesecake. She began to beg. Attracting tracking sugar from different recipes and replacing it with sugar substitutes that turned out to be much healthier for Adrian is creative by nature and experimentation produced stellar results pretty soon she was making cakes cookies, pies and muffins that not only tasted great, they were also actually healthy. While continuing to work or full time,
Job Adrian started, taking cakes, two events at work, family gatherings like cookouts and dinners, and a church and community functions people try dimension at that even tasted better than traditional desserts with sugar or corn syrup Adrian a bit of experience in the role of sight, hustling previously made and solid floral arrangements. She took her reefs centrepieces to farmers markets in specially stores. It wasn't business, but it taught important lesson and the value of getting one thing right. Instead of trying to do it all from that experience she had a bit of knowledge. She now have. This of making delicious sugar free desserts and she had rate origin story of how this had started. But then she came upon a challenge knowledge wasn't getting her cakes and pies into the first few shops she able to do that almost right away based on existing, connections and relationships. She had A few months she was saying a few dozen cakes implies each week, so that was great. But what was difficult was time. Managing
and a small matter of scale making for church one or even a couple of small shops was totally manageable. From her home kitchen and by herself, but beyond she would have either had to decline potential orders or be constantly frazzled trying to fulfil everything. As a demand increased. She realised that she did not have the ability to make everything from her kitchen, and it was also increasingly difficult to work full time. While she was juggling aside us all. So what did she do? Did she quit her job and joy? full onto the world of sugar, free, cocoanut, cream pie, she did not It should give up on a hustle, because it was too much work and she didn't know how to grow it she did not do that either instead Adra, got smart and she learned about co packing. Now, if you know all about co packing your way ahead of me I had read up on this and do some research co backing is outsourcing of the food production business and a co packer is money that will take your recipe and then make your product to your specifications in the quantity you need anything
chance to approve a sample product to make sure is exactly the way you want it. Adrian hired a cop hacker to replicator recipes She was no longer baking. Most of the existing items just knew. Suppose experiments and special orders and once or timeless to think more about sales? The project grew. Whole foods began to stalker. On in several stores and that lead to other opportunities on these successes she was. To visit other stores and make a short pitch complete with an in person tasting I also learned that I know did not we mean a permanent. No, she was if a presentation to market, where the store on her seemed cold and indifferent and she didn't get the sale. Who is getting ready to walk away? She told that stronger that your check back in the far acknowledging it current. Timing might not have been best to introduce your product lines that store six months later. She returned on our said. He really wanted to sell half bunch, cakes problems. She said the market then became a regular customer
sugar substituting project now brings in about six thousand dollars a month later in expects this or to grow as she expanse, because the cope hacker is doing all the baking. It's actually easy to expand because I she increases or she does a bit more work, but not a lot. The initial startup were also very low just two hundred to three hundred dollars. Because she intentionally started with only the basics and needed very little. Outside of what was already in her kitchen. She began to call it Adrian's classic deserts. More than just a moment. And she's adding a line of gluten free goods for people, silly act, disease or just customers who prefer that option, Her ultimate goal is to grow the business to the point where, if she chooses to sugar able to walk away from her full time job tagline says on the box of every delicious, yet sugar free dessert, she makes healthier, never tasted, so good
So, let's talk about co backers, since that was totally new to me, I have done a lot of her prey in my side, hustling life, but I have never made a food product, which is probably a good thing, since it would be Terrible, but it was interesting to learn how to process works, nothin The question is: where do you find such a company interested in pursuing this model. Why? Just looking around two cities, my hometown upward again and Toronto. Canada and just a quick Google search showed me. Least eight cup hackers in Portland, including the by him kitchen happy campers gluten free. Commercial commissary kitchen, and I think there are at least thirteen in Toronto. Now I probably is that may be only one or two of those would work for any particular recipe, a product because they tend to specialise but is your goal. It doesn't seem terribly difficult to find a source Then, as Adrian his time, you can forget and growing your hustle instead of just operating it.
Also. What was interesting that Adrian changed her name without her name, but the name of the project. The legal name was healthier, baked goods manufacturing and then at some point the process. She decided to call it Adrian's classic deserts and, if you just think about it, classic deserts sounds a lot better than healthier baked goods and the name Adsum personalization to it as well. So sometimes there are costs, These are food producers that are exclusively vague in horror, gluten free or by or whatever They can have an interesting way of marketing because they have a way of reaching those people like people who identify with those die your lifestyles, but they dont do it way that super obvious to everyone else. That's because they're trying to draw in other people as well They don't want someone who's, not beginner gluten free a sign and thank all that's not for me or I dont want that and Adrian's classic desserts seems aligned with that model. So I thought that was pretty Congratulations! Adrian! the listeners, as always, inspiration is good, but inspiration action is better. Today,
Our right school dotcom slash one three six. You can learn it that delicious sugar, free cheesecake You can also learn about co packing and by the way, a quick heads up. We are working on something fine to involve not only more listener questions, but also nor stories tips, feedback and Since, rather listeners this is in the works and I'll have something more to say about it at the end of this week, just want to it now, because I know a lot of people have something to share our contribute. Mrs appetite, our priorities list, as we continue to improve the shop with that I'm here about the societal school, and I hope to see you tomorrow.
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