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#1368 - Mother Of Five Sells Pretty Old Books


When a stay at home mom hopes to avoid returning to full-time work outside the home, she starts selling vintage books packaged by color—and her dream becomes more than a pigment of her imagination. 

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If you have a business or aside hustle square has tools to help. You stay connected to customers, no matter what you're selling its easy to set up an online store with pick up delivery and shipping. Now you might be familiar with using square at a coffee, shop or somewhere else, for you check out your credit card, but they actually do all kinds of other stuff to square can also help to promote your business with tools for email, marketing in social ads, and these tools all worked together off from one place and that's just the start see everything square can do at square dot. Com. Slash, go slash it hustle that's square dot, com, slash, go slash, site, hustle Can you sell on at sea without being a maker you're, not super crafty. So there's something I Etsy. The site is no as the world's largest handcrafted marketplace, but it turns out
necessarily have to be crafty to succeed. There welcome, decided so school. My name is critical about so excited to bring you a new story today, mother of five cells, pretty old books. What do I mean by pretty old books? While it's like this, when I stay at home, mom hopes to have weighed returning to full time work outside the home. She starts selling vintage book, package by color and her dream becomes more than a pigment of her imagination. Yes, I enjoy that one. Her dream becomes when a pigment of her imagination. It is pretty cold the story of what, if you're, not crafty, how can you selling at sea- and we normally, we would say if you don't have that skilled and maybe you should look somewhere else, but this person really find a pretty interesting niche that nobody else was paying attention to. So I love this. It's pretty cool I'll. Tell you bought her website exactly how it works all that kind of stuff in this story, mother, a five cells, pretty old books- it's coming up after
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on time and as your name would suggest, sometimes short on money and twenty eighteen. Later point became a larger issue for her family. She liked being a stay at home, so to avoid getting a job outside the home, she looked for ways to generate and While juggling the demands of motherhood, aside, hustle was the obvious choice but Jessica up, like a lot of people, had no idea where to begin she researched ideas and tried out a few things, but nothing clicked she'd heard the advice to follow your passion or find something you're interested in, but those concepts didn't present anything obvious for her. After some more exploring she read about people having success, selling books online, specifically vintage books through that Avenue Jessica came across Etsy. The platform for creators
sell various handcrafted goods. The weird and wonderful array of products will, I spoke to her just but didn't consider itself a maker. She wasn't even that great at her kids, arts and crafts, yet still Etsy and trade her enough that she hoped to find some way to make use of it. It didn't take longer. To turn the page and begin weaving a story of her own and asked him from this idea. What if she combined basic vintage bookselling with colorful decoration, Jessica's thinking was that for many people, books act as much as decoration as they do. Reading material Passing through the sites listings, she didn't notice anyone else doing it in person that might have turned them off. Perhaps no one is interested in color matched vintage books for Jessica, though the lack of competition was exciting as a contrary, and she loves going against the grain and she figured well if it didn't. Work should only have her shop to blame.
Thank you to my car writer. I know yet had fun with that her shop to blame all right. She took a hundred dollar voucher for good, well gifted to her by her in laws and went shopping. She scour the local stores looking for suitable books to create her first batches, should search for old books and different shades of one color bundle them together and seldom as one prime she got a few suitable sets enlisted them on her new Etsy Store, called cleverly pretty old books and that choices all Jessica. I our listeners, are getting into the workplace. Well, three days later, her first sale came through Jessica was having breakfast with a friend and heard the Chechen sound from the Etsy up. It was exciting moment for two reasons. First, she had taken a chance on an idea and followed through with it. So
improved or hunch was right. There really were people out there interested in buying pretty old color matched books. She had completed the first chapter. It was time for the next with one sail under her belt. She set out to find more books of different colors. She expanded research, goodwill to other thrift stores, estate sales and old libraries. She thought the more different color variations, the better and she was right. Sales continued through her Etsy store, but she also had a few new ideas in mind, the first of which was to market on Instagram Jessica, created an account to compliment her Etsy store before every listing. She'd make an instagram story, showcasing the books in her quest to find the perfect color. Compliments. Lo and behold, many of the books. Never made it at sea because she started receiving messages from people wanted to buy the books directly Jessica, Use, Paypal's invoicing feature to request payment from those would be buyers soon. She was selling as many books. There instrument
ass. She was through Etsy, but on top of that, the posts were driving traffic directly to her store and eventually thirty five percent of our energy traffic was coming from Instagram as a pretty smart side. Us law Jessica also started building up her own email. Lest she used those contacts to run limited offers and flash sales every week the books would often flout the door is almost ass. Soon, ass, she purchase them, which was good news because it twenty nineteen Jessica's husband, lost his job and has been out of work ever since pretty old books has provided an income to keep him afloat through. It's been a difficult time and although the struggle is real, just guys had a lot of fun along the way learning about running a business. She handles everything from inventory pack shipping, newsletters and social content. It's been frantic fun and best of all profitable and twenty nineteen Jessica earned over fifteen thousand dollars is on track for around twenty thousand.
In twenty twenty should be increased further by her new shop. If I store and special membership club she's offering to existing customers, she plans to provide exclusive offers, an especial discounts. Her success shows that, with plenty of shop awareness, good things are bound to happen just old books decamp. I take a quick pekin she's still building that out, but custom really great images of the different books and the collections and such nice. About page that says, pretty old books was founded in twenty eighty a pretty old books was founded in twenty eighteen by me, just dollar continues to be run as a home, based virtual bookshop from my Base of National Tennessee I'm an avid reader of nonfiction. I love thinking about new ways to make pretty old books the most unique and engaging bookshop on the planet How about that? I love that ambition. I love the whole project and, as I said here,
certainly have to be crafty to be successful on a website. That's all about selling crafty thinks Often, there's more than one way to do. Something in this is a great example of looking for an alternative approach, so good for her graduations. Just unless there's inspiration, guide for inspiration with action is so much better today show notes, including links to pretty old books and anything else. I mention that the episode will be at Titusville, school dot, com, thirteen thousand six hundred and eighty one at three hundred and sixty eight. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you'll continue to be sure you subscribe wherever you get your ass. My name is critical about it. This is beside US high school. From the onward projects.
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