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#1380 - Mother-Daughter Team Starts Squeaky-Clean Soap Shop


While staying up late one night, a mom and her daughter decide that they want to start a business together. 

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This effort is brought to you by HP plus in a world full of smart devices. Isn't it about time your printer about smart, too? Now printing is smart with HP plus and the age peace. Smart app is how it all happened. You can print from your phone with just a tab, no matter where you are even from your garage, slash home office, Slash yoga studio, menace, Martin H beat less learn more about smart printing at H, beat outcomes lash, smart. twenty questions like you're from time to time, do media. If I had about coming out or somebody wants to feature something about. The pie task often encounter this pseudo skeptical question, which goes something like this. These stories are really great, but can everybody do this Can anybody do this? I can every person every person at to you know somehow you start your little business while there also working their full time job
and being a mom or a dad or looking after your grandparents or going to school or dealing with whatever else that you're dealing with in life. Is it really fair to expect that everybody can do this, and you know to me my responses like what people are doing this in lots of different ways and not everybody is trying to build a six figure or a seven figure business, and we had lots of stories of people doing that. I think is amazing and always inspires me, but we're all in different parts of life, and we all have different goals so do I believe that every person can do something? Absolutely, of course, and in that's been one of the great things about this pod cast- is to be able to have shown a spotlight on lots of different stories and people from all walks of life who have those different goals, but yet worrying united by this shared value of like you would be great to make money. Apart from your paycheck
It would be great to get paid from more than one source, not just your employer id LISA that you're not dependent on that employer. What do you keep working that job or not? That's also a the golf. So, yes, I do believe everyone can do something and that's why I'm excited to keep bringing you these stories. Episode, one thirteen, eighty one thousand three hundred and eighty in this story- well doing up late one night, a mom
ten year old daughter decide that they want to start a business. The first adoration proves to be complicated and messy, but they clean up their act and start a squeaky, clean, homemade soap shop. That's what I'm gonna tell you about today is coming up after this quick message from our sponsor support. Recital school comes from three m from helping DR vaccine and therapy development with advanced purification technologies to developing an edge event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness. The research scientists at three m are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today and prepare us to better tackle. What's next learn more at three m dot: com: slash improving lives, three m science applied to life; late, one night in January, twenty twenty Erika Hackett and our tenure.
Not all data couldn't Paul asleep, so instead they decide to stamp and talk, and one point data said that she wanted to start a business Erika ask her what kind and jaded said she wanted to make lip class inspired. They were at no time tat same night. They washed up you Youtube videos and other online tutorials Erika ordered all the supplies they needed to get started. When everything arrived the mother daughter team got to work, making their first batch of lip class and they hated everything about it. It turns out that making lip losses harder than a seeps. That's also incredibly messy. This was not the business of JANUS sleepless dreams, but they bought a lot of supplies. So, instead of wiping the slate clean Erica started researching what else they can be used for through her googling. She learnt lip clause and soap had allow common ingredients. Thus it was decided they were
owing to make their own soap the first recipe they tried whisper whips up from their they experimented with other kinds like bath bomb crumbles, embody mousses soap beat out lip lost by a wide margin. They had found their business for the next five months. Erika and J D worked to launch their new soap side, Hustle called dream star after a couple of false starts with Online stores, they made a website on a platform called big commerce, jaded design, a logo they hired and illustrator to bring it to life once that was done. They apply the logo to the labels and website dream star launched in May twenty. Twenty, that's right. This is prime pandemic time. They receive their first order within an hour of launching from one of Africa's best friends. The next day they receive their very first request from a wholesaler. They work to build up their social media presence starting accounts on Instagram,
They spoken Pinterest right now. The majority of their customers comes from those social accounts as well as read it, but that's not all Erika has, you friends with large online followings, nay pitched in to help promote and particular big an activist in Tik Tok, social media start habit and Brown recently feature dreams to our products. On her very good Monday's Youtube Series after that sales went through the roof within the day after at aired, they had completely sold out. Since launching and May Erika, and data have made eleven thousand Alex. It's been hard to keep the items in stock, since it's just the two of them working from their kitchen. Not only that, but Eric has fallen into the slippery slope of working too much on her side us she would work on dream star late into the night after her day job and on the weekends at first she wanted to have. Company take off become a household brand, immediately
but eventually she realized she needed to make herself take time away from both her day job and the hustle. Despite the struggles Erika has loved the experience whenever favorite parts is watching, jaded entrepreneurial skills come to the surface, data finds gifts and rights captions for them she picks out, since colours for the new products, not only that, but Erika love learning that she can do more than just draw electricity lines all day, which is what she does for her full time. Job with dream start she's been able to tap into our creativity She would love to make it our full time gig one day and perhaps even open bricks and mortar shop, congratulations to Erika and data about voting about dream, star cosmetics! You can see that on Instagram Dream, star, cosmetics or dream star, cosmetics, dotcom course we're in a link it up on the show. Its pages well.
quick notes, one dimension, big commerce. So I don't have any relationship with big commerce or any other online sales platform like shop. If I, but I often talk about shop of by and a couple of others. I dont know if I've talked much about big commerce, and this was an alternative that was really good for Erika she found it after she had tried couple. Other platforms, one of them didn't, have a payment plan that was really important to her and in another platform, raising her payments, so she was having all these Issues in which he switched to big commerce, everything has been going well, so they are, of course it big commerce, dot com and Eric also add a note for US now she said the struggles it I've encountered mostly come from just wanting everything quickly, I M, just forgetting that I literally just launched in May twenty twenty. During a pandemic, I tend to be hard on myself at times learn that everything will take time and anything worth having is worth working for and waiting for and nurturing. So I really like that. Try to take that advice to heart myself, most other goes listeners info,
is guide but inspiration. What action is so much better? Thank you for drawing me on this journey. About today, and for how long you been listening, are shadows for today are at sight of school dotcom, slash thirteen eighty one to three: eight zero Worse, if you ve got a commoner question for the show that would be accidental schooled outcome, slash questions, can subscribe where they get your podcast new episode comes out every day. My aim is critical about this is side us all school. From the onward project.
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