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#139 - Florist & Sculpture Professor Make Presidential Lip Balm


Adventures in creating homemade presents for friends and family lead a Beyoncé-obsessed duo to lip balm world domination. Bonus: learn Abraham Lincoln’s favorite dessert recipes.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Hey there. Welcome back. This is us all school, an uncritical about wherever you are in the world. I hope your day is starting well or ending well, or I suppose it could be somewhere in between I have another story for you. That is a team effort. I hope you enjoy no a story about a hip, hop pendant partnership. Today's is about a forest who also a sign language interpreter but teamed up with a sculpture professor, to make presidential lip bomb in the former hometown of Abraham Lincoln. That story right after this. Today, story comes from Megan, key in Springfield Illinois Megan, his licence, sign language interpreter and also a forest her side, hustle is making all natural lit bomb. She runs
for their business partner and former teacher Caricom Cretaceous, who teaches sculpture at Mcmurphy College in nearby Jacksonville, the project started by accident in November. Twenty forty. When Kara wanted to make. Let bomb is Christmas, gifts, Megan, to help her on the way back from it her parents. She search on pensions for let bomb recipes ordered small amounts of each ingredient on Amazon. Megaton car started playing around in cars kitchen and found that it wasn't that hard. For long they were making batches of about twenty five, let bombs and giving them away to people. They knew their friends and family like them. A car and make an ordered tubes and more ingredients and decided to charge for them to cover their costs, as you might suspect, They quickly went from making these let bombs for friends and family for free to charging to cover their costs, in deciding to try selling them more widely car ahead of us. Jacksonville, who had heard that a local coffee shop was changing locations minting small shelves and then send a facebook message to the owner and ask
could try Sonia Lip arm on consignment. She grew to try it so car in May and created labels for their new business. They called serious slip on they did started selling it adventure fares and they built their first website at one of those vendor fares. They at the buyer, for the Abraham, Lincoln Presidential Museum and Gift Shop remember this is in Springfield Illinois, this woman fire for the gift shop likes the lip arms Would you put them in her shop but are needed, some connection to the former president. She provided getting car with copies of Abe, Lincoln Favorite desserts. They went back to their Jane and matched their sense to those these new flavour, included Mr Lincoln's lemon pie, MRS Lincoln's white cake an honest apes gingerbread, the first order for the If shop was a hundred and fifty bombs which they but to the museum on a Thursday by Monday they were reordering and placing orders for gettysburg imports, theatre to other Lincoln aimed museum shops all along.
The business kept growing in their spare time, as they continue to work their day, jobs I mention they started in November. Twenty fourteen that you're they made fifty seven bombs for the six weeks end of the year in twenty fifteen they may close to four thousand bombs. And in twenty sixteen they made more than forty thousand in early days Kara placed about with each other, that they could sell five thousand dollars and lip arms, and if they did, they would get matching tattoos. They now have matching tattoos when they first bought their let bomb tubes. They bought twenty five they now by them ten thousand at a time three years, and they have also now contracted with an accountant and web designer and they work with it. The centre in Jacksonville that provides assistance in employment to people with disabilities. They were people there to help make enable the bombs, and that gives them a chance to support their local com. Megan says it has sometimes been a challenge to be mindful of the business while working there. Other jobs and looking after their families, maybe
a fourteen year old, son and Kara has a three year old son. They sped Lotta weekends, filling last minute, orders or attending trade shows maybe says. However, she sees apposite to this as well she says. It has to be leaving some kind of impression on these boys to see them making a business out of nothing and hustling their hearts to make it happen. Now that the link Lip bombs are selling well without a lot of marketing. Their next caused a part the tattoo shop to make a post tattoo bomb what while the next time you're in Springfield Illinois at the Abraham, Lincoln Gift Shop, make sure Got Lincoln's women pilot bomb for questioning so go to serious, left bomb dot com. I let how make in care. Grew this project completely organic, just starting. It is something for their family and friends
slowly and steadily, building up to those more than four thousand units they sold last year appreciate it maidens balanced comments about how she feels this affects her family as your building your project, if you have kids or their kids in your life like nieces and nephews. Consider involving them in some way. Maybe they'll be interested in it. Maybe they want to help out, or maybe they won't care at all, because their kids, But you never know what the long term influence could be in my life, I can look back when I was a kid There are a lot of things. I ended up learning, even didn't really know at the time. I didn't care about it at the time they help me later on, so I grew up with the value of independence, self reliance determination, and years later I ended up going to every country in the world and doing a much other fun stuff. So it's just a little side. Note, take it or leave it as you see fit either way as always remember, inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better for every single episode. There are detailed, show notes, including links,
anything I mention. Any episode can always cider so school dot com. You can also Instagram had a hundred These three countries, that's one nine three countries. That's countries there are in the world by the way how again tomorrow with another great story, Now that I am hearing you on I'm crystal about four cycles for sport.
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