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#1436 - Engineer Invents Podcast Alarm Clock


When an engineer searches for the perfect way to start his day, he ends up inventing a way to be woken up by his favorite podcasts.

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I'm a believer in questioning everything. For example, why does quicksand works so slowly also poison expires? Is it more poisonous or is it no longer poisonous questioning? Everything is what what did when they made the new to sign with available innovations like digital key technology, allowing you to use your smartphone as a spare keep. Of course you always get hung days, complimentary, maintenance for three years or thirty, six thousand miles. test drive a twenty twenty two Hyundai Tucson at your nearest Hyundai dealer, or learn more at Hyundai, USA, dot com call, five hundred and sixty two three hundred and fourteen four thousand six hundred and three. Tails. you're behaving idea and think somebody should inventors, riverlike worker No. The night and thought like I've got this great idea for invention. There's a couple of my ideas
I thought about tat, a popcorn maker. It sits by your bathtub because I think that exists right now. You know, maybe someone can go and make it or perhaps a blue tooth device that blows out candles from across the room is: who wants to actually get up and walk across the room unblock the candle manually like old school? As I said, those are just two of my brilliant ideas, and I share them with you because I'm not afraid you're going to steal them. You know I mention this. Sometimes like people always afraid. I can't tell you what my ideas, because someone's gonna steal it Most of us are far too busy to think about suing somebody else's ideas, but you know, if you want those go for it, I offer them to you freely and by the way welcome decide us all school. My name is critical about your host and today stories about someone who has an idea, and then it makes it happen. His idea might. Can be better than mine? Ok, the idea when an engineer is searching for the appropriate way to start his day, he invents away to be woken up by his favorite podcast. That's right! It is the podcast alarm,
Rico story, going to tell you how it all came to be in this episode, engineer, invincible, asked alarm clock. That story is coming up in just thirty seconds. This episode is bad. You buy hp. less than a world full of smart devices shouldn't year printer be smart too. It is with age people ass, these printers, No, when they're running low Z, you always get the inky need delivered right when you need it, plus you save up to fifty percent on ink, so you can print whatever you want as much as you want any time you want, is pretty smart get sixpence Events in ink when you choose HP, plus conditions, apply visit, hp, dot com, slash smart for details in December, twenty eighteen Jonathan Wilson was searching for something to help him get out of bed
He wanted to be motivated to start the day and thought the perfectly to do. That would be to have a pod cast wake him up. He looked around the app store, but couldn't any up that would function is both an alarm and a podcast player. I came I was an old android up that have been taken down and a few people asking on read it and Cora if an app like that exist it, although Jonathan, was disappointed that he couldn't find me up, he was looking for. He was also a little excited if other people were looking around for the same kind. one that didn't exist. He had a strong feeling. There is a significant consumer base for the idea. From the beginning, Jonathan decided he was gonna, try and make this process as inexpensive as he could. His money and access to third parties she's were limited, so he knew how to do it himself to start them. ass. He made a list of the things he did the apt to do. First, it had to be able to download a podcast episode after that, to be able to play the episode at a specific time since John
wanted to combine in alarm app and applied cast up into one. He downloaded both kinds of absent figured out what made each of them successful. He then took the best parts of them and combine them into one, and this is a fine factor. The second task of plain that episode of the specific time was harder to figure out than the first task. The alarm is easy, but how do you get the podcast player? a great with the alarm clock. That was his challenge from where he made a mock up his idea. While some people traitor. Designing online Jonathan suggest, using paper in pencil, printed out an outline of an Iphone in an Ipad to draw his design on now. He was ready to start programming to make the process easier. He uses much of apples. Existing code is possible and they have templates for these things. We talked about the cup other episodes he wanted to reduce the amount of individual design for a few reasons why it would reduce his lions and design skills and which he says he has nine to. It would help him
fast and avoid delays, and three Jonathan says that users generally care more about their experience with an app over. Does and you can always redesign later if it works speaking of work, he worked around the clock. You know cause it's an alarm clock and by sea number of toy nineteen Jonathan was ready to launch podcast alarm for the first time he was so excited to finally releases product, especially because he already had three hundred pre orders. Wait a second honey you that he was able to find somebody early customers by posting on the right and Cora pages of people asking about a nap like this and then directing them to his website. This is a helpful feature that apple makes available the ability to have these pre order so that all the downloads happen at once at once. The app is out strategy. Backfire, Tibet, because once you press the button to launch, he knew right away. Something was wrong.
Like an alarm at wooden shut off, an outpouring of angry emails suddenly bombarded him. They came from his promoter customers accident Jonathan had released in older version of the EP whoops. He was mortified but race against the clock. To respond to each of the comments he received, shortly thereafter, Jonathan release the up with a correct update and an apology. from there he watched his users downloaded the app and gave him pay back over the coming months. He took their comments and use them to improve the up. Even more For example, one man was worried about the app screen being on all night and burning the image into his phone. it turns out. This was an easy fix and the next up There is no longer a risk of the image being burned into the screen. The man who left the comment was incredibly happy ended up, leaving a five star review speaking overview
Jonathan quickly realized that he should implement a technique that asked people to leave her views for his app. He noticed that without a prompt, most of their views he would receive would be negative over once. He had this feature to request people to leave them once they use the app three times for abuse, tended to be much positive and just as a side note. This is probably why every up you use always Petros Unilever Review because they want the same effect. One disappointment, Jonathan wrote to a hundred plus tech sites and got very few replies, was really hoping that they would help spread the word, but almost none of them even got back to him so to increase his audience. Jonathan began to reach out to pod casters Perhaps this episode will bring him some downloads a little over a year since its official release, podcast alarm is bring
in a few hundred dollars each month in a future jobs and hopes to make free from there. He'll have a subscription model that people can pay for with advance features. I guess it's only a matter of time. if you have an Iphone and like the idea of being woken up to an episode of your favorite bypassed, perhaps this one or could be somebody else, I won't be offended check out. Podcast alarm in the Appstore My me in some ways of the flash briefing that you can get from your Amazon echo device. I had one of those precisely school for awhile. Perhaps you heard about it or checked it out, and I start work Because I noticed that Amazon wasn't really supporting that feature, so much data, pretty small user base, despite the great number of people who
Amazon, ECHO devices, but perhaps that will change in the future. But you know for now you got podcast alarm, maybe even better, also fun fact. The first modern alarm clock was invented in one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven. but it had a fatal flaw, would only go off at one time. Four: a dot m. It was an alarm clock that you couldn't adjust the time. Basically, if you want to get up at four a dot m, that was your device, I know, if you like the idea of getting up at any other time, you had to wait for round two essentially, but here we are one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven fast forwarding a couple hundred years and then some we have some more options: I'd inspiration is going, but inspiration with action is so much better. Thank you so much for listening today, during your were everywhere in the world whenever you're working on. I ve got more in the way. So I hope you keep listening. My name is critical about this is side us all school.
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