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#1458 - Q&A: Does the "Evernote Essentials" model still work?


Years ago, a simple user manual turned into a huge moneymaker for one savvy Evernote user. Can you still profit from writing a guide to a popular software program? 

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We all have goals and whether they are something you can accomplish today or they feel so completely out of reach. U S, bank is here to help you get where you want to be as they weave humanity into everything they do by investing to close the gaps for future generations and by creating a culture in which everyone feels support it. Oh and also by having people liked him have open conversations you're on the past to talk about the post pandemic economy and what it means for business. You can listen to our conversation on the special bonus episode or follow, or subscribed to side by side with: U S, bank or visit side by side with: U S, bank dot com to stay up to date on the entire limited series, U S back, we'll get there together,
oh my gosh. What's up welcome to a new weak and indeed the last week of twenty twenty? What a year it's been? Oh my gosh, like I, don't even know where, to start with that, that would take a while, and I like to respond, You're type self, instead of going into all of that, let me just say I very much appreciate you listening. Thank you for joining me this year now I first told the story of my friend Brett Kelly many years ago in a hundred dollar start up on a tour for that book on this was a very popular story. His scientist became a tremendous success, bread author to guide, to ever note software ever note what you don't know it it's it's some software that allows you to keep notes. Wrote a guide to the software called ever note essentials. He wrote a guide. He sold it for pretty small amount of money. I think fifteen dollars a copy, maybe twenty five dollars a copy whenever it was changed, His life in many ways, first of all, financially then also in allowing him to leave his job right. Other guides,
while relying on what was largely passive income of thousands of dollars a month coming in quite reliably? So in a book I explained a few characteristics of why that kind of project was successful, but that was a while ago. So today's colors wondering all these years later with this model, still work today. How might apply to her? How might apply to you, as I said, it's a great question, especially if you're setting goals or otherwise trying to plan something for twenty twenty one, so quick shut out to our sponsor. Thank you sponsor and then we'll jump into the question. Does that model still work, hello place, the scary and thanks to you and your team for this pop gas, it's been really helpful to me
in the hundred dollar start up, you wrote about Kelly and sky teasing ever note which sold thousands of copies and made him a lot of money. Do you think this model still works today? What kinds of software or apps. Should I look to write a user guide for my thinking is that some will be more popular than others but I'm not sure what the critical factor is things Chris Thank you. So much carry I'm so glad you're out there actually have not thought about a story for a long time, but I used to talk about it frequently because it was such a an example of this new account made it. We all live in bright Kelly this this dude break. places like a normal guy was a fan. Of ever note, a software program and there was no official manual for it, so he decided to carry his own and he doc and everything all these texan tricks and sold it for a pretty low price, and I dont know
the total numbers are, but I know he was making more than a hundred thousand dollars a year from this one guide for multiple years, so huge success can still be done now. That's the point in my answer is yes, it can. Absolutely I get is more competitive now in some ways some things have changed, etc, etc, but it model is still very much jewel in such is doable. It is done. We ve actually featured a number of stories on the pact, as people have done so like this, it's essentially the model of monetizing, your expertise, which is what I'm incurred. You do pretty much every day at least a couple times a week. member everyone's, an expert at something. It's not just you know. Did you go to court? age, and if so, what is your college degree in or in what are you doing at work? What is your profession, rotation, everyone's expert, something probably more than one thing. So, let's break it down a bit because carry says you know: what's the difference between. You know a guy that does tremendously well like this in one it doesn't. I think the number one day is topic. Okay, so choose
the right topic in the beginning and here's a specific tip for that to some topics are going more popular than others. Anything that is professional or can be professional. Anything that can be associated with work and a career will be better than some kind of guide. That is about, let's say the bachelor et or playing a particular Iphone game. I'm not saying those couldn't cell too, but they were probably suffer a much lower price, so anything prefer sure. There's all kinds of software for photographers and developers and musicians, filmmakers, unjust, naming a few things they're pretty much any profession has specialised software and there's also software like ever know, which can be used to know, for or for home or for life for whenever now. Another reason why ever noticed that shows was so popular was because it was the only one at least at first, so you might think we'll Photoshop Photoshop is huge. Yes, it is huge
also. A ton of resources about Photoshop are written, so really helps to kind of delegating to specific and see what is new like what's coming out now. What is the thing? People need to learn next year, a figure that out and right you're right about that And last but not least, I would say, having in marketing plan is key. You can't just write it and hope to make a lot of money having a marketing plainest key think from the beginning. How are you gonna get this out there? Who can you connect with? Who is your target market? How can we reach that market? Like all that stuff is really important, but to answer the question I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend Model to someone like it's, it's totally worth spending time on so as we are at the end of the year here, you're thinking about next year to think about what to do next. Well may be considered what topic you could advise on figure out where your expertise is. Do some research are right? That's it! For today you ve got a question comes school, dotcom last questions and wishing you well throughout the rest of the holidays. Thank you for joining me. My name is critical about this his side also spoken
from the onward projects.
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