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#1462 - Principles of Side Hustle School: A New Year Begins!


Time flies! For year five, we’re continuing with more listener interaction and introducing a few surprises. 

Side Hustle School features a new episode EVERY DAY, featuring detailed case studies of people who earn extra money without quitting their job. This year, the show includes free guided lessons and listener Q&A several days each week.


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I'm a believer in questioning everything. For example, why does quicksand works so slowly also poison expires? Is it more poisonous or is it no longer poisonous questioning? Everything is what honey did when they made the new to sign with available innovations like digital key technology, allowing you to use your smartphone as a spare keep. Of course, you always get hung days, complimentary, maintenance for three years or thirty, six thousand miles test drive a twenty twenty two Hyundai Tucson at your nearest Hyundai dealer, or learn more at Hyundai, USA, dot com call, five hundred and sixty two three hundred and fourteen four thousand six hundred and three for complete details what's up, what's up, welcome to Sarasota School and welcome as well to the year known as two thousand and twenty one. This is episode. One thousand four hundred and sixty two Miss Cristel about your host four years ago.
began a new journey. This journey was called well, you might know already it's called side of school and more than forty episodes and hundred million plus downloads. Later we are beginning a new one, a new season, the new journey and quest with the arrival of twenty one. So, first of all, for our new listeners returned baloney lesters rejoicing at the beginning of January every year. If you are new, welcome, I'm so glad you're here, even though we have fourteen hundred plus episodes in those archives, you can dive in you can dive in right now. There are no prerequisites aside from a desire to start a new money making project apart from your job. In fact, that's what it's all about here. How can you create a new source of income without going into debt without putting your job and without stressing yourself out. Ok, there a lot of people listen to this podcast and they all have the same desire in common, despite coming from many walks of life, different ages, backgrounds, etc. So we're all trying to create personal freedom to have more secure,
to have more options so that you can do more of what really matters and, of course, you're the one who gets to decide what really matters self. He's been listening for a while to address you briefly as well just say: listen, I do not take your attention for granted. So thank you so much. Thank you so so much for being here I get from people who say they heard every single episode of the show. If that is you, thank you so much, I'm very grateful for how this pie test has reached helped so many people around the world, and I also believe the worst thing you can do when something is successful, is stop paying attention that we talk about past We come from time to time here in the past, but passive income often requires a fair amount of active work. So I want to make sure I'm using my active attention to really and truly put together. Something is useful, helpful, inspiring and actionable for you. That's the whole go here, so We are ensure, there's nothing special about January one. You know, I repeat, my post about Jenny, Why? What's your resolution, what I'm gonna do. Some people are always
while January one. It's just like any other day, MIKE, ok, fine, but since any day, be special. We might as well make it this one right. So let's talk about side of school, twenty twenty one do a quick! here every shall usually have to a quick commercial messages. Just to say thanks to our sponsors, for helping us keep the lights on and that's the way that we are allowed to do this whole programme completely free. So I do appreciate them quick message and then right back with side school, twenty twenty one. This episode is badly by each plus in a world full of smart devices shouldn't year printer be smart too. It is with age people ass, please, printers No, when they're running low Z, you always get the inky need delivered right when you need it, plus you save up to fifty percent on ink, so you can print whatever you want as much as you want any time you want is pretty smart, get sixpence
Events in ink when you choose HP, plus conditions, apply visit, hp, dot com, slash smart for details, and ok, alright What do these things happen? Comments blogging about fish tanks, marimba rentals in Texas, designing tee shirts for sale on Amazon, making an app publishes, the Bible in spanish online. Just lessons and drop shipping bouncy castles, also known as bounds houses, where all these things from a very wide range of topics. There Our successful side vessels there all cider cells that are actually bringing in pretty good money, and none of these things have anything to do with driving for goober or driving for left or anything else in these, so called gig economy, In fact, we have a lot of listeners who are driving for Goober left, so shut out. You guys, if you're out there, we ve also
of upper and lift drivers who gone on to improve their circumstances considerably, because a true side us, unless something is an asset for you, it's actually helping you get ahead, not just helping you. You know with another part time jobs. So that's what I try to focus on here, interesting Corky stories, something that anybody can do and also finding a connection between your skills, something that you are good at and presumably liked to do as well, because skill and passion are connected and something its valuable. So in its help, what other people, which is in fact, how you actually create value okay, so many of our listeners have also done this in various ways. I just mentioned a few. Those examples there, but in fact more than twenty percent of our stories come directly from listeners, a fact which makes me very happy and they started happening- probably not three to four months into your one. We started getting submissions from people that are like I just started beside us all. You know in the past few weeks after hearing the first, you know. the days of the shower or whatever. It was one of my favorite things to hear from somebody who's,
listening and maybe reading my book or somebody else's back or maybe not reading anything but diving in experimenting and doing that important work to come to the point of it. Able to say like ice. You have, you know, an extra source of income, because if you have an experienced it before, I promise you it feels really really good. Ok, so many of our listeners have been successful in this light I go on. I do, and I also acknowledge that not everyone has been successful like a lot of people struggle and we're just coming off of a year, twenty twenty that was a difficult year for somebody p, and a lot of people struggled in many ways. So, if you're out there, maybe you have struggled in trying to start a business aside us all. Maybe your first attempt didn't work out. Maybe your first ten attempts didn't we. Out. I hear you acknowledge you and that's it just part of the process like you're not alone, and that in a lot of these stories, I try to kind of highlight what they did. This thing, I didn't work out and I tried this and it didn't work, but they kept adjusting the capturing different stuff until they found nothing
actually did work and by the way, even when you find a thing works, usually after adjusted later on? So let's use this time together to start over not even listening for a long time are just joining an let's use this time to start over once again, to make a new episode every day this year, I'm very grateful to the small team that works on this project with me, especially jagged. My sight us psychic and shock our rockstar producer. So thanks guys get a few other folks, There is well and every day we're gonna make a new episode for you. It is still going strong for years on your number five. Now it will be better than ever. Thanks to you, I'm also hoping to do a tour sometime here. I was hoping to do at last year, but you know how that went so at some point, whenever it is possible and safe to do that, we will see what bones, but I am hoping to go out on the road in meat, readers and listeners in lots of different cities. So I'll keep you posted on that we're all going to begin a new segment, starting in February, so been working out behind the scenes they throw back. Thursday segment was very popular last year, when a continue that we ve also got a new
segment starting in February and tomorrow we had a listener question about how to make two thousand and twenty one much better than twenty slash. Twenty then, on Sunday I have our first story of the year and we will just keep rolling from there So a good time will be heard by all by the way the cost is free in case you is that it costs. three zero dollars, nothing for sale, no up cells. You want to help. I don't even have a patriotic like just. Do me a favor and tell your friends like that's how you can help tell your friends about the show show them how to subscribe. I'll leave us a quick feisty rating and apple pie, gas or wherever you get your protest. maternal grateful to everybody who takes the time to do that. Let me know how we can make this a more helpful resource to you or if you have a story tat, because this is a community. After all, you can always right, and it's not a school dotcom slashed questions. The past is yet to come. Let's get this party started. Thank you so much my name is critical about. This is signed us all school.
from the onward projects.
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