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#147 - Vintage Pinup Photography Turns Graphic Designer Into High-Earner


A love of 1920s-style photography allows a Texas woman to leave her day job and bring in multiple six-figures with classic “recreations” of a faraway time. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey there. What's up, welcome back to another episode of sawdust school, where every day have a story of someone who starts income generating project without cutting their data, and usually their doing so by using the skills they already have, which is critical and the sight of a model is very much about taking their skills and learning to use them in a different way. Sometimes when you learn to do this, you can get paid lot more where you can create more freedom for yourself. Another very important goal of a lot of listeners- or you can do both What are they stories about someone who did both? This is a Texas based design, turn photographer, who creates a multiple six bigger income by specializing in vintage lifestyle, photography and, of course, in Austin, as a citizen. That story just a moment centrally located between ten dollars in Houston, parent shepherds, blown star,
not studio in Temple. Taxes provides vintage photography experiences now, when I say pent up or more precisely when she uses the word pent up. Aaron is referring to specific style of nineteen. Twenty two nineteen sixty photography and at the time style- was considered a little racy, but most people these days would look at it and just think of it, as classic airing describe. Photography session she does as recreations her clients can book cover in photo session and be transformed into a Hollywood glamour starlit or a great gatsby style. Flapper errand was working graphic designer when she started the site hustle her first sitting He was just ninety dollars and she must get it for fun. She thought this would be a very small photography niche, but thanks in part to a popular facebook page, it quickly took off Women from all walks of life have been fascinated by the classic beauty of retro styles and are eager to recreate them because era gosh lies exclusively in these styles and does them well, she felt it sets us, apart from other photographers It wasn't long before she decided to go all in one. She had read
their prices more on that in a moment and began to see a profit with a photography buzz, the fear of letting go of her regular job and giving up freelance clients became lot easier to come to terms with per era, and many others like her being excited about something you love to do and getting paid for. It really is the best feeling to note people value, what you make is very fulfilling now, let's talk about the pricing on a focus on Tibet, because this is how she was able to go from moderately successful side. Hustle, two very successful, very profitable. This kind of photography experience it really is special and should be priced accordingly. So Aaron deliberately prized in amid the high range to attract the kind of client she wanted. Instead of selecting one time fee. She chose a series of packages. I believe that almost every service provider should include package options, not just one price and when you do It will increase your income immediately. Aaron's packages include a succession for four hundred and fifty dollars a deluxe session, Six hundred fifty dollars an ultimate session
for eight hundred and fifty dollars. There's also something called it calendar session for twenty two hundred dollars. Now I could be wrong. My theory about that one- is that most people book one of the other sessions but having that high and one listed there may help him feel more comfortable, selecting the deluxe session or the ultimate session. Now, on top of that, there are kinds of add ons digital image, additional prince rush orders Malta, costume changes. You can include gift certificates, some women actually walk out of recession, spending about thirty five hundred dollars in total, but because of the electorate, pricing. What they spend is entirely up to them your and how she arrived at this pricing and she said that its evolved drastically over the years after that first sitting fee of ninety dollars. She realized it nothing near what she would need to run a sustainable business in the long term and eventually, got so busy that you just had to raise prices out of necessity, since she was working yourself and losing joy in the process, which was the whole point in the first place,
on the way she continue to invest in the business purchasing, better lighting, more outfits in props, eventually even moving to a new home with a better studio space, and because of that attention to detail the quality of the work in the world math recommendation. She received she's may more money every year since starting in last year, it brought. It profit of more than two hundred thousand dollars errand as well that when she started her whole call was just making a little extra money, but when began hearing women stories of how doing a photo shoot change their lives. It refrain for entire thinking. She point at some. Women will dedicate their entire lives to their families and never do think for themselves and this a photo shoot. Having this experience recreation and then being able to take a physics or digital memory from it is something special for themselves and to hear that you effected a person's company. In such a way is truly an honor aeroplanes continue investing in the business. She has no plans to stop. She feels fortune
she loves doing it, and she's really glad that she began to explore, which he thought would be a very small niche as I was writing this, I was thinking back to episode, one nineteen which was about of attack renamed annual growth in the title that up So if you want to go, listen to it again is the cause play photographer, who in forty seven thousand dollars from Epic STAR Wars portraits and in an episode, Daniel also chose to specialise in something maybe something you think is a small market, but it's a very active market. People who are fans of cosplay of STAR Wars, Harry Potter. Some of the other themes that he worked with their will spend money on it and in this episode, the concept of Ben photography, nineteen twenties pent up, it's also very specific. Doesn't do regular, portraits she doesn't do weddings, by specializing. She, limiting ourselves to say setting yourself up to succeed. So just like Daniel Errand
this market, even though it might be small. It was more like small issue and it is an active market willing to spend money and on the point of money, Let's talk about that pricing, I mention that if you're a service provider or you're thinking of creating any kind of service, I highly recommend you have more than one price and doesn't need to be super complicated, the easy way to create a very simple pricing structure. Using price tears is to have three options and you ve got your middle option, which is pretty much what you had planned to provide and then you Have a budget were bare bones version that has allowed. Less, as well as a deluxe or premium version that has a little bit more now cousin, is really like this. It makes them feel like they have some more agency and the decision you dont give them too many choices, but it is good to give them. One or two choices, and what tension happened here is that most people are gonna gravitate for the middle or the higher package. There will be some people who I want the most affordable option and that's fine, but you also
people who want the most locks are premium option, and then you have maybe a majority of people depending on how its position and what's in the tears who say well, I can't afford- or I dont want, the highest price version. But you know this middle want. That looks good thanks! Go to me. So if you do right, you almost always make more money right from the outset. With pricing tears, that's a little practical tip for you today, as ways. Remember inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. I want you to hear stories and get work on your own story. Your own taken or transformation story, something that you're in it. It for yourself. I can see that show notes for today's episode. They are at sight of school, dot com, slash one for seven the Lonestar STAR, Pinup studio about the flowers of the great Gatsby age. There is much more to come. We are advancing towards the fall. In September, the site hustled book comes out. I'm really about this I'll. Tell you more as it gets closer we just,
for now there's so much more to come and wherever you are in the world, I'm so glad you're part of the shared story. My name is crystal about this side of the school I'll, be back tomorrow,
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