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#153 - IT Manager Unlocks the Secrets to a Successful Etsy Shop


It's easy to list items on Etsy, the world's largest handcrafted marketplace. But if you want them to actually sell, follow this advice from a successful seller who purchases items for resale at estate sales.

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Maybe they are welcome back. This is critical about foresight us all school. Can I talk to you today about what makes for a successful Etsy shop now, a lot of our stories have featured sellers Annette see the handcrafted marketplace either sighing their own items bore reselling items, not a thing as we're gonna talk about Cyprus failures next week but a lot of people who sell on sites like Etsy really do struggle. It's very easy list. Your items doesn't necessarily super easy to sell them. Today. Story is essentially a case study of a successful
the shop and will look at what you learn along the way. But first I want to handing over to listeners to tell us what is your site, or so I d or your current projects. Would you workin on high? This is paid calling from underground tat. I love your car, can do much fun. Hearing everybody! Sorry, I'm working, I'm fine creative projects that could maybe someday be ever tighter papers during Ireland. He fared so we parted high tat particular treat your thought. He ended just about how'd it go the distance of teaching and can take care of yourself, I'm kind of running into a little bit of a wall, though I'm putting money into it, but not getting any money out of it. I am somewhat ok with that. They mostly just having fun making, but I wanna keep listening here so and maybe someday I'll figure out a way to make a little bit of money or at least have more people who flee. To my part, gas
but the great work you're still think. Thank you put your mama, I'm so glad you listening. I love the idea of your package teacher treat yourself no, not making much money yet, but it sounds really fun and meaningful. I just want to apple pie, gas and listen to episode for the ode to summer really enjoyed it I'll, give it a five star rating listeners. If your teacher, if you know a teacher, maybe check it out as well, it's called teacher treat yourself where we listened apart, last and by the way, when you do a listener, colleagues feel free to mention your business. Your side hustle your website, you're podcast, whatever it is. We need one things by the way not like offer, but I would like to highlight more these projects, for everybody was out there listening some thanks again page more Collins tomorrow and today, story is coming up right after this,
site, hustle for Adele Buys didn't start out. As one donor family would go to state sales on the weekend is kind of a therapy for her daughter. Her daughter found hunting for bargains and fun treasures at estates, fails to be soothing and Adele was happy to oblige but soon they had so many treasures and trinkets from these weakened excursions. They couldn't walk for their family room. She realised that they're gonna keep hunting for new treasures. Some of the older treasures we're gonna, have to go Adele had tried selling on Ebay before but found it difficult to make a profit. A co worker told her about Etsy, sharing that she had tried it for six months before getting discouraged and shutting down her shop. Adele took that as a challenge. Addition to caring for her daughter and working day. Job is an I t, manager, Adele had multiple sclerosis and she said nothing a person with a mass likes more than a challenge. In fact, every day as a challenge in some ways she said,
If you give me a challenge, it doesn't involve controlling my body I'll, take it and succeed. Adult took up the challenge and open and Etsy Shop filled out her about page and added some listings. She soon discovered what a lot of people I found that, while starting an Etsy store, is super easy having a success. Four star store is much harder for a few days after making the listings, she thought she was done, but she quickly learn Arabic. More things you have to do in order to really stand out and actually get orders on Etsy Adele started. Checking out successful, shot. And saw right away that one of the most obvious things they hadn't comment was clean, consistent photos of their products, so it I'll retook summer photos so that her whole Etsy storefront had a consistent look to it next on the list was social media and search engine, optimization r s YO initially, Dell thought that she'd have an advantage because she ran a blog,
for a few years and knew all about s yo, but it turned out that Essie over at sea is a little bit different, so listen research. She was able to apply our previous s, YO skills to some new Etsy skills. She learned that she had a plan, regular social media posts and repeat them, often to ensure that people would see links to her listings. She used to like buffer, which allowed her to automatically schedule tweets and Facebook posts and, in addition, the technological improvements and other important part. Success on Etsy has been connecting with the community when she was first learning the ropes connected with another shop owner that answer questions as she was getting set up in and she now answers questions for other people as well. The first year she had just twenty three orders and after making her improve she had two hundred and seventy orders the next year. She continued at that same pace with two hundred eighty five orders and item price
these range from twenty dollars. Up to a hundred and fifty to two hundred dollars. She usually tries to charge at least double what she pays for something, especially for inexpensive items, not speaking of inexpensive items. Her strategy has evolved, we're time. Adele's initial goal was to have a hundred small, unique inexpensive items in the store at any given time, but you realise that these affordable little treasures were just as much effort to advertise and sell than if they were more expensive cities extra strategy and started going for more luxury items which were still unique but cost a bit more and allowed for more profit. China has about foreigners. In her story at any given time, all one of the kind treasures that she's found at estate cells, He's also realise how important it is to distinguish yourself from the crowd in small ways. Her logo for his shop is esteem. Punk owl named derby, and now every single person, in order from the shop also gets a little key chain owl, which, incidentally, she purchases from another ass. He shot. This little addition has been a big hit with customers
combined with everything else, she's learned over the past few years has put her in the top five per cent of all Etsy shops, ranked on reviews, sales and shipping time The shop is now more than just a side hustle for a Dell. She thinks of it. As for insurance policy, it's been critical, an unexpected medical cost. It popped up and giving her family some financial cushion to fall back on She also hopes to continue growing the business. So if I M ass makes it impossible for her to keep working outside the home, she can still contribute financially to the family, So not all at sea shops are created equal and the same is true. Just about any platform, whether it's either. Or selling on Amazon or anywhere else. There is some people that do really well and are also two different approaches, especially when it comes to Etsy, because at sea, as I said, the world's largest handcrafted marketplace, so a lot of people who are selling on Etsy our craft errors or artists or otherwise, making some.
But what we have here is a reselling focus. Adele is actually making anything skill is essentially curetting going out to these estate cells at dinner, which items might sell the best, creating good listings, taking those strong photos- and I like this- brush, because even if you're, not an artist or a her, there is asked involved in doing something like this, both in terms of the original sourcing like how you The item is how he determined what you wanna, fuck, assign and in how you act saw them in terms of those social media power. In terms of the listings themselves connecting with the community as she mentioned, so that this was a great case study and, of course, will link her ass. He shot up in the show notes for you to see it though show notes are at sight of school dotcom slash one five three has always inspiration is good, but inspiration combined action is so much better. Give me a shot on social media, I'm at critical about on Twitter or Facebook and at
Ninety three countries, one hundred and ninety three countries on Instagram you're, a rockstar on crystal about this- is not at the school.
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