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#1569 - Lifelong Superfan Gets Paid to Write Disney Blog


A Disney superfan goes from journaling about the happiest place on Earth in a private notebook at age ten to sharing it with the whole world a decade later, earning $1,000/month from her passion project.

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We all have goals and whether they are something you can accomplish today or they feel so completely out of reach. U S bank is here to help you get where you want to be, as they weave humanity, into everything they do by investing to close the gaps for future generations and by creating a culture in which everyone feels support it oh and also by having people liked him have open conversations you're on the past to talk about the post pandemic economy and what it means for business. You can listen to our conversation on the special bonus episode or follow, or subscribed to side by side with: U S, bank or visit side by side with: U S, bank dot com to stay up to date on the entire limited series? U S, bank we'll get there together.
Each of us has a story. Business has a story that we are writing both for our own lives, internal narrative of who we are what we hope to become all the things that we hope to do as well as an external story of how people, I and how our lives intersect with others. we're time, we are constantly filling out this story. This narrative, it's almost like a journal that unfolds page after page, and you have the choice. You have the ability to write whenever you want on today's page, wherever you want for yourself, whatever you want in terms of how your life intersects with others and for the reasons I make this podcast is because I believe so much as possible. I believe there is a side also opportunity for everyone and I've seen over and over how that can lead to. So much more is not just about you know, one little project that make some money or something it's. What does that mean you to do. How does that open your eyes to see other is so much more, the body than I thought before, and so I really encourage it.
We began this episode in this story which are today about in a moment. I just encourage you to think What is the story that I am creating today, and changes. Do I want to make, because you know you're, not just the writer, you also the editor of your story, so going to go back and change something only is that ok, minority have permission to do that. It actually might be one of the smartest things you could ever do. is often times our story. Writing is kind of like an auto pilot, and if we step in and say acts they want to have more control over this direction. We can lay just being happier glee just be more fulfilled, more productive and just more intentional overall My comments here. As we begin. Today's episode welcome to satisfy school. My name is critical about in today story. A Disney Super fan goes from writing about the happiest place on earth police. That's what they call it doesn't. we'll get it marketing. She goes from writing about that in just her note book, a private note book at age, ten to sharing it with the whole world is an adult a decade later.
Earning a thousand dollars a month and extra spending money along the way. The stories cod, lifelong superfine gets paid to write, Disney Block, she's, also booking tours, but I'll tell you about that in the story is coming up in just thirty seconds that figure has always been passionate about Disney. Ever since you took her first trip Disney Road when she was ten, she fell in love with a theme park and started, say money to go back. In fact she began in writing her own personal guidebook, an itinerary. She kept return over and over throughout the next decade and even shows Disney world as the location for her honeymoon. Since so much of her life was connected to this happy place back, you decided she would share her passion publicly fresh. Grad school, she had just gotten a job as a children's library. The work was ideal. It was what she wanted to do
but the salary was fairly low and she had student loans to repay. Already been writing for other websites on all things Disney and realize it can make a lot more sense if she had her own platform that she could control. With these two reasons in mind, Becky started her blog Disney. In your day, this was back in many thirteen, when I weren't nearly as many blogging resources as there are now so Becky had to figure out how to set up her own platform. She kept it simple using word press and a five dollars a month hosting package that was our total start up costs by dollars a month. Next, she continued riding for other sites, but use those articles two sprinkle and links to her own site. This help Disney in your day, get off to a good start, avoiding the apes. Parity that many blogs remained stuck in, of course, having a blog and making money from it are not the same thing and monetizing a blog can be challenging in bed.
Kay she started with using Google adsense. A common way for blogs are websites to make money a few years ago and it still possible now just less common, almost immediately, she began earning twenty five to fifty dollars a month from those adds adding an affiliate programs brought it. a hundred dollars a month, which was a start, although the time she invested into the site was not Start with the income, she was making the writing and creative process with something that she enjoyed. So it didn't feel much like work still increase. the income generated by her blog was a problem that she was stuck on for a long time. What really took the scales when If you decide to venture into planning and running Disney fiend torques having given out of travel advice in helping people book trips to Disney world? She believes that a lot of people had ultra specific questions. She couldn't answer individually Many of our readers had also told her that she'd make an excellent travel agent, so when she saw that an agency special
in Disney tourists was accepting affiliates. She immediately apply and was hired on the strength of our expertise, and it was a part time and contract basis, so Becky had to bring in our own clients, but thankfully, that something she could do. Having already established her authority on site and with many of our readers interested in what she was offering income from planning and giving tours has since become the sites number one source of revenue even ass. She does this on this over the past seven years, Becky has seen a number of things: change. For example, her biggest source of traffic is now from Pinterest, no doubt due to all the pictures that one could find it Disney she's also sent set up her own Etsy store or she sell some of her merchandise and which also brings this
To her sight for someone who launched a blog and a five dollar month hosting plan, Becky's Disney side also has paid off bringing her at least five hundred dollars every month from adds another five hundred dollars or so from talks and remember this is a topic and industry. That's close to her heart. It's not a full time job, but it's a very frequent part time passion without blogging about Disney. She would not have become a Disney travel agent and gotten exclusive access to different vip, It's a dream, come true for a superpower, Becky's advice for those who want to build a business while holding down a day. Job is to embrace constraints, as she puts it. If I all the time in the world. I could never do anything. The key has been to figure out what's important in what she's good at and to ignore everyone else giving well meaning advice,
of all wrapped up, I've got some more comments from Becky on time management. Specifically, I really like that point about constraints. Us we asked her if she could give more specific with us and she said well, I learned to prioritize what was most to do, and I focus on those things. Every week I have daily in monthly checklists that help keep me focused. Related to time. Management is the fact that it always feels like there is more to do. I can write several articles a week. I can have a bunch of back and forth emails, I can write my email newsletter, do more marketing, etc and then, as you try to read and learn more, it's like. Oh, you should be on Instagram five times a week or there's a new social plan formulae to learn right now to keep up with younger people so that for me as being to figure out what's most important, what's most relevant and what I'm best at as much as people push video contents. Not really my thing, I do video once in awhile, that's not part of my regular routine and I'm ok with that. It helps me manage my time if I prioritize what is effective and not stress about doing everything just because other people are doing it. I love that. I hope you take it with. You
day as well. In addition to thinking about what kind of story do you want to write and share in number, you can edit that story anytime, also consider if you can not stress about doing everything just because other people are doing it That's it for today. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. Today's shone out, including links to back he's blog anything also mention in the other, so we'll be at sight of soul, school dot, com, slash, fifteen, sixty nine one, five, six, nine! If you ve, got a commoner question with a show just come to satisfy school doc Last questions in, of course, do come back tomorrow for an all new episode. My name is crystal about. This is beside us for when. from the onward projects.
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