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#1578 - Emergency Room PA Creates Medical Spanish Course


This online course teaching Spanish terms to medical providers brings in $55k a year—part-time! 

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We all have goals and whether they are something you can accomplish today or they feel so completely out of reach. U S bank is here to help you get where you want to be, because they weave humanity into everything they do by investing to close the gaps for future generations and by creating a culture in which everyone feels support it I would also by having people liked him, have open conversations here on the pact asked to talk about the post pandemic economy and what it means for business. You can listen to our conversation on the special bonus episode or follow, or subscribed to side by side With- U S, bank or visit side by side with: U S, bank dot com to stay up to date on the entire limited series? U S, bank we'll get there together the day was up well gonna friendless. There's a community who are listening to silence was war. The occupied tat bring new real time examples real world real time examples every single.
of how people are navigating the new economy, finding a way to succeed, finding a way to create security for themselves. In the midst of a busy world in the midst of a busy life. In fact, every one of our case studies is someone who has a day job, but yet is able to, as mentioned, create this money making project Now today, story I'll, tell you about an online course that teaches spanish terms to medical providers and its course brings him. Than fifty thousand dollars a year. The guy who it chooses to pursue accreditation, which, when I talk about a bit in this episode, basically means that positions in PH we're taking his course can earn continuing education credits and getting the accreditation takes a good amount of work, but by doing so the course becomes even more in demand and also insulates the courses from competition, and not only that this guy succeeds without having an audience of his own. So most people are like all. This is a great story, but he had so much platform, while this guy didn't have any platform at all So I say more about that. In the wrap up, the story is called emergence.
Were MP, creates medical spanish course. Not story is coming right up then tat irritated periodic medical school before deciding that he wanted to become. opposition assistant instead, these years of schooling, resulted in it entry to an end, a man profession, but also a heavy burden of student loans at nuts. What prompted him to start some sort of side business to pay a town? He brainstorm different ideas before it on him. He works is appear in an emergency room and speaks flowing. Spanish, why not come and his two areas of expertise and create a spanish course for medical professionals. It seemed like a logical match, he started by outlining what the course would include and thinking about how to best approach. It then ultimately decided that the course would teach spanish phrases that medical providers would need to know to learn a patient's medical history and conduct a physical on them in the emergency room,
Setting up materials required him to create a combination of audio and video modules, with accompanying tax to go through each step of the lesson he also reached out to different companies that a credit, continuing medical education courses. This process took two years, that's right to whole years, but instead of throwing in the towel been kicked his patients into high gear. While he could have sold his course without it being accredited. It likely wouldn't sell as well or at a high price point more on that in a moment. That's because Medical providers must enrolling continuing education each year, their employer, often reimburses them for at least some of these costs, so they're not expecting them to be cheap any Only one accreditation company got back to bear. It requires him to be a slightly squeaky wheel. Those are his words in order to move the process along, but the patience is follow up paid off the course is called essential: emergency medicine, spanish,
gonna cost of five thousand dollars included. Creating a mobile friendly website. Hiring a native spanish speaker is the voice, talent and purchasing audio equipment like a high quality microphone. There was also an application fee of about eighteen hundred dollars for the accreditation, but instead of paying for it up front, the accreditation company agree to subtract from bends future earnings, speaking of which been doesn't sell the course directly, but through that occur Organization, the centre for emergency medical education: this is the result of a negotiation between the two, since the company wanted to advertise the course on their own website, attracting attention to other courses as well. essential emergency medicine, Spanish debuted and twenty eighteen leading up to now, stay. The employment was working with had low expectations of how well the course would sell, but then, on the first day of being publicly available, the company sent out a promotional email. and lo and behold, forty one people register for the course that day more than the IMF,
he had seen before with the companies own home study courses, but then had a few, this would happen all along. He sent there would be a demand and he followed up on that sense. So, let's talk about the pricing been offers. Different prices for physicians, p and students the physician prices, six hundred and ninety five dollars. The EPA price is four hundred only five dollars and the student price two hundred ninety five, so basically seven hundred five hundred and three hundred and many physicians and Pierre are able to get this expense, either fully or partially reimbursed and are earning those critical see credits that they need to have every year since launching course mainly cells through periodic email promotions, then has also sought a few spots or Google ad Facebook adds an pliers, it medical conferences,
total earnings from essential emergency medicine, spanish. So far around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars after expenses. That's a profit of about fifty five thousand dollars per year for been one of the best benefits is that the additional income has allowed him to switch to part time and his hospital job. He sees himself becoming financially independent and free from student in the next couple of years, going forward, he plans to create more content on his own site, learn medical, spanish and attract more followers to his email, lest he also hopes to start a Youtube channel and update the course later this year, when the initial accreditation expires so it's a very relevant topic. Ben is clearly the authority in this topic he's merging his two points of expertise goes to school becomes a petition assistant. He speaks violence
It recognizes how important this is in a medical context, especially in emergency room context, and so you ve got a really great products, but then, have an audience yet? He is able to launch this and, in the course of two years make a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in revenue and what sounds like more than a hunter ten thousand hours or so in profit. So how But to do that without an audience was in partnering with that sea provider, essentially, which allowed him to also charge a higher power. I have even more authority the reimbursement factor of people who take the course probably most of all, that companies access to other professionals who were taking their courses. So that was a smart partnership and I would say, as well as also smart, to think about growing his own audience, because maybe in the future he can sell the course through other sea providers. Maybe more people will find it directly instead of
from this, which which of course further increases income and not sure if he makes more money on sales that he refers himself. But often that would be the arrangement shop. He doesn't have that. Maybe that's something you could negotiate in a future. Maybe for the next course you just go is directed early, but the point is like having its own audience. Wasn't a prerequisite for that first success, but it's good to focus on it from here on out. So I hope you enjoy this story. Regulations to Ben listeners. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action. So much better. play show notes, including link to the course anything else I mentioned in. The episode will be at side, hustle school com, one thousand five hundred and seventy eight one hundred and fifty seven Remember, there's something out there that you can do to you haven't figured it out yet well, just keep listing just keep thinking practice. Your power of observation can just be willing to try a different stuff because Monday, so I'm more and that later I'm sending offer now hope. You'll come back tomorrow. My aim is critical about,
This is side of this war. From the onward projects.
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