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#1611 - Intern Manages Businesses For Six-Figure Income


When a corporate intern searches for an off-ramp, she creates a new job title that leads to a full-time income and new online course. 

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We all have goals and whether they are something you can accomplish today or they feel so completely out of reach. U S bank is here to help you get where you want to be, as they weave humanity into everything they do by investing to close the gaps for future generations and by creating a culture in which everyone feels support it. oh and also by having people liked him have open conversations you're on the past to talk about the post pandemic economy and what it means for business. You can listen to our conversation on the special bonus episode or follow, or subscribed to side by side with: U S, bank or visit side by side with: U S, bank dot com to stay up to date on the entire limited series? U S, bank we'll get there together. when I was. I was gonna, hear your host of cider score. That really interesting story for you today. That presents an interesting idea, so interesting story for it,
you gonna hear about an intern who manages businesses for a six figure income. I guess she's a former in turn now, because she actually created a new job title that led to a full time, income and a new online course. So a lot has happened here, I really love s idea of creating a new title for yourself. Can you create a new job title for yourself or for your hustle or for your service instantly become more valuable and I always think when you're like making up a title, who decides these things? Ok like if you're working in a company than presumably there is somebody to to approve that title or generate that title in the first place. But if you're just doing something on your own and you're, not claiming, some tied all that requires licensing or you know, government approval. You can't just go and decide. You know to be a doctor, something, but otherwise I remember a few years ago friends of mine this goes back like maybe a decade I should say couple friends of mine, credit, international minimalist stay and
That's when minimalism was getting this lots of attention big boost their like what Make a holiday, a minimalist stay, and how do they do that? What they just made it they just decided. It was a thing, got some people to write blog posts about it, and now you have this pseudo holiday so it's not like a nationally celebrated holiday, but the point is that they made their own holiday. So what about it title or service title that you invent. Today's putrid case study, as mentioned, did exactly that she created a service. She calls a digital business management. What is that exactly and how was she able to earn this full time? Income before actually quitting her full time job right? That's the story coming up in there seconds? Quick message from our sponsor really appreciate our sponsor- and I appreciate you are listeners- stated they could all like to say she never work in ninety five job because it was
Like nine to whenever she finished, sometimes as late as two a dot m, maybe some of our listeners can relate that's the life of climbing the corporate ladder. You have to pay your dues and earned success. The hard way did fall into the social pressure of working at a big company. True to internships. He was six months into her sit at the second when she realized something doing this for whole life was not how she wanted to exist, yet she couldn't just walk away admired those who quip no safety net in place risking at all, but that felt scary. She had no savings and no back a plan. So instead day a fall, tried and true model of working on her side us all, while keeping her data. She called it. Try before you bought. As for what her psychic would be, while she wasn't exactly sure at first, but she threw herself
anything that came away to try and find out. It started by freelancing as a content assistant that lead to work as a freelance project manager in all around organizer. She search for clients anyway, she could think of on job boards, freelancing websites, as well as coal, pitching businesses where she knew someone these raw free marketing sources, but they took a lot of like work day. I didn't. Might she was still working your day job and consider this attesting things in taking on our jobs for digital companies over the course of a year, she realised that working on small projects
great. But what you really liked was looking at a business holistically on a process in systems level, seeing the big picture and then diving into the nitty gritty details with the business owner was what she excel that and it was that service she'd offer and she came up with her own name for it: Digital Business management, db, em for short, something akin to an out sourced chief operations officer. She planned to pitch this service on the pain, pointed addressed, This is what our pets look like if you are struggling with getting things done in your business, if you're bogged down by hundreds of slack messages from your team, if you can't seem to figure out how to set a clear systems or automate your process, I'd love to help those words got conversation started using the same sources. She tried before job boards and brilliance websites, but it still took away,
for data to be taken seriously in this new role. Her model was to going to businesses and take care of the pain between getting things done and in organizing for things to get done, and that took time to persuade potential customers, but after several months day was soon offering our digital business management services for one client, paying a monthly later focusing solely on that client meant she could do an amazing job, integrate into their business and really have a meaningful impact. In a short space of time, but they had a secondary motive, since she knew getting, clients will be helped by strong word of mouth by our second year. She was book solid, based solely on referrals. This was also around the She quit her full time. Job to go all in a decision she never regret it at her Peter there's a Db M data Samuel, nine thousand dollars a month from four different clients, some of which take ten hours a week and others that only need a few task done now and then being a systems
eager to hear eventually turned everything she knew about freelancing as a business manager into a course called Debbie and Boot Camp. since launching earlier this year, it's already turned into another lucrative project, So why does it d be I'm due digital business manager? Again, it's essentially a strategic operations person whose looking at both of those things, I guess strategy and operations, but according to day I she's gotta broken down. Thirty percent checklist imply. Aficionado, twenty five percent. manager of all the things twenty percent official fire put her outer fifteen. And behind the scenes, ninja and ten percent brainstorming and strategy faint. I believe that adds up to a hundred percent. But I did not audit those number.
So I think the key point is what I mentioned in the beginning. This is freelance operations help its valuable, but what kind of takes it to the next level is creating a whole Brandon, creating a brand and, as I said, giving it a title like DM, which I had never heard of before, but that's not surprising because they have made it up. So she also says I'm a super risk, adverse type, a word so I knew I couldn't just quit and make the leap without a safety net. That's why a year building my hustle to match my fault, I'm income. So of course that's very much in line with our philosophy here at sight of summer school, if you're Listener know that we are all about building security and options, additional freedom, an income for yourself in ever place. You are now so it's not about having so much as it is asking yourself. What can you do with the tools in the time available to you now? I ll leave you with that today. Congratulations today, I am listeners. Inspiration is good, but inspirational. Action, is so much better defined today show notes, including links to day S, work
as I mentioned in the other, so just come beside us all. School tat, calm, slash sixteen eleven Sixteen eleven one, six one wine, we also encourage you to subscribe or wherever you get your podcast very grateful for anybody who Thus I rating and review as well a tower show has spread all over the world too, amazing community of awesome people such as yourself. Thank you again for. Me today. I have to come back tomorrow. My name is critical about this is side in sport. From the onward projects.
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