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#164 - Building A Side Hustle While Battling A Chronic Illness


A master of time management helps other female entrepreneurs learn to automate the tasks they face everyday while creating a flexible second income that pays for her medical bills each month. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey there what's up a welcome back money. Miss Priscilla about today are gonna talk about building a side hustle while battling a chronic illness and stories. Is about creating an online course, which is something I know People are interested in. If you do it right, point has real potential, but I want to focus on the bigger picture of how I cite hustle can accommodate your life, including the challenges Ruggles of your life. That's what I thought was most interesting about the story. It's a story of Brittany in New York City, who faces a difficult illness. And wants to create a sustainable side, income partly to pay or hospital bills, and also just because she realizes it's a good idea. That story in just a moment. First, we are asking why prevent you from moving forward and making progress in your site, hustle, and if you ve been stuck before. Do you have a tip for moving forward
Let's hear we have from a listener. Today was the truth. This is shining from the box pressure, dot com. Our whole me back Success is having too many ideas at one time and not focus. I know what's the problem, but it paying and try to do better with it up like a lot of people, do in fact have that flying problem. Thanks for the show can change things for the car. I will check the box crusher yeah you're totally right actually have this problem. Myself, I think, people who are motivated to start. Things are in the same box unintended. Sometimes what helps from is to focus on a specific idea, our project for a short amount of time, and I'm just gonna force myself and say. Ok today or this morning are for this particular work session, or maybe it's you like all week or perhaps a longer period, this is gonna- be what I work on it doesn't matter. Work on other stuff later, but for now this is the priority. A mystic with it No one's that periods over our re evaluate see if something else might be better. If I want to keep going anyway thanks again,
restoring comes from Britain Berger in New York City by day, she's, a pr manager at a software, start up and remained side us is creating and selling online courses helping female entrepreneurs to improve their systems and productivity Pretty has had a handful of other projects over the years, including some one off freelance gigs that she did sporadically, but in twenty fifteen she was diagnosed with a chronic illness and face inexpensive hospital bill. As well as the prospect of spending hundreds of dollars a month on treatment for the foreseeable future. That's when she knew how to get more serious and strategic about making money outside of her day job, since pretty had ongoing health issues getting a part time. Job was an option. To control the hours and environment and be able to work from
or not work at all, depending on how she was feeling that day. So at first, she started promoting a freelance services to start ups in small businesses. She also developed a blogging planner for authors that she sought on her blog as a form of passive income, but the freelance assignments took a lot of time and the blogging planter was priced low, so she decided to develop a premium productivity course for female entrepreneurs in charge, a hundred twenty nine dollars for it. That course build. On Ba helps people master workload. A nation and automated systems. Many already knew how to growing market an online business through content marketing. So it made sense to teach that she did research and or Facebook groups and determine that weapon were confused by was the automation apps themselves, so she structured- and eyes the course around out specific trainings Instead of organizing the information by topic or function since she had limited times a host, of course on a platform called teachable rather than creating a separate site or building a membership feature into Wordpress, She decided on her initial launch price based on a type of content, which was a mix of video and pdf,
and where her audience was out in their business. Most of them are still get Started and not able to make large investments she offered a self study option any I've community version. She also ran a giveaway with a bunch of different productivity resources for her audience, including a spot in a future course she ran. I give way right before her lunch and people need to test for her email list in order to enter. So that's how she generated a lot of leads right before going live, in our initial launch ten people enrolled in the course and over time, a few more people continue to joint each month. She's also added live coaching cause and raise the price The self study version is now a hundred and seventy nine dollars and a community plan with a facebook group and live training is a hundred. Ninety seven dollars Britney's first attempt at marking the course brought in about three thousand dollars. Another done. It can continue to earn passive income whenever someone purchases it between her course and brilliant services. Sharon's about two thousand twenty five hundred dollars a month on the side, depending on how she's feeling and how much is able to work.
It is now looking into ways to revamp services there more streamlined, she's, also launching spin off to her original course in that course you mention five main ways. Entrepreneurs can streamlined systems and then she dove deep into one of them. She now plans to create products or on each of the other four methods. She does this one. Bending eight to ten hours a week on her business. She can't put too much more time and because of her house, but she makes more than enough to cover her mouth about each month and has also gradually paying the larger ones. From that initial diagnosis, she says: he's happy with the slow growth, this man, makes a real difference in her life. At some point, you hope to have more strength to put into the hustle, but for now it still helping her a lot sometimes say that no one cares about your well being as much as you do like. Even if you have a good job, you work for a company, you believe, and you have good benefits
pray. You probably heard me say several times you shouldn't quite your job, at least not without a plan which still and those great situations, sure that you're, the one who cares the most about your wellbeing, you're the one who Look out for yourself not even to mention all the people who don't have great jobs or don't work for companies that really care for their employees. So either way. This story illustrates how you can make something that works for you with whatever limitations you have with whatever challenges your encountering and ill yet another reason why this is so important. Why, even though you are so busy, you have to find a way to ass some time into making this happen for yourself, because it's not just about the short term benefits also about what this can do for you in the future and every day on the show, I'm trying to show you a different example of someone who applies these principles. If you like to learn more about Britney's work or that platform teach of all that I mentioned, we will link all of that up on the show notes at sight of school dot com, slash one. Six for inspiration is
but inspiration combined with action is so much better. Much more is on the way I'm critical about. This is successful. School.
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