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#1644 - Failure Friday: Antiracism Interest Grows, But What Do Clients Want?


In this week’s Failure Friday segment, we hear from the founder of an agency that supports workplace inclusion and antiracism. Her business experienced major growth in the past year—but clients aren’t always sure what they really want.  

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just asking people hey. What do you want and then I'll find a way to give it to you, it's more like understanding what they want and then finding a way to give it to them. So sometimes as well. When you are dealing with more than one person like with a company, there can be a lack of alignment, because one person says one thing within you discover they don't speak for all the decision makers. That's what today's episode is all about, and this is part of our failure. Friday series, it's a collection of short stories, all about mistakes, missteps disasters and, of course, failure. Often failure is a precursor to success, but I really want to focus these segments on what goes wrong and then, how do you and adapt to it when that occurs in just like a throwback Thursday segment, you will hear directly from Sata source, who have struggled in some way, like all of us have struggled there are being very honest, intended and bore born? I very much appreciate that. They'll tell you story of something went wrong. Today's comes from Doktor Keeluk. Today we told her
hurry on episode. Seven. Eighty one workforce expert creates empowerment, consultancy. This consultancy focuses on workplace inclusion and anti racism which, as you might be aware, has been something a lot more people have been paying attention to over the past year. We talked about it here on this show a cup times and as part of this process, a lot of people have said what we need to learn more about this or are workplace. Can do a better job in this area? How do we do it? Well, Doktor Aquino's business was perfectly position to thrive and grow during this time, but fast growth usually produces in a number of issues requires you to make some more adaptations and adjustments. So, let's hear how she responded to the need, along with a particular. leadership challenge that she faced as business scaled up. She can tell that story better than me I'll, come back at the end to wrap us up planning this doctor. It's like a founder.
Ceo of change. Today we are organization development, consulting firm that specializes in diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and anti racism, and, of course we do organizational development work too, like change management and restructuring. My company has been around for six years, but last year, twenty twenty coinciding with the unfortunate murder of George Floyd business skyrocketed. The demand was in saying so is able to scale appropriately. That was pretty easy for me, but the thing that
Didn't prepare for was how we re interacting with clients. So when we bring your client on, we have a meeting green. We figure out what they want and we provide a scope of work to what they shared with us and that we move forward with the planned projects and effort anywhere from coaching to a survey, focus groups and audit policy changes, doing strategy metrics road maps, you name it were there to do it, but the problem that kept coming up for Us- was that the leaders were not aligned with what they wanted with culture change dive city or anti racism efforts and that would put serious delays on the way that we are providing in giving them as well.
Our internal timelines to meet the demands of other clients coming on board projects just weren't finishing on time, so we did collectively as a company was come up with guiding statements, but a guiding statement, as is language of a future state of where a company wants to go. So our goal is to This antiracist, we want to make sure this is a workplace of belonging whatever. That is something that all leaders can point to to strive to and to move towards that lesson was crucial for us, because once we do that either right before we meet with a client or at the very first meeting, which we call a kick off meeting that allows to be more on time for their needs as we planned as well as how we can move forward with our additional clients that are coming on board. But, more importantly, it's a phrase.
statement that everyone internally can use when there is moments of difference, so they can be aligned to move forward to having more of a diverse equitable work environment that perhaps may be antiracist, but definitely includes longing and now more than ever, we all need to feel like we know that our leaders can support us, and we are happy that we support them ship station is the number one choice of online sellers hand our number one answer for many years now. Thank you team, Pritchett that no wonder a hundred thousand online sellers choose ship station, you can import orders from a sales channel ship with any carrier and automate just about any shipping task
If you are selling something online, you need a ship more and less time for a lot less money use our offer coat hustle to get a sixty day. Free trial is two months free of no house all stress free shipping, just gotta ship station dot, com click, the microphone at the top of the page and type in hustle that is ship station to come, the offer code is hustle and their tagline is. Make ship happen, never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. Thank you. So much doktor appeal for sharing our story so got a lot of people are looking to her business. Just as these issues. of workplace inclusion belonging, she calls it anti racism and so on, are getting more attention as well as they should
I like what she said about this guiding statement, but this is really interesting because you could use this in a lot of ways. You know not to take away anything from the concept of workplace belonging and inclusion, but it could also be used. You know just for yourself about what kind of world do you want to live in in future know what kind of world do you want to have for yourself? What is your guiding statement, or course, if you work in a team or company or organization, you know what does that environment look like, ideally in the future and, of course, there. You know what steps can you take to get closer to that? So I often think that way myself about why? What do I want to? Have you? No one year from now, our five years from now not just have is an acquire, but you know who do I want to be? What do I want to have achieved or experienced, and how can I then you know, take those steps. I'm really great.
doktor Ikey left for helping us out of the segment check out her website at change today. Dot com that spell Bike cadet, so change, see each Ain T cadet, workaday see eighty eighty dot com or follow her on Twitter at change. Today, if you about a disaster, a mistaken, MR failure, some kind of struggle that you want to hear Whenever it is countryside us with school that coms last questions wherever you are in the world, I hope you're taking care of yourself today. You do something to get closer to a girl you believe in, and I also hope your check on somebody else, because you know too crazy world out there, We all need all the help we can get with that. I'm sorry after the day. Thank you once again for listening. My name is critical about this is side also school.
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