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#1692 - TBT: App Helps 60,000 Women Get Paid More


In this week’s “Throwback Thursday / Where are they now?” segment, we hear from Meggie Palmer, founder of PepTalkHer, an app that has helped more than 60,000 users (mostly women) negotiate a pay raise.  

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We all have goals and whether they are something you can accomplish today or they feel so completely out of reach. U S bank is here to help you get where you want to be, because They weave humanity into everything they do by investing to close the gaps for future generations and by creating a culture in which everyone feels support it, I would also by having people liked him, have open conversations here on the pact asked to talk about the post pandemic economy and what it means for business. You can listen to our conversation on the special bonus episode or follow, or subscribed to side by side With- U S, bank or visit side by side with: U S, bank dot com to stay up to date on the entire limited series? U S, bank we'll get there together, welcome to throwback Thursday, our weekly segment, IRAN side of the school. We take an in depth, look at someone whose story has evolved since we first feature them. I love bring. You
segments, also really enjoy hearing the updates and working on the stories myself now. Last week we heard from Nikko Mendoza, who sells three printing templates and he lost his job last year. He actually lost a very high paying job. You started, taking his side, gig more seriously, and business took off and adopt. Eighty talked about how losing his job was. Probably the best thing that could have happened to him because it allowed him to grow this business and, as I said, taken more seriously now today in our latest Beecher will hear from Maggie polymer making is the founder of pet talker. When I say pep talk, or there is a bit of a play on words there, because it's actually pep talk her, like HIV are have talker dot. Com was an app called pep talker. We first featured Maggie an episode. Ninety seven foreign correspondent launches career app. Maggie Aunt or company are dedicated to closing the gender pay gap and its working when we maybe not like every person in the world yet, but the app and pep talkers programmes have helped
Sixty thousand users, mostly women, negotiate a pay rays, got some incredible stories, along with lots of pre resources on our website,. So has a model, a kind of like mine where she tries to do most of her work for free, so very cool, app and busy and programmes. Its honest up so what's happened, sense and also a bit more about the origin. Let's hear directly from Maggie and I'll come back at the end to rapidly planning Maggie Parma and on the founder of petrol. Current currently in New York City and I was painted on the port Causticum said nine hundred and eighty seven so I signed a business called pep talk her because I was frustrated from my own experience. of the gender pay gap, and I wanted to help other people makes whether they didn't make the same mistakes that idea and frankly, get screwed over. In the same way. That idea- and so I ran a company- we work in house if fortune, one hundred clients,
being their executives and their leaders on negotiation and understanding the power of having diversity in your ladyship pipeline and then we have a really large community. We have a free up. We have about sixty thousand professional in our committee and we run online clauses and programmes for them to help support them to get the pay that they deserve to get the racism promotions that they really looking for in their careers, so working full time as rapporteur and produce their making films. Really well that winning awards also staff. But I was like my job was like a lot, but it's like an eight, maybe eight and a half out ten but ass. I can just wasn't what I was looking for and it wasn't going Give me honestly like the geographic freedom. Then I wanted in the financial freedom that I wanted. So when I became so passionate about the issue of the gender pay gap, I want to figure out how I could do something to help, but I honestly didn't know if I would ever make money I knew I would make an impact, but I never knew if it was my cache. So I just like side helping friends
and then helping their friends, and then there are the friend would get sacked while on maternity leave will someone would get promoted and not get a raise, and so they would call me- and I would just help for free and dislike offer advice encroaching based on my own experience, the good things that I did and the mistakes that I may and it really just snowboard from there we cited and Instagram page. I taught myself Howdah Coda website using Youtube and it was the worst website you have ever stain and that's ok because you gotTA sought somewhere. Obviously I am appalled by now, but it was just like the most basic email capture website. You ve ever seen an I just like as we as more people wanted to know more information. I would build it. Some one would say all how do we asked for re, so I would build a little document, turn it into a pdf and put it on the website. I started posting about. You know, issues impacting we man, professional women at work on an instagram page, and then it just kind of kept growing in growing in growing facing the biggest challenge remains. Rather, business has been made
money like. I knew what I wanted the outcome to be. I wanted women to get paid promptly. I wanted companies too high animal women into senior roles, but I didn't know what the business model would be. So there's been a lot of trial and error, so the pet talk. Her act is totally free and that's a big part about impact strategy. We want everyone around the world to be able to have that act on their apple Android, fine, so that they can track their successes and then advocating degrees. Better for themselves. So that was free, but then what happened was that became a late generator in a way that people who wanted to work with us. He wanted us to come in and teach their companies about the issues that arise when there's a gender pay gap. in a business, and then individuals asked me whether I could catch them one by one and then people will do you have an online cause and I was like what's an online Let us emphasise, as people would ask us, we would kind of create it, and then I would like you to events
and would be like we want to align with these values. We believe in equal pay too. Can we do and I was like shop- we can and doing events? That is one of the things we make money through our online courses. We offer a lot of stuff afraid that there are some paid courses and moist about money comes from corporate clients. Citizens have a speech on the show. An assurance to everyone who has followed us and message does placed the shy, always love, knowing that they came from these podcast so fun. We launch this really fun thing like again. Impact is a core value and sorry we launch these Coralie five day, challenges as honest, leaving transformational for our business, because you know it's growing. The community, like, I think we more than doubled since, through a loss on the port costs a revenue. You know we were fortunate. We actually we had a freak out during covered, but we actually double during covert since these podcast revenues tripled sir we're doing great, but what's exciting for me the impact, and so we structure
sorry that these five day challenges we do. I know you're worth challenge. We do a success sprint. We do one focused on a performance review, brute camp and so what we ve done is we worked without in house psychologist to develop these free training programmes that people can put into practice straight away. So if anyone wants to sign up, they can jump on pet took her to confer with flash challenge. Some people will hate your idea and sometimes the best thing, because it'll make you think more critically about what you need to shifting your business model. All your idea to make it land better, but I signing something as a side. Hustle is such a wonderful way to stop, because it's like a soft landing. You hopefully still have a salary coming in and you can kind of tinker. way at night or on the weekends or in your lunch break and just slowly slowly, slowly start right, just get one paying client. Can you get someone to pay you, China, Box a month? Cassettes is also going to help your confidence to ride in a lot of what we do.
So fairies around impostors syndrome. How to overcome that? How to build that confidence muscle and when you starting a business sometimes is just overwhelming- and this is like a lot Do you need a platform that organizers all the creative intricacies of your mind into one space, well that platform is merely a collaborative white boarding online tool designed to help you visualize, discuss and share work. You do all kinds of closed up with Miro I'm trying it out myself They are creating a revolution in how we create and collaborate join. The opportune million users today sign up and use marrow today for free, just gotTa Miro. Am I r o dot com? Slash us all to start your free account sign up today and take advantage of three free whiteboard with this
exclusive offer. Gotta Miro, am I r o dot com, slash us all and start using Miro today there is no reason to delay. Thank you so much Maggie Thank you for those updates, and also thank you for doing this awesome work is so cool. I'm glad the pact has brought you some folks as well hope place. More people will check it out. Maggie's work reminds me of this quote. If you build your business around helping people, always have plenty of work. I wrote that long ago and a hundred dollar start up. It's a model that I try to follow myself I just heard Maggie, is very interested in impact and does most of her work for free again The website she mentioned was pep. Talk, her dot com, slash challenge so have talker, p, p d; ok, h, e r dot com. You can also find out in the Eu S Appstore and I believe, there's an android first
This wealth- this was one of our most popular new features of twenty twenty throwback Thursday and, as you ve heard since, were halfway through twenty twenty one. We are keeping a going. So let me know what you think and who you'd like to see featured tv, a quest, countryside of school, dotcom slashed questions. Thank you so much better. and today I hope you all subscribe or follow. Tell your friends come back tomorrow, my name critical about your listening to citizens. from the onward projects.
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