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#1711 - P.E. Teacher Livestreams Lessons to 50,000 Students


When her school district goes remote, this P.E. Teacher (and former pro volleyball player!) begins teaching daily on YouTube. Within two months, she starts a new business and quits her job to go all-in.  

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This episode is brought to you by HP plus in a world full of smart devices. Isn't it about time your printer about smart, too? Now printing is smart with age before us and the Hp Smart APP is how it all happened. You can print from your phone with just a tab. No matter where you are even from your garage, slash home office, Slash yoga studio met is smart HP glass. Learn more about smart printing at H, beat outcomes lash smart How does a high school teacher go from adapting to lockdown life, putting together virtual lesson, plans for the remote learning students to teaching fifty thousand or more worldwide live on Youtube all, while building a six figure business in less than a year. welcome to cite a so called. My name is critical about your host, and that is the pitch for today's episode. Pretty simple: how does a high school teacher with.
No a hundred students are harmony, go to teaching fifty thousand or more students worldwide and not just to becoming a Youtube celebrity, but then turning that fame into a sustainable monthly membership. Business. pretty cool right. This is exactly the kind of story that I love to hear about and ensure a few, because it then often inspires other people out there to do something similar or kind of ignites an idea or encourages them to move forward. That's always my hope, as I say, and she's got inspiration. What action is better so enjoy this inspiring story and consider? How can you take action on an idea of your own? The stories coming up in just thirty seconds. This message comes from wicks dot, com, Sponsor Wicks E Commerce, the army, Channel E commerce platform that enables online stores all over the world to reach new shoppers and sell an integrated sales channels like market places. An social media
from a single dashboard running. A facebook adds by wicks campaign can generate over one thousand percent return on ads bent, go two weeks: dot com, slash e commerce. Today, in joint hundreds of Wick sellers, who already doubled their return on ad spend, On a Friday afternoon, in March, twenty twenty Highschool offenders teacher A recent Maloney saddened, faculty meeting hearing how the school might go virtual has covered nineteen swept across the country. Later that night, you receive an email announcing that everyone will be doing just that going. Entirely virtual start
On Monday, so they would need to figure things out and fast. Fortunately, as a teacher and mom Marisa was used to thinking on her feet, she sat at her kitchen table and rode up a plan on Mondays. The kids would run a mile on Tuesdays. They do arms, naps and so on, but upon reflection, she crumpled up the plan. Because it sounded boring and she knew if it sounded boring to her, would be all the more boring to our students. So she came up with a new idea dreaming, work out videos on Youtube Monday, through Friday, at nine, a m Larissa share these work out with other teachers in our community. She started getting request for other kids to join as well. She also posted on for him, specifically for PE teachers on Monday morning came around she pressed play. She started to warm up for fifteen kids, not a bad start. She thought when she finished that warm up. However, she looked at the screen saw. The number was climbing. This was live on Youtube and before long hundreds
and eventually thousands of students logged on to work out with her that first Monday. How did this happen is partly because of those referrals, the forums but also the magic algorithm of Youtube had discovered her through continued online work out every week day at the end of the week, even our own kids would join in for a fun active dance party. Has the wig and in months of lockdown rolled on, she received emails from kids and teachers asking for shouts asking her to give shouts to them in their school. So she has done this for classrooms all the way in Poland, South Africa, Australia, Thailand and reached over fifty thousand families,
in those first few months by the summer of twenty twenty loris worth getting email testimonials from parents, saying that these videos had been the glue to keeping their families together since the pandemic started, and that inspired her to grow, active kids to point out into a business with kids around the world stuck at home. There is clearly a need for this type of content. The live stream workout were initially free, but at the start of the twenty twenty twenty twenty one school year, she created paid me ships and then stream the work out directly to your website for clients. She has a huge library of on demand, work out. She adds to every couple of months, active kids Y know, offers monthly memberships for forty dollars and annual membership. Hundred dollars and a school membership for five hundred dollars. There is also. Three month online summer camp that was three activity as a week for a hundred dollars. Loretta still offers some free clauses on Youtube. That's helped her attract new customers.
In fact, she hasn't done any paid advertising at all, but are income continues to grow? What money we talking about, what she has now projecting income of a hundred thousand dollars for twenty twenty one and here's a big lesson learned originally Teresa thought going through the school districts would be the best and most efficient way to partner or schools make sense right? However? She discovered there was so much red tape that just wasn't worth it after going straight to the teachers. Instead, her growth took off teachers and students are the best ambassadors. Active kids to point out is changed. Everything for Loretta enter family, it even Where the financial stability to quit her teaching job, she knew it was time.
Vapor shop in May two thousand and twenty one about a year after starting because she felt secure in the business and also believe it could grow with more attention from her. She also just had baby number three. So now she can work from home and care for her new little one, even as schools reopen in the future. The need for physical activity will continue and Rissa has built a loyal following she plans to keep on creating new content that helps kids stay active amazing story, so fine! Congratulations to Loretta! I always love hearing how teachers in particular can be so resourceful, starting all kinds of projects and finding ways to adapt list of challenging times a couple things I wanted to mention here. This part about Larisa still offers some free classes on Youtube and that's helped her to attract new customers. I think that is key to the whole success
project. In fact, so I would be very wary of stepping away from Youtube in a situation like this, like, I think, it's very wise to build out that membership sites and, of course, create the sustainable revenue. But ultimately the business is going to continue to generate new inquiry interest and hopefully, potentially members be people seeing these classes on Youtube. I think, when you are favoured by the Youtube algorithm, it's a hard thing to kind of manufacture just happen. Sometimes you want to take advantage of that as much as possible, I also here's a fine fact along this, while working on the episode after graduating college and before teaching full time. The rest was a professional beach, volleyball player and also an actress. So no doubt these skills have helped her in her new role, both in terms of fitness and
So you know performing on camera, so when you're trying to figure out what your idea is to be sure to look at all your skills and consider how they might work together. Great case study great example. Thank you again. The risk and listeners I mentioned this earlier. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today show now, including links to active kids to point out, and anything else I mentioned in the episode- will be assigned a school dot com, slash seventeen eleven as wine at seven one white. If you ve got a commoner question for the show you can just leave that there is wealth cycle score that comes questions? Thank importuning Anna come back tomorrow. My name is critical about. This is side of the story.
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