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#1745 - Q&A: Going back-to-office puts a crimp in side hustle life


Today’s listener has been operating his side hustle in secret while working remotely—and now he has to return to the office. What happens next?? 

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This episode is brought. You buy braes. If you ve ever felt compelled designed by a message from Canada had your spirits lifted whether reward from line dot com or discovered? sounds from a sound cloud alert. Then you have experienced the power of praise. Brands use praise to engage with over three point: three billion active global users each month, stop marketing and stark, acting with brace learning, at braised I'll come that's you- are a z, tee Thou com, hey listeners, France, Community- I am so glad you tuned in today. My name is Chris. I guess this side of the sport so that you turned into In particular, we have always got u turn in just to be clear, but in particular this is a really fun question. Ok, today's listener been operating his sight us all in secret while working remotely- and I
for sure that he is not the only one, because I hear from people all the time over the past year or two, especially with you know the ship to remote work. They have realised that their employers don't necessarily expect forty hours of productive work each week released, they aren't bang attend. To attack but say so, this is a fascinating phenomenon, all kinds people who have started working women lay and then realize they had a lot of extra time. In some cases, It started in all new job like in addition to their current job. In other cases, they have started all sorts of sigh projects in businesses, but this list, or in particular now has a problem because so far so good, but now they have to go back to the office. So what happens with this secret side project? As I said, this listener is basically a proxy for a lot of people that I've heard from so recall, the episode going back to office puts a cramp in my side, us all life. What do I do that One question in my response: coming up after this shot out to our sponsor the holidays are coming up and if you are selling
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hi Chris. This is Dennis from Columbus to listen to the show for a couple of years, when the pandemic hit my workplace with remote at first it took everyone a few weeks to get used to a new style working. But after the dust settled, I realized. I had a lot of time. I still get as much done as I did before, and I just did ten fewer meeting without the extra time I started tutoring online and begin to build out some resources that can be purchased No one seemed to notice it my day job, for maybe there. all starting such projects to anyway I'm really excited about the tutoring, but now I have a problem for all going back to the office. don't have a any time in the evenings and weekends, so my new business exist only because I wasn't need is much my day. Job
is anyone else dealing with this unusual problem thanks, Dennis is not the only one dealing with this problem. It is What are you sure, but now it's happening more and more. So I guess therefore, not as unusual. Recently read a fascinating Wall Street Journal article about people who are working to full time jobs remotely. without either employer knowing about the other- and these are people who are professionals they make. They make a good income. They have a lot of responsibility but Joe, like dinner said they realized when they went remote, that a lot of their time was just spent in meetings still have on my meetings, of course, but they have a lot more free time and they actually weren't doing forty hours are productive work before so they found a way to essentially due to jobs and, of course, for as long as people have been employed. You know long long before the pandemic, people have had side projects in the back.
Majority of our case studies consist of people like that and in their navigating these situations of you know. Do I tell my boss about this to operate in secret. How do I find a way to fit everything in you know? Maybe it's Ivan Secret, just private right secret implies or something wrong, but if it's private- it's just you know your life right, like your boss, doesn't have to know everything about your life, but now the pandemic has been and accelerant. You know to all of that because you know, just like you hear indigenous a story in others. So many more people in the situation in the working remote thing just add some complexity in variables to it. So what can you do? Ok, it's hard to know exactly what initiatives and I dont know all the circumstances. What kind of work he does and so on
but regardless, it seems like the situation. You need to first decide on some priorities like how important is it to you to keep doing both your job and the sight o? So, let's assume, for the sake of this question, that it's pretty important. Ok, like you, can't quit your job now, but the idea of losing your second income and this whole thing even building up that doesn't sound right either. So maybe I'm missing something, but I think the options are. You know a come clean to your boss. You know, perhaps about mentioning that you were spending some work hours on this project before and just tell them like you want to keep doing both, and it's just so. You know I like. I want to continue to give everything I can to this role in this position at this company, but I'm also trying to figure this out and there might be some solutions that you can come to together. Maybe not, but that is an option or be. You know, modify how you work on the site. Hustle like this is pretty much that you have to adjust one Are you have to find a way to change things at your employer
You know assuming you're not able to keep working remotely, which would solve the problem at least mitigate at all You can modify you workin the site or so, and so I can't tell Dennis you know which one of those two better, but I would just note that workers in general to have a lot more power these days, like the employer, employee relationship in lots of different industries and lots of different environments, it has shifted a lot tom and a big party. That is because so many people have adjusted to working remotely And of the benefits that Africa is so what does that suggest to you and anybody else in that situation? Let me know what you are going. through and what you decide to do how it turns out. It really isn't interesting time that we are living in. Thank you so much for tuning in today. If you got a question about us what school dot com, questions. There is a new episode everyday subscriber follow. Where were you get your fight? That's funny let's go about your listening to cycle school
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