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#1765 - Nighttime Marathoner Has Bright Idea


Tired of wearing bulky safety gear while running at night, this competitive runner invents a better solution. 

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How are we deemed question from a listener in Canada? Today's episode is not spooky at all, but it's really call really really like the story. Plus you could be listening later rights if it's not helping well happy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or whatever data's. Let's talk about the story: every damn bringing you different side us will stories, tips, case, studies, questions and answers. All the mission of helping you make extra money without cutting your job or, in some cases, making enough money to quit your job. Ok, we got all kinds of folks out there doing really interesting things in today. Story: tired of wearing bulky safety here, while running at night, this competitive marathon, her invent a better solution and start up costs were just three thousand dollars, Now, as a runner, I really appreciate it a story in our interview with her the inventor that are meant to tell you about. She also mention that she struggles with depression from time to time,
which I do as well and once in a while. I talk about here on the pie guest, it's not our main focus, but just in case you anybody else out there with that struggle. I want you to know that you're not alone. So let's talk about the story, a story: her life, how she got the idea how she made it happen. All that is coming up in this action. Packed story right after this quick. Thank you, too, are sponsor. You might have heard the news about He colonial pipeline ransom. Where attack? Will these totter billing system was compromised by a single leaked? Password colonial Pipeline in pay four point: four million dollars and shut down the pipeline for days, which, of course, credit all sorts of secondary consequences, ransom. Where is a thing something to be concerned about? It can come for any company in any industry but small to medium sized businesses. get hurt the worst. Thankfully, our partner ignite is there to help learn more about How ignite can protect your business from ransom where or sea
ignited rated number one for data security by real customers in g to crowd start your free trial today and e g in Whitey e dot com. That's easy in whitey dot com! Alison teller is a competitive, Brunner. Three fifteen marathon, that's three hours and fifteen minutes also known as faster than me. She's often up before the summer, With their training partners, they all wear multiple pieces of equipment, headlamps safety, vests and red blinkers to light the path ahead of them. But all this gear is clunky heavy and a pain to wear doesn't always work, despite wearing all that gear Alison has been hit by cars twice while running to worry, since I'm telling you this story, she's, ok,
But one morning in the summer of twenty eighteen, the group was getting ready to run when Allison Sprint Christie was struggling with her Ellie Divest. It had become a tangled mass, so Christie finally just gave up in prostration through it on the ground and set all just run with all of you lighting the way Alison hated to see her friend a mother of three wearing all black in the middle of the night, without a single piece of gear to keep her lit up. Admittedly, she doesn't like wearing a bulky headlamp either, since it leads to all kinds of issues like headaches or neck issues, so indifferent running form. So this was her light bulb moment literally. Could there be a way to combine all these different pieces into one comfortable unit that wasn't such a pain to wear Alison, went home and ask her husband? If that concept would work and why should going home to ask her husband? Well, actually he's a rocket scientist? Ok, so it makes him since he's a rocket scientist Anna Straight shooter, so she knew he'd be honest with her. Fortunately, he like the idea of taking on a big challenge,
The first step was for Allison to draw her vision, which her husband in sketched on the computer. The couples a year and a half designing and building a prototype, they experimented with apps wattage lux in voltage. In fact, the work area and their basement looked like a NASA test centre. Next, they took it to a friend with authority printer and had him print the Light box inserted, LSD, tubes sold it to an old heart rate, monitor band, took photos and then began setting out to Manufacturers Ellison wanted your product in the? U S but didn't have much luck with domestic manufacturers, so she looked overseas and said they imported some samples from China and sent multiple versions of the light to testers. Ultimately, landing on two products in seeing their proof of concept. By now, they also had a name the infinity loop to launch it Alison made a few instagram posts on her personal page.
Hindsight she wishes she done. A more focused pre, launched campaign still when she made her first sale. Stick a screen shot of the notification and wept for joy. Then she shared a bottle of good champagne with a handful of friends who had helped bring the infinity loop to life they sold out and weak one in recoup their initial investment of three thousand dollars best of all was receiving orders from people Allison didn't now. Let's talk about some personal stuff, because we can do that here in the show Alison's date, is on the trading desk of an investment company, and she says it stressful, but also the sight of soul had given her a renewed sense of purpose and as someone who struggles with depression, she admits that she was scared to jump into a new project, but she's glad she did the infinity loop now averages around two thousand dollars and sales per week. The biggest contributor to growth has been word of mouth from them. Running community, and these relationships led to a big deal with it. Lee Triathlon team, who agreed to an annual team order several of those out
You have a large social media following which has also helped going forward. Allison is working on new packaging to encourage more influencers to post unboxing videos. They have a second infinity loop, its nearing per type completion and are also doing a limited edition infinity loop for dogwalkers. This unexpected market dogwalkers has turned into a huge customer base because they can keep their hands free to her. these without having to fumble around with a flashlight or phone, because Alison named her company peak performance that branding leave them open to launching other projects beyond the infinity loop. For example, she and her husband are also working to release and lsd dog, harness that a dog can't wiggle its way out of something that they ve experienced with their own pups. Although to say the path as well that in the future, is bright,
congratulations, Alison and Allison. Thank you for allowing us to share your story with our community listeners. If you wanna check out peak performance equipment, dot com, that's where you can learn more about the infinity loop and perhaps the dark harness other stuff. It's on the way, also just to highlight the fact that the start up costs are about three thousand dollars. You know, so that's more than one hundred dollars startup, but you know I'm sure it probably could have been a lot more like a lot of people go into this kind of thing. With all I got to invent a product, so I have to do all sorts of research the cost tens of thousands of dollars, maybe even more than that, but in this story out and her husband were able to keep costs low, creative physical product goes you everything you need to do to make that happen. figure out lots of stuff along the way and not spend a lot of money and, as you heard, they recruit that investment in the first week so well done.
I am also reading these notes here. Just on that topic of depression, which, as I said, is kind of aside, know it, but I like to highlight, because there could be somebody else out there with that Struggle Alison mentioned us that she started this idea. I kind of out of a dark place. She was in just went through some stuff and she ended up getting some help for that, but she was still kind of feeling. A bit So you know, spurred on by some friends, she decided to kick this idea into high gear, and now she has more competence. She feels we're about getting out of bed in the morning and eager to spend her free time working on this venture still holding down her day job. So I left I'll have everything about that, and I said I others listeners out there going through stuff, and you know not to say that aside, Silas was the answer to all your problems, But just gaining some autonomy and confidence in being able. So you know I made this thing can't help it can help. You know so obviously be without today. As always, inspiration is good for inspiration with action is better.
he'd like to see the show today's episode, including more linked to Allison's project. Anything else I mentioned in the episode just come to cytosol school dot com, one thousand seven hundred and sixty five one thousand seven hundred and sixty five x returning, and I hope you will subscribe or follow where we get your podcast and come back tomorrow My name is critical about. This is site hustle school. from the onward projects.
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