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#1775 - Q&A: Best platform to host an online course?


These days, there are many options to host your online course: Thinkific, Teachable, Kajabi, and others. Is there a clear winner? 

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The timber wall, select having Goran, never got Academy high school kid. No change He saw the future. I would ask those about to become does, but I would ask you always want to be challenged. Cabin for anything is possible Friday, seven central Showtime. Hey. What's up, everybody welcome friends, listeners, community, you're, amazing, your awesome! Thank you. Returning in today, my name is critical about. Her hostess, despite cast its been going from more than seven an hundred days every single day, seven days a week, because I want to support you on the front lines of the new economy. I should say the new new economy. At this point, we ve had multiple new
enemies, and today I'm an answer, a simple but important question: what is the best platform to host an online course throughout the archives? We have featured a lot of different online courses and educational programmes. That's because they are effective, they are profitable. I do believe everyone's an expert at something. There is something you can teach that's valuable to other people, so you need to understand the process of transferring your knowledge. What best way to do that? How do you work out the logistics? How do you handle the marketing and so on? And I've actually been working on a new online course myself recently, so I've done a bunch of research into this very question. What is the best platform to host now my course, I want to give you a clear recommendation, the detailed question from our listener- and my answer is coming up after this quick. Thank you too, are sponsor have you ever searched online for something you wouldn't necessary. want others to know about. Listen I'll, be real with you today. I've done that and if you're asking
there's. Well, I'm not gonna. Tell you because its private, that's the key point. Privacy and some people might think. Well, I get that, but why don't you just use incognito about what here's the thing not only does not hide your activity, it doesn't matter what Mojo use or how many times you clear your browser history, your internet service provider, can still see every single website you visited, and that's why I don't go online without using express Vps, protect you're on an activity today with the BP underrated number one by Cnet visit our exclusive link Express bbn, dotcom slashed side. I saw you can get an extra three months free on a one year package. That's e ex p r e s as GPS, dot, com, slash side, hustle rigorous rob from voicing afterwards. beside hustle school for a while. I'm ready, create an online course. You ve had a lot of jobs.
And stories about people who ve done that and I'm wondering of everything you ve heard weightings the best third party platform to host the course. I don't mean a company like. I need a city that sells courses, the other creatures, I mean the ones that like did let you host your own and keep all the money to comes in thanks and I'm looking forward to hearing from you rob what's up man. Thank you for the question. Just a couple of clarifying points, when Rob mentions, he doesn't mean a company like you dashi, so you, DAS, city, native live linked in learning skills. Are there many companies that have their own platform where they are actively selling third party courses? They have this big marketplace: you're, making a course you're selling into their audience
and what rob is talking about is a different kind of platform where you basically own, you know all of the content and you have control over every element of how the course is made and as broad mentioned, you keep the money. There might be some small processing fees you pay, but mostly you pay this platform a monthly fee for the use up their service. Okay, so pros and cons to everything, because in this case you know you're keeping all the money, you have much more control, but you don't have that built in audience. Therefore, to do your on marketing, provide the audience, and so on so I'll give you my. accommodation based on my own research and what I'm planning for myself, but I would say, first and foremost, the platform you choose is far from most important variable and your success and honestly there's a lot of great platforms Any other major ones will probably work. Just fine three I kind of narrowed it down to you for myself
I don't have any relationships with these companies a three hour, think ethic teachable and to job III. I have friends who use each of them. I think it's a lot like web hosting or your email newsletter platform like if you're already using something and you Yet there is really no need to change. Ok, because that one of them offer the same kind of features in such these days. Now? That said for me, I am using think ethic. So that's what I'm gonna use going forward. I really like the resources they have and how intuitive the course builder is. I also like you can dive into a lot of advance features if you want which, in my case I do, but you don't have to, and so that's what I wanna be using for. My upcoming course called think ethic, and I'll tell you about that course at some point, but for now I hope this answer helps rob and anybody else out there who is also busy creating lots of gray platforms out their pick. One and move forward focus on the content of this on your audience, how we can best served them, that is, the ticket to selling profitable courses.
Alright days for turning into day. If you ve got a question yourself side, us all schooled outcomes. Last questions we will Need a each of them throughout the year new episode every day. My name is crystal about. This is side us all school. From the onward projects.
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