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#1801 - Q&A: What if your drop-shipper drops out?


Drop-shipping can be a great business model *sometimes*, but when you aren’t handling inventory, you’re at the mercy of the company that does. How can this listener protect herself from an unresponsive third party? 

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I say a big thank you to our partner talks based today there trying to help people with mental health and when it comes to mental health, they're all kinds of things that tend to hold us back from getting help that myself like story going to therapy a few years ago, and I, I was like- why didn't I start this sooner? It has been so helpful to me. I'm probably lots of insight and, given me lots of tools and resources that I wouldn't have otherwise joined today and start moving forward. A single message just visit talk space tat. Come you two hundred hours off your first month with promo code, hustle, that's a hundred hours off. It talks based outcome, promo code, hustle,. Hey! What's up welcome to a brand new, we welcome as well to episode one hundred and wine, one thousand wine. We, still going strong, approximately eighteen hundred and one days since we started January and twenty seventeen so glad you're out there today have got a listener. Question about drop. Shipping, ok, dropped,
thing is the practice of having some other company send out the product you sell so take any orders, you send a ship, address to the drop ship company and they handle the physical Shepard and then some case it's a great weight and not deal with inventory or, housing or any of the supply chain, complexities that come with shipping. But of course there are also costs this and there's a boner ability if you're drop shipping company drops out or if your dropped shipping company drops the ball. Who do you think the customer is going to blame? I mean they ordered from you. They don't only thing about the other company, so today's listener is in a bit of a drop ship quandary. How can she best protect yourself with this boner ability? Thats we're gonna talk about question in my answer: I'm up after this quick sponsor message
First, this story and I've been following your projects for a couple of years, thanks for all the helpful advice, Yes, I'm learning above dropped shipping and have found avenger that south and ships, expensive, leather, wallets and belts. It seems like a good market to go into, even though there is a lot of competition. There are also a lot of buyers. My concern is that this companies and very responsive- I mean they respond to my emails slowly. If at all I often to ask two or three times to get a simple answer about something, and I'm worried that I could end up selling for them and then have problems with customers thought receiving the items. My customers would be mad at me, not the company, because on the
who sold it to them. So is there some way I can protect myself, and do you think it's concerning that's the drop shipping brand is so unresponsive. I'm looking forward to hear from you. Well, it's tricky, I mean. Sometimes people and companies are just not good at certain parts of their business so Tory, you know I might do. I think it's concerning that the drop shipping brandished so unresponsive. Well, concerning, but in others? cancel even though they aren't super communicative with her. They we still do a good job of customer shipments, that's absolutely possible, and sometimes that is how it is, but of course she has to consider the alternative as well. You know what, if this drop shipping company is dropping balls everywhere and also sooner, not selling balls because tat we get confusing. So first question is, is there any other company that could provide these products and if it's a particular brand of wallets and belts, maybe not
But if there is, it might be good to build another relationship. Otherwise Also just try it out and see how it goes. You know most like your business, isn't going to scale right away like you're gonna, be taking in Athens in order to my hour after having zero orders today. So you could just proceed and keep a close eye on it. You know and see how it goes with actual shepherds. It's definitely a bit of a risk, but like a risky right, I want to know for sure, is to see how that process works with real orders, and so whether you are willing to do that or not depends on your comfort level, but am concerned a little bit concerned. Is there some way you can protect yourself? what this is one of the vulnerabilities of drop shipping, so I think the main thing is just too attention, and you know if you have any proof arms at all, as you go through the actual process. Try to address them proactively, don't wait for the promised a compound them I you as soon as one thing goes wrong, try to address it What's going on
In the long term, if it continues to be a problem, then you may in fact have to diversify or just not well put that ran. So I was wondering: is there any other company that could provide those products? Are right? That's my quick response. was nurse if you have a question or comment of course come decided. School dot, com, slash questions. We will continue to feature them along with updates. Nurse ass. They launch and grow their projects. I am sure you want whatever you're up to where we are in the world and I hope you'll come back tomorrow. If you episode everyday, my name- is critical about listening to side us all school. From the onward project.
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