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#1804 - TBT: Mystery Trip Biz Doubles Down on Thrills


In this week’s “Throwback Thursday / Where are they now?” segment, we hear from Dave Green, the founder of Mystery Trip. His in-person event planning service has adjusted well to a hybrid world. 

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I say a big thank you to our partner talks based today there trying to help people with mental health and when it comes to mental health, they're all kinds of things that tend to hold us back from getting help that myself like story going to therapy a few years ago, and I. going out like. Why didn't I start this sooner and has been so helpful to me. I'm probably lots of insight and, given me lots of tools and resources that I wouldn't have otherwise, joined today and start moving forward. A single message just visit talk space tat. Come you two hundred hours off your first month with promo code hustle, that's a hundred hours off. It talks based outcome, promo code hustle. Better thanks for turning and today Monday, Miss Priscilla, Gower, so glad you're here listening to cite a school, the only podcast bring the daily stories of people in the trenches making extra money without putting their job for sometimes making so much money quit their job and go all in, but always doing
outgoing into debt and by using a scale they already have. That's our mission statement this segment today, Throwback Thursday, is where we take an in depth. Look at someone who story has evolved since we first speech that- and we ve been doing this pact a long time, eighteen hundred and four days in a row to be precise, so we got a lot of stuff in the archives. Now, last week we heard about sporadic mushroom forging company sporadic mushroom forging company that has just sprung up over the past couple of years. Well, it's actually really developed over the past couple years, but anyway, that was last week today in our latest feature, will hear from Dave Green, the founder of mystery trip. What's mystery trip is an event planning company does all sorts of cool stuff or work teams and other groups Some really big corporations, also a lot of small businesses and in the update they'll, tell you about one of these events that he did recently. That was really cool. You also hear how this largely in person event company was able to make some quick changes during the pandemic,
so let's turn it over to Dave, money. Is a dream. I am based in LOS Angeles, California, and on the founder and cheap mysterious off serve mystery trip, a leading team bonding event planning company mystery chirped started out as a summer party. For my friends, I was having a really good time posting these annual parties, and so I decided to turn it into a As I said in my email to everybody, I know- and I said hey you know what I do and I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word within a month I had my first client I was featured in Ellie weeklies, best of and a kind of took off from there.
We started working with global France and over the years I've had the extreme pleasure of taking teams from companies like AIR Bnp, chevrons, space sex, Facebook, Google, Keyser Netflix and we see talk about the Lloyd and hundreds more on MRS Chirps throughout the United States. What's happened since the last time you reach me on the show this little thing called covered,
pandemic really greatly. Impact did not only the way mystery. Chirps themselves are handled, but also our clients needs to ensure that their team bond were still strong. During this time we started often virtual experiences prior to covered, although our main product was in person, experiences which included everything from scavenger on supplementary classes, behind the scenes tours flash mobs, music videos and things bad nature, but when shelter in place happened in everything shut down, we were unable to provide in person experience. We double down on the virtual offerings, created completely unique games for clients. Looking to inject some levity and connect deafness of into their teams. Work lives we started out with trivia and from their weak slowly introduce family feuds categories, scavenger, HANS and Game of games,
the collection of many games to mix, and I'm really excited show that were officially launching newest game minute to win it next week, which is a hybrid game where gas or ship them mystery box, and I use the items received in that box to play the game debated test? Is we should turn a positive feedback? I see as being a very popular experience for clients in the upcoming holiday season and beyond one almost memorable trip that I've done for sure is for an. national group that came in to LOS Angeles, they were all Youtube employs and we wanted to create an international experience them. So we, Come to the studio where we are, the world was originally recorded, and we created the music video in that studio with everybody singing a different part, truly an amazing experience and I've got the video to show it.
the advice I give somebody who is looking to follow. My footsteps is be prepared for change, expected plan for the unexpected, the open and be willing to change. I certainly never thought that virtual and hybrid events will be a main part of my arsenal, but now I'm forecasting to be about fifty percent of mystery trips revenue for at least the next few years, and it all times you have to keep your head held high and every situation. The best course of action is always to remain true to yourself and go after work. That in as you in that you love, and that makes you happy because we do that. You're gonna bring it's gonna bring out who we really are in your work, life and bridge a personal with the professional, and that's really where the heart is. That's what will lift you above the competition and provide you with a certain sort of laser focus, vision and generate novel ideas? They don't just drive revenue, which is important goal. Of course, but also help to be a person on a mission to make a pause.
Lasting impact on the community's. You touch three work were really excited about our new hybrid offers and were equally overjoyed to be offered in person mystery trips. Again the last few months we have had the pleasure of hosting trips in L, a New York Bus, Vegas and elsewhere for leading brands, and it's great to see our wines. The person is a question for you. How did you choose which internet service provider to use the sad thing is most of us have very little choice. I s peace tend to be like monopolies, there's just not a ton of them out there, at least in any specific area, and worst of all, I s peace.
your internet activity and sell that data to big tech companies or advertisers. So what can we do about this? What you can use a gps and in fact you can use our partner express ppm. I've been using it myself. I encourage you to stop handing over your personal data to I S, peas and other tech giants who mine your activity and sell off your information visit Express Bbn, dotcom, slash site us all. That's e ex p r e s s bp in dotcom, slash side hustle to get three extra months go to Express gps dot com site us all right now to learn more while you heard it best from Dave, he said, expect and plan for the unemployed It, which is something I think we have all learned in the past couple years his case, you know he never thought Virtual hybrid events would be a main part of the arsenal, but now it's fifty percent of its revenue so very call to see high suggested check out dames website mystery trip, dot, seo mystery trip, DOT. Co. Let me know Think and who you'd like to see feature from our archives of well over a thousand stories. You got a question for us just hopping
cider score, that complex questions, follow me on social media, always enjoy here. What you're working on what you're up to what's going well in what you're challenges are hope, you'll subscriber followed and come back tomorrow new episode, everyday money, Miss Priscilla Gower. This is cited in school. From the onward projects.
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