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#1808 - Q&A: Am I better at working for others than myself?


Today’s listener thinks she is better at working for others and is worried about whether she’s cut out for starting a side business. Is this just a matter of self-confidence?

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All right all right, welcome to cytosol school money. Name is crystal thanks for coming in today and welcome as well to a brand new, weak and new. We on the pipes a new, weaken life. I've got an interesting listener question for you today,. now I bet allow people going relate to this, because learning to work for years is a skill. It's not innate it's kind of like remote work. you know in the sense that, if you have only had a job you go to and then because of a global pandemic, Some other reason you start working from home learning to work mostly requires some adjustment, and I think we ve seen a lot of people over the past couple years. You know learned to make those adjustments and sometimes adapt to it right away, but some, the struggle of it- and the same is true with working for yourself, as opposed to working for a boss and with a team still a bit of a different process. So that brings me to today's question. Today's listener thinks she is better at working for others and is worried about whether she
cut out restarting aside business, so is this systematic of self confidence or is there more to it? Let's talk about it. Better working for others than myself, that's our question coming up in just a moment: if you sell anything online, I don't need to tell you that shipping is super. Frustrating there's somebody carriers, a ton of factors that go into figuring out the best rate for each order, and now, of course, you ve got the added holiday stress. Well, our partnership station. Thank you. Ship station can help they work with all major carriers. They get you the best discounted rates and you can either import orders from every sales channel, make us holiday season. The little brighter a ship station use offer code hustled to get a sixty day, pretrial just enough time to handle the holiday rush. Gotta ship station dot, com, click on the microphone at the top and Inter Code Hustle ship station make ship happened
Progress Chelsea from Denmark and I've been listening to the show for a couple of years. I like the idea of starting a business, but I worry that it will be hit his head. I don't mean the technical or operational aspects I just need some of the organization and strategy. Long story short, I think I'm better at working for others than I am at working for myself. I appreciate the accountability of a team and a boss who gives me direction that guy said, though, I see. the idea of having a business, and I understand how important it is to diversify my income. Do you have the advice or someone like me. What a great question, thank you so much Chelsea, I'm sure, you're speaking for a lot of listeners out there so short answer.
my advice? Is don't ever think it? You know. Just remember: you're not quitting your job tomorrow and becoming a full time business owner you not to make this huge decision. You know you're learning to diversify your income, as you said, and so the whole goal is to experiment in a low risk. No pressure way. I bet a lot of our Allister's would say I also like the accountability of a team and a boss. You know who gives me direction, but you know Many of our listeners are also successful and running aside business, even if they feel that way, because assisted different experience, different process some and can be really fun. We haven't done it before and I would encourage you to kind of step into it without you know, over thinking you aren't! You might be surprised to find that you are better at the organization and strategy that you think, or you might just fine- you improve over time. You know like most people do so. I would not let this initial impression holds you back from moving forward with an idea go forth with confidence, not least the
thence to explore further. Let us know how goes Chelsea listeners just reminded that there is Something you can do is a project for everyone. I really do believe that everyone can find a way to create a new source of income with putting their job, therefore providing themselves with more options. That's what it's all about economic security, freedom. You know the chance to make something for yourself and that's why I make this pact s bore you every day, so thank you pertaining in sight of souls. Go back ask questions if you have something to contribute, and otherwise I hope, you're doing well taking care of yourself during this holiday season, and you know I'll be back tomorrow. New episode coming up, my name is crystal about. This is side hustle school.
From the onward projects.
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