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#1845 - Q&A: How do songs get licensed for background music?


An independent musician seeks advice on skipping out on Spotify. Royalties for most artists are dismal on streaming services—is corporate licensing for background music a better option? 

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they were gonna hear from an independent musician who seeks advice skipping out on Spotify, a fight it the listener, in terms of being a recording artists, royalties. What artists are dismal on streaming services like Spotify, or at least you know, that's a big debate, but let's focus on the topic at hand. Here is corporate licensing for background music, a better option? Okay! Is it better than trying lots of streams on a platform like Spotify, and the short version is yes at least on a direct comparative basis, and what I mean is that if you can get your music licence with the right agency and if a business chooses to use, it actually does use it frequently as store background music. or hold music. When you call- and you know, you're waiting on hold for an hour, then you'll deafened,
a lot more money than you would for the same number of people listening on Spotify, however, those are alot of conditions that need to be met. Okay, so I want to suggest it's easy. Let's look at some more details in this episode coming up after this quick shut out to our sponsor sport, for today's podcast comes from wigs e commerce, the industry leading e commerce platform with robust custom. the ball future ready solutions when you're looking to launch run in scale, your online store, Wicks E Commerce has got you covered from that customizable storefront marketing and management systems, even a full stacked development tool. Wicks e commerce has all you need good, awakes, dot com, slash e commerce today and you'll join over seven hundred thousand active stores selling worldwide
Chris is Blake, and I just recently found your show through Spotify, speaking of which I'm an independent musician and I've been learning about uploading, my songs to Spotify another platforms. As so far, I've got five of them up and while it's cool to see them there, no one is So I'm not running any royalties to make money on Spotify. You need a lot of streams and I'm not sure that's gonna happen at times. However, I do have another idea which is store, background music. You know some grocery stores, earth, home improvement stores, really any kind of retail locations, a music that plays overhead, sometimes its top forty tunes, but often its instrumental tracks or other
they have somehow license. I feel like this is a much more lucrative opportunity than Spotify for me and my music perfect for playing overhead while choppers roused the aisles. So how can I get my big rake thanks for any help didn't give? You are a great idea: pixel, I think, ring out there and we ve had at least one story about this somewhere in the archives. You can always search eighteen hundred episodes completely free, Sawdust Moscow, dot com. You can search for it attack. You can search for a word. It's been using the title you can often find you know some exam of what you might be wondering about in this case. Like it's absolutely true that licensing your music commercially Having it played in stores or as corporate hold, music can end up paying more than the average Spotify stream
But, as I said earlier, I it's it's not necessarily easy to enter. The market was Spotify, you can just go through a registration process and upload your music, pretty simple debating. There is like how are you going to attract listeners and fans for the store background music idea? You typically need to work with an agency that specializes in that so do some searching. I looked around a little bit. One option is Harry Fox. that come, formerly known as rumble fish, but there are also many others, so some of them have a submission process on their site brothers. You money, look around a little bit, maybe email, someone or reach out on Linkedin and, of course, be aware that music is naturally, you know a much better fit for this kind of usage like if you have a punk banned. It might not get a lot of interest from grocery stores. Although it might write anything is possible. A punk grocery store also a Pike s recommendation. I just heard this story recently that was so cool. Just really interesting. It's about Cisco hold music, which has been listened to millions and millions of times. That would be the company, Cisco Depart gases,
on this american life, if you search this american life stuck in the middle, or even this american life, Cisco hold music here. That story that I heard the other day. While I was running so as said that's been listened to millions and millions of times, though, unfortunately not particular case. The musician didn't receive royalties so hopefully per hour. Are there also gonna be listened to millions of times and get paid? That's the goal, that's it for today, listeners. If you have a question something you're wondering about an idea, you have sided source code outcomes. Last questions will continue to feature of them throughout the year new episode every single day you subscribe stream come back tomorrow. Mohammed Hell about this is side us all school. from the onward projects.
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