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#210 -Saxophonist Hustles His Way to Back Injury Recovery


When a chronic back injury sidelines an Australian IT professional, he pulls out his saxophone and establishes three new sources of income. 

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Hello and welcome back once again to side us all school on critical about. I have the private, of being your host entail stories every day about people who start income generating projects a SEC. Income, a third income, whatever it is all without putting their day job, doing something to create where freedom for themselves, often through some creator, outlet that has nothing to do with what they do for their day job. Story certainly fits that bill, but the way we receive The story was unconventional. First, I, explain where aside us or school stories, come from a lot of them now come from this community. People who Listening and working on their side us all, we ve got a bunch that research in recent months have people who started since January after making progress on their projects, which is awesome It reminds me we are looking for stories places to me. I would love to feature you or somebody. You know and the show If you go to satisfy school dotcom, slash about he said
the bottom there's a little link that says, submit aside hustle story, you'll, never guess happens when you click that link. You can in fact emit aside US story dimension, Today's is a bit unconventional because the person who speak not only send us a ton of info which has great indefinite makes it easier on our side. Would he actually went above and beyond and wrote the first draft of his script himself, never seen that before my city Whitney go through all the submissions and she emailed me and you'll. Never guess we got today. Somebody wrote his own story for the show, and I said well any good- and she said yes, Roy, check it out. So I did and made some small at, but for the most part this is historic, has written. About an injured Australian who hustles his way to recovery and that stories come and right up. Support for this Pont cast comes from progressive saving money on your car insurance is easy with progressive. It's an average savings of seven hundred ninety six dollars for customers who switch and save. In fact, customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy, with programmes
save including discounts just for starting a quota, mine or owning multiple vehicles, get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen discounts very and are not available in all states, and situations In July, twenty fifteen Matthew Harding it forty something husband self confessed, embarrassing, dad too teenage daughters. I t professional and musician from Melbourne. Australia hurt his back there, a twenty sixteen. He did it again, but this time went down for the count. Spinning a large proportion of the first half of twenty sixteen lying on the floor being unable to move and wondering how long his sickly payments would last Matthew had plenty of time. To consider his family's financial future and it felt discomforting the discomfort he felt was caused not only by his lower back injury but
so by the realisation that is, payments would likely run out before he fully improved Matthew, Adele an online world of sight us think for several years. But aside from learning opportunities, you didn't have a lot to show for it September twenty sixteen he had managed to regain some former verticality and return to work part time, but realisation that he was rely on his full time job and I t in the financial sector produced, really continue to hunt him. So in October, Matthew may conscious decision to up the Annie. He does he would go out of his way to investigate, learn and take action with his whole site or something then, in early January Matthew, discovered side a school now averted try to invent a forward facing time machine so that he could get him episode of the pot cast a day early and even lead in Australia across the international dateline. This idea, still, we have to be challenging so Matthew took the next logical step and he picked up his saxophone Matthew has been playing the sacks in bands across Melbourne for more than thirty years and when he heard episode twenty free of cider school, where guitarist put up in
craigslist and began teaching guitar. He had an idea, nobbing but a play the guitar himself. Now he decided that the next best thing was to offer saxophone lessons to students and the local area more than two and a half decades ago, he done this at university, but not since then in an episode of the package, the Qatar teacher who has featured ended making a much higher wage than all the other guitar teachers in the area, because he put a expand on his offering in that He built his lessons as the most awesome guitar lessons in the universe and there more to it, but that was the headline in so Matthew I should make my sex my lessons, fine for some unknown reason most sacks lessons- are tedious and boring. Students learn scales, songs from boring, music books, more scales, little black circles, horizontal lines on sheet music and then, when the damage that they get to practice more scales, so Matthew put his offer of helping students play whatever kind of music they wanted to play any style. With any volume up to and including eleven as playing by ear and improvising. He makes him back
tracks on his Ipad, using garage band and with a common in a word of mouth plus, the local suburbs, music teachers online Directory Matthew soon had it first student, his second, his third and his forth. Ranging an age from nine to fifty nine began to come out of the woodwork or perhaps the wood winds. Since he began, This has grown to a nice little side. Hustle of about five hundred dollars a month so far, but Matthew didn't stop there you notice that, while the musical needs of a nine year old, who is replied an instrument before differ from a fifty nine year old, who play music back in high school, still certain similarities as a result. Matthews going planning and foaming an online course, a beginner saxophone lessons with the same this on fine as one on one lessons two more psychosocial episode has further inspired Matthew and by the way he wrote that part not me, episode a hundred seventy five, the one where a lawyer uploads is music to stock music sites. Matthew, remember that, before he heard his back the first time he had done a similar thing. The angle
pain over eighteen months. It made him forget that he'd upload some songs, composed unrecorded just like a lawyer episode, Now that he remembered he log back into his account for the first time in eighteen months was pleased to discover. You been earning a consistent twenty dollars to fifty dollars a month over that time period. Doing anything at all, for it naturally in the coming months. He plans to compose record and upload a few more, but wait, there's more continuing sacks upon theme, Matthew, then recalled cited school episode, seventy three, which was about print undermanned, tee shirts, so at zero cost other than a bit of time. Matthew. About putting a few saxophone theme: T shirt designs on the online crowd source, t shirt platform T spring a guy To his surprise, a few sales were made pretty easily. This led to the past, have a domain name, saxophone, tee shirts, dot com for twelve dollars and a simple website that cost six dollars a month. Matthew was also discussed this print. Undermanned t shirt concept is largely a numbers game. The more designs he has, the better. The chances of making assail he's also apply to
March by Amazon to get another foot in a t, shirt door and a link up teaspoon my Amazon. All these resources on the show page, None of these three saxophone site ourselves have resulted in massive passive megabucks, at least not yet. However, they ve Matthews eyes to the possibilities of what's hottest Lincoln, due from both monetary and enjoyment perspective. He says our lie by when a saxophone is involved. All I have to say congratulations and I can't wait. Directly. Another script well as mentioned. I love the creative submission process, probably about Eighty percent of what I just told you came straight from Matthew and this me. As I said at the top of the show, we are looking for. We're stories would love to people more people on the show for that is social school dotcom. Slash about you scroll to the bottom and submit aside also story aside for a creative submission process not destroy also really illustrates the side US process in general. It's all about creative experimentation levies.
Able to make five hundred dollars a month with the lessons he's thinking about me Of course, these experimenting with a t, shirt designs. And maybe one of these things will take off more than the other, and so every time you choose to focus on it once great things about having a site I saw you can kind of you're telling the waters and trial of different things without taking much risk you're doing that to have your experimenting, but there's a few things: you're thinking about and working towards, or at least one, today, not including links to all those different things I mentioned, are etc. Costco dot. Dotcom slash to ten. As always, Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. If you have a comment- question for the show if you want to write your own scrapped, like Matthew, a call on a hustle hotline for four nine hustle or record a quick little voice net with your phone and email to pack. Etc. So sport dot, I'm Christine
you are a rockstar and I hope to see you tomorrow.
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