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#22: 17-Year Old Canadian Makes $7,000 From a Holiday Pop-Up Shop


How a high-school student started a holiday pop-up shop at a mall and made more than $7,000 in profit in a month.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Hello, what's up! Welcome back! This is side, hustle school I'm your host Chris about and we are going into weak number for starting out episode, twenty two and from what I can tell so far. And all the emails I've been getting as well as lots in no time social media. We have a very diverse, set of people listening to the shop and that's great because, as I put this together over the past six months, I knew I wasn't interested in pursuing are targeting a particular demographic, so to me, and decide our in general. It doesn't matter, Oh, you are what your background where you live, how much higher education you have ten, especially when it comes to putting your hustle together. None of those traditional demographics are prerequisites or barriers to entry. So if you do have a college degree or an advanced agree, that's great! It's not irrelevant at all. It's just not required! Nor really cares about formal qualifications in the world of hustling. So if you think about the stories you ve heard so far,
you can see how this fact shines through the last week, I told you about Trevor the government analysed who started a recycling hustle that has now multiple six figures. I assume Trevor has a college degree, but I don't really know it doesn't really matter is not relevant to the story to the hustle. The project is put together now earning a lot of money. So those things aren't super important by good hustling does require resourcefulness requires the willingness to think differently and then to act on that to experiment, and so, when I set out to think about you, my idea listener. I didn't think about traditional demographics at all. I thought about this shared value that we have of of wanting to create more freedom and opportunity in your life. Even in the midst, everything else that super busy. Even in the midst of all the other commitments, you haven't obligations. Everything that you learn is constructed without value in mind, value that desire of creating more freedom, not toy like today, story, which is all about how a high school student started.
When a pop up shop at a mall and made more than seven thousand dollars. Support for this podcast comes from Goldman Sachs through law with G S. A five hundred million dollar investment strategy grounded in the belief that teams with diverse leadership, DR stronger returns, Goldman Sachs remains committed to facilitating connections and increasing access to capital for women. Black lucky necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more at GS. Dot com slush launch with she S. Brother faith lives in Victoria Canada her day job as a high school student. Now, as many of us can recall, being in high school poor, being a teenager in general can be emotionally difficult, even if you have it harmony, good family, you dont lack for anything you're, so going through a lot of changes and preparing for adultery
Brianna had never won a lot of make up, partly because she felt shy and uncomfortable attracting attention to herself when she was sixteen, She noticed that when she started wearing red lipstick, she could slow work her way up to other colors. Eventually she graduated neon blue and from there, she realized Noah really cared what she was wearing. There wasn't a lot of judgment or anything negative and she felt like she could finally be herself we're gonna had been interested in entrepreneurship, sense and even younger age. So this observation about bright and bold lipstick colors led her to a mission. She wants other people to feel confident and choose bold cosmetics and not be afraid to show their passion last fall. The holiday season was coming around and her initial idea was to create a wholesale business, but then a mentor of hers who had a bit more experience. Showed her how the world of consignment worked and that's when she realized she wouldn't have to wait until she was older, had been to college shouldn't, have to raise a lot of money. She can actually begin except
meeting with real world sales almost immediately started asking around and through another business friend, she was able to a small unoccupied retail space in downtown Victoria for a whole month where she could operate a popup store, since she was selling cosmetics and other items on consignment and the space was free. Her car were extremely low, she spent about two hundred dollars on a small amount of decor, some stationary and signage. Then she got her friends to help she built a super quick website using word press. She signed up for a square accounts that she could have appointed. EL system. She was literally up and running within about ten days at first learning about that space and she stayed there. Single day during the holiday month. It was open and thanks a lot top anger that season by the end of the month she had cleared a profit of more than seven thousand dollars, two thousand dollars of which she donated to charity. They are probably not surprised to hear that enterprising Rihanna is planning to develop her own product line next and sell it both
online and in shops. Her long term dream is to have her cosmetic since a fora, and I for one one We surprise in the least when she makes that happen. Ok like we ve seen with a lot of our stories. Brianna success begins from recognising that something she wanted was something that other people might want to. She had that vision. And instead of just recognising or noticing that she took action on it, and having a tremendous first hustle experience in opening that pop up shop. And also- and this is kind of what I want to highlight here and focus on. She worked really hard, and I ask you You are there every single day like how long how that work, and she said basically, I was there. All day every day, except one day in the whole month from seven in the morning until eight o clock in the evening and When I got home, I answered emails on my computer. I got ready for the next day. I went to bed around midnight, not remove.
Brown eyes, a high school student. This was her holiday break. So this kind of schedule is they not sustainable in the long term working all day every day from morning to night, but that's ok, It was a holiday pop up shop, which is by nature only open for the limited amount of time- and it was also a major opportunity for banana and she was thrilled to do it. So she didn't back down neck. She said, I'm gonna! Do it. I'm going do everything I can to make it succeed. So I love that kind of work. Ethic, when I think about side, hustling Pineau, it's it's not about doing something that has always super easy, starting a hustle- is about investing in yourself. It's about There might be some sacrifice involved in this process. I might actually have to get up earlier stay up late, not every day like Brianna did during that month, but for a time- and I think that's totally- ok, And I think, if you believe in that, that's that's, what's gonna go to your success, so a lot of talk about inside us for school is how to start
hustle in a limited amount of time, not a full day of working. You know every day, for a month morning to night no you're busy with all kinds of other stuff, but sometimes it's also great to go all in for an opportunity. Whenever one presents itself like we heard here, you might just find yourself with a holiday pop up shop and seven thousand dollar profit and of course it may not happen exactly like that for you, If you listen to these stories, you begin applying them to your own hustle. You see results, overtime, member inspiration is good, but inspiration combined action is so much better if you'd like to say hi just had put aside hustle school dot com, they use the hat excited school to, say, hi in social media. Every data is original we show now it's about the lesson on that website, you can also get a free five step. Hustler course Lord about some other workshops that I'm planning across the. U S and Canada on critical about this is, school and I'll, see you tomorrow and other action packed them.
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