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#224 - German Family Makes Money from Memorable Mementos


A German couple create a personalized jewelry shop taking the fleeting memories of childhood and turning them into gorgeous memories that last forever. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Oh, hey, they're welcome! This has taught us a school, I'm critical about. You know. I never know what to say good morning good afternoon good evening, because with the format of the show, of course, you can Listen whenever you want. So what I'm a day. It is for you, while I hope it's good and by way of introduction to day story. Let's go back to the vision of the show like How do I make a school every day, but I wanted to be fine. I want to be enjoyable, but shocker Every site also story contains a lesson, and I try to be somewhat purposeful about this. It may not always get it right back most part. There is definitely something you can take away, even if you haven't interest in the story itself even You dont want to start a crowd funding campaign, even if you don't want to bring back schools from Bali, like I store you heard the other day or sell monogram scarves or paleo bars to other things. We feature this week. The whole is to teach their storytelling so, for example, into day story
here about a german couple who started aside hustle after coming back from vacation. Not entirely, unlike that Bali Skull story. I told you a couple days ago and I talk about their process. And what happened, but within a story there at least a couple of key points that I want to highlight in particular today story this question of, but one of my idea is taken. Comes up and you know I hear this question all the time I hear it, and even here in the side of course, go workshops Doing research for the sight of a book was one of the most common things I heard from people, and I think we have this fear like, oh no, someone else is already doing this, like I had this idea to do something, but then I went to Google and I typed in my phrase or my idea. I wasn't it. You thought of it. Well, that may not be a bad thing just because you're, not the first person to think of something doesn't mean it can't be successful doesn't mean you can't, but your own spent on it. It doesn't mean it. You discard that idea so the stories, but take something with you for the rest, your day as you plan work on your project. That is all Michael? I can assure you
encourage you, but also provide you something helpful impractical. And that's your coming right up in just a moment Stephan Bow Shine and in his family were on vacation in Denmark, taking a stroll along the beach along the way they decided to stop and show their two year old son how to make hand and footprints in the sand. Then they watched the waves rolled across the shore and wash them away again for doing it. Take your times. Steffens wife turned him and said boy, there was a way to make these little prince last Surely enough, this gave him a great idea for a site. Hustled apart and even the vacation Stephan and his wife two scouring the internet to see what options there were four people to preserve these wonderful memories to their dismay. They found out this, wasn't an entirely new idea. There are plenty of businesses offering fury and other options.
This is where many side hustlers would turn away and look for a new idea with less competition, but not the bow. Shine ends up closer inspection. He found a products on offer, didn't look that great they weren't clean, or precise, which was a jury, worst nightmare, and it wasn't me he'd ever where or gift to someone else. Stephanie he could make it better and he made that the sole focus of his sight hustle. He wanted to cry, natural looking jury, with clean lines where it really looked like the child had pressed hand into them all and had it set no matter the size, this idea would lead to the tagline memories made manageable and back when you finish school. Had been trained as a metal worker and he spent months trying to perfect a technique though he hadn't use it in a long time. He remembered To alarm, to treat the metal correctly and use other tools to make process easier and finally on eighteen months after the vacation in Denmark, he found a way to make the jury. Look exactly like you wanted using a mix of three prince metal. King and countless numbers of his sons footprints. He found a system that he could replicate time. And time Again- and this meant the new
Emily Side, hustle foyer was ready to go, live to the world. Steffens wife Katya created the first company website using some self taught html skills to put everything together. She added frequently asked questions assails page some background in from and anything else. You could think that a customer might want to know within a few weeks a minute get there first sale through a process. They both found a little comical. They want their pretence customers to feel like they were a big company and not us our family side hustle they spent the entire. I'm trying to make their business sound is professional as possible. All while hiding the fact. Were overwhelmed by the idea that someone would actually want to buy from them. Thankfully, there able to overcome this overwhelm they jumped round circles when they got that first international sail to a woman in Hong Kong and this project first started in twenty eleven and over the next five years via would continue to grow step and was able to turn aside hustle into his full time. Work which he says, allows him to pay more than his fair share of the household income and caught yes, but a lot of time running back into the business and updating the company website to make it look just right,
over time. The system for the online shop has also become more sophisticated. They switched over to word press on the back into the site and the use of e commerce to make online sales at last, they added a configuring and to the site where customers completely designer customized their own jewelry from start to finish imperils that come with running a business with your significant other Stephanie Katya have established a rule, no no stirring meal times There is also some natural friction that comes about when there's a lot of orders coming in, but because it aside, sought. Mutual interest is not usually any arguing about working late or using time on the weekend, and when the boughs get feeble from their customers- it's all worth it- they tend to get repeat business from we have new children or get a new path as well as re orders at the old prince extort. It feels as though the work doing really matters to people going forward. The plan for fire is to look at the technical aspects of the business The other can continue to improve their recently said, a new workspace. They want to experiment with new materials,
finalize a new line of jewelry. This memorable side. Hustle won't be forgotten anytime, soon awesome. So let's go back to that question. What if your idea is taken? Think well, first person ever do something like this: you go online. Looking like. Actually I'm not, we might where I'm going with us. The answer is: it's probably okay. If somebody else is already doing nothing, in fact, that's gonna normal The the answer is usually define your own unique twist on it or, like I think I may The other day. You just need to do something better or different, and not every aspect of what you do have to be better different, but you want to look for some key factor, and by the way, I'm not saying you she completely copy someone else's idea. I'm talking These situations where you haven't idea, like always anybody else doing this, but there may be in situations where ideas in projects Hustles and businesses are kind of market specific. Like the way the Bausch Islands have set up this project there actually selling internationally, which is really smart
but if they are only doing this in Germany, for example, you might be living in New Zealand, and you hear about this idea, and you have this- the scale and you like this concept, or maybe you set it up there, he's just because somebody is doing something similar to what you have in mind can actually be a good thing, because it showing people have a demand for that service or that product. Presumably, these people wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't working for them in some fashion. So just keep that in mind. Forward everyday new story every day. A new lesson, Michael, is for you to be in fired and take action, which conveniently relates to the tag line of sight. Us school inspiration is good, but in spirit, combined with action. So much better today show our citizens school dotcom, slash two to four: still on the run this week myself, but continuing to record episodes every day. Of course, I do this for you, hope it helps off tell somebody about If it is I'm Christianity
recital so small.
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