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#25: Pottery Barn Commissions Art From Independent Photographer


How an independent photographer explored several different options for selling her art, and ended up creating a hustle that brings in a third of her total income.

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Hey there what's up, welcome back. This is side us all school, I'm your host, Chris Gulliver, and since I started the show twenty five days ago, I've heard from a number of and they ask if I'll be featuring more stories of other artists that have created hustle. With their art otherwise found ways to make money doing something they love well. The short version of that answer is yes, in fact, if you go back to episode, fifteen you'll hear the story of Julia Kelly, the caricature artist, who ended up making tuner fifty dollars an hour and more than a hundred thousand dollars a year, by pioneering a new medium while today, story is about an independent photographer who explored several different options for selling her art and ended up creating a hustle that now brings in at least a third of our time income and their several other artist features coming up as well, so be sure subscribed in Itunes or its side of school dot, com and I'll. Tell you that photograph
success story in just a moment ANA Ramirez from San Diego, had worked in marketing. For most of her career one day without much warning the company, she was working for restructured and she was downsized. Looking back, she actually cause that a blessing in disguise, mostly because around that same time, Her mother became terminally ill and I was able to spend most of our moms remaining time by her side and during that time, a lot of extended conversations about all kinds of things and in one of those conversations her mother made a suggestion. Why don't you try selling your art on his mom. It's all items on at sea. Few years earlier and which he wasn't working. The data and marketing.
Honor was a talented photographer. She'd seen stock photo sites where businesses went to purchase images for commercial projects. Most of those bigger sites work with lots of independent photographers who uploaded batches of images for approval Mustang. She also found websites that would allow her images to be printed and shipped to customers, with the revenue being split in some fashion between the artist and a company that provides the platform for all that she decided to experiment with both ideas and I'll talk about stock photo sites in a separate episode, because for her the platform to let her sell her art that would hang in real people come wasn't much better fit than those stock photo sites. She loved her art was featured in homes all over the country and increasingly around the world. In fact, one day she got an email from someone who claim to work for pottery barn. They wanted to start in future, her images and at first she thought it was a joke- are some kind of scam, but it was real.
And pottery buying licence several ever prince and began selling them in stores and on line between these various projects. Honest hustle, now said about a third of our total income she's back to working in marketing to pay the rest of her bills. But her long term goal is to flip that equation set the hustle brings in at least two thirds of what she needs to live on. There are several benefits to the way on tells her work. First, she doesn't spend on amatory because all of the sails of the prince are printed after their ordered. This means now to predict what will sell and that's a great thing, because it keeps her focused on creating good work rather than work that may or may not sell. Second, her work and at any time of day and to anywhere in the world, and she doesn't have to worry about ship returns, communication or anything else it all. Regarding fulfilment related to that Anyone who is interested in buying her photos can do so
Then, as they want and not have to wait to hear back from honour- and they have lots of purchasing choices forth on a can choose how she spends her time, which is no small benefit, she can stay home with her dog as much as you want She can work from anywhere. She can focus on the hustle for a while and then take a break. So it's a really great situation, but to be fair, there. Though, a few downsides to this model, I want to make Are you understand? We are starting a hustle there's, probably some benefits and there's probably some obstacles are some challenges as well so and honest case, one of the main downsize is in selling through a third hardy. It means she doesn't get any information on how buyers found her and related to that. She can't collect email, addresses or otherwise keep in touch with buyers, which is, of course, a major doubts most artists in the long term are going to be more successful if their building a base of collectors and patrons of people who can I support them over time.
And that's hard to do when you don't actually have access to those peoples. Contact information. Also, these third party sites are ruled by algorithms which affect how often her work is name. So she has to be the one to bring traffic to it, and if she doesn't, she may be successful, but she made because it's entirely out of her control. If the site changes, the algorithm well end. All the sales of that site or platform brings on its own, A few downsides to be aware of, but overall it's a successful, her time. That's that allows do to make art and to make money from making art diversifying to a few different platforms. She has the potential to increase her income and also protect herself from changes on those platforms. As I said, if the algorithm changes you might not be able to sell as much on any particular platform. So that's why she's diversified and listed on several different sites and, lastly, I just
reinforced something that honest said for her. This work isn't just about money. It's also about freedom is also about artistic benefit. Being able make something to create something that she loves and not just to create a witch. Great on its own, but she also gets paid for it and appreciated, for it perfect If he's hanging in people's living rooms all over the country and obviously that's something- that's very important target or at least a lot of artists, there's more than one way to make art. But you can be both paid and appreciated, for it would not be the best of both worlds. So that's what she's been able to create for herself with his hustle and if you're an artist, it may not happen exactly like that. For you, your story is unique, but if, Listen to these stories begin applying them to your own house. You will see reason it's over time. Rubber inspiration is good, but inspiration combined action is so much better everyday ensemble school dot com, there is original
the show notes about the lesson I could go there today. You can see. Links to some of the platform that I talked about today is episode. Twenty five, you just go to sign: ASL school dot, com, twenty five! You can find it all right there. It's all freight on crystal about this is how I feel school I'll see you tomorrow with another episode.
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