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#252 - Managerial Accountant Earns $1,000/Month Hosting Poetry Slams


The road to riches may not be paved with poetry, but this Dubai accountant earns a healthy side income teaching workshops and producing performances.

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They saw us or school listeners, welcome back its critical about ten days. From this side, hustle book launch, and did you ever hear that old, saying about how the road to riches is paved with spoken? Word? Poetry! No, well. I think anyone's ever said that, but today, you'll hear about a managerial accountant in Dubai. Earns thousand dollars a month, hosting poetry, slams device kind of strange I've been going their pretty much every year since at least two thousand eight. I think I don't know any other place in the where you can go to an indoor ski lodge at a mall when it But your outside is more than a hundred degrees. Fahrenheit and such a working because you can literally walk into the small and see people skiing on artificial snow, people are sitting around ringing hot chocolate. I guess it makes sense, because it's like Arctic, when you walk into them all bizarre because outside you later hotel, you walk outside. You start sweating immediately and then you walk into a mall which pretty much do in Dubai. Since everything there is a mall
sweater. It you need a scarf and you need some hot chocolate runaway today story access to Dubai by there isn't any skiing there. Instead, there's poetry that guy, the managerial accountant, who sets up a series of workshops and poetry, slams earning a thousand dollars each month doing something he cares about. Not really trying to make a living from it by pursuing a hobby that happens to pay him and other aside us all up that story right after this quick message from our sponsor. Gmail addresses a managerial accounted, a quorum business group which specializes in staffing solutions in various industries, is originally palestinian born in Canada, but has lived in Dubai most of his life to bypass x is the name of his side, also he's building a community of poetry lovers in the Middle EAST. I organizing poetry workshops both written and spoken word, as well as performances originally came about which a mill had written in poetry himself and want to start a poetry blog whoever he felt shy and wasn't competent about his work, so he created that boy
under an anonymous name. He rose. There are probably a lot of other people with mutual feelings about their work. We set out to create an safe and fun platform for people to express themselves. He says there People are interested in feeling part of something noble and authentic poetry is Art form it has a lot of routes in the Middle EAST, but it hasn't I can seriously there recently. Working on changing that he believes, something like two by poetic existed. People would want to express themselves more with poetry, so working with a partner, he set up a series of workshops and through these workshops, seen students go from literally shaking, as they read out their peace during rehearsal to rocking their poetry, honesty, in front of an audience of more than a hundred people which is over. Meaningful, but this is in fact, income generating project. So how did they get paid Walter, his partner charge, both organisations and individuals charging organisations. They usually work around what the budget is for the programme, for example, marketing, agency approach them to do a program at Dubai Mall, not this
shopping mall? You can go skiing but close by to buy more wanted to produce a cultural experience, so they pay Gmail to offer the workshop directly there when charging participants. They look at the underlying value of the workshop plus the amount of time it would take them to set up, promote and run the workshop. Also asked himself. What would I pay for this workshop? For now? They ended up at fifteen hours for a simple poetry in writing class and seventy dollars for a more intense spoken word workshop. Between the organizational commitments and individual registrations. This is adding two thousand dollars a month on a regular basis, not enough to retire on. But definite real money built on a meaningful mission. Jamila has plans to keep developing do by politics and wants to create a poetry, book Club, a poetry, social mixer, a poetry podcast and anthology of the best points? His students have written more contracts with arts and cultural hubs in the city and perhaps in horizontal growth into other cities in the Middle EAST. But at least for now he's found a winning spoken strategy. Next time
and you buy be sure to visit the indoor ski slopes, get some hot chocolate and check out of poetry. Sire, account it by day, poet by night. This is a great come and for a site I saw at encouraging Ask yourself: is there something creative you like to do or that you might like to do but ever thought. You can earn money from we'll just to be clear, I don't think nothing you do in life should be for money, especially something like poetry, but The show is focused on income generating projects. I do think attention when someone's been able to take a creative art, something like poetry, don't you think about making money from an actually in doing that, Have you enjoy this story? As always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today. Show notes, including links to Dubai. Polemics and ski Dubai, are excited
school dot com, slash to fight to I'll, be back with you tomorrow with the weekly recap, I'm critical about recitals who spoke.
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