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#268 - Woman Sells Hair Grips to Orthodox Jews & Drag Queens


It begins as a product for Orthodox Jewish women. It goes on to serve cancer patients, Broadway performers, and drag queens, earning “fringe benefits” and $4,000/month.  

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Hey. What's up. This is Chris Gayle about episode, two hundred and sixty eight upside of school. We are beginning an all new week and it's actually week to a book tour. For me, the side hustle book came out last week. I went to five cities and I've got I think, for coming up this week, I'll be in New York City washing see Philadelphia and Boston, maybe time: meeting lots of fun people, including many listeners and am also getting lots of great story people who are reading the sight of a book, including some emails from people who said they just bought the buck and have actually already started their sight. Hustle no joke adoration. I will actually read you some of those emails later in the week, but for now just say: I'm got it starting. Well, thank you for your support and less jump into this week's episodes at today's episodes really good. You might recall an extended cut. I did to recover from a side hustled disaster in an episode, about probably the biggest social disaster that I've experienced. When I was
receives living in West Africa and the fulfilment sinner that I was using back in the? U s completely, when a business with no notice I was reminded of that story of my own when working on today story, which include some lessons in drop shipping and working with a performance centre. If only Those lessons before my fulfilment sinner went out of business, About me, side us or school, is about you and today story features a woman who sells hair Epps earning not only fringe benefits, but also four thousand dollars a month. That stories coming right up after this quick shout jar sponsor support for this fog, gas come from sea W and Hewlett Packard enterprise. He's at C D. W we get modern servers need to be flexible, scalable, unpredictable abrogated, you'd, say that Ok, what what I say next probably but about servers, security, impressive and freaky. Sweetie W can implement secure, Hewlett, Packard enterprise, gentle servers that improve speed and performance while reducing using costs the product of all. I too,
straight by C D, W people who get it. I predict a web address, d, w dot com, slash hp, I'm in your mind, man today, story comes from Sd Brick in New Jersey. She works as an administrative assistance. Maria Shiva University, Stern College for women and she's. Busy mother of two. That's not all she does her sight. Hustle is selling a product called the hare grip a twenty dollar bill band that goes underneath wigs and scarves to prevent them from falling back ass. He started or side hustle after she. First got married in some parts of jewish culture, its customary for married women to cover their hair and ass. He was looking for options to help keep her wigand scarves on throughout the day. Rather than falling off when she discovered that a Valori band would do the trick, she thought maybe other people could use her solution to so she decided to make her own the logo.
Created by a friend who is a designer and packaging was created by a manufacturer they found in China designing, creation was done, ass. She and her husband placed in order and started selling them at first. They started the business to help. Keep it and women's heads, especially women and the orthodox jewish community. But the band isn't just for that population. It also works well for people suffering from conditions that cause baldness people undergoing chemotherapy or just anyone with a penchant for wigs and scarves. In addition to orthodox jewish women, it turns out, they also had a market selling to drag queens Anti Broadway performers they created this muscle to have another income but, as he says, the responses from people who said a product has helped them is what keeps them going, with a four year old in a one year old at home, juggling work and her children is time consuming to, as he tries to make her side hustle as passive as possible. That's where the drop shipping comes in drop. Shipping is basically a process of using a warehouse that stores your products and then sends out inventory whenever you receive an order,
So in the case of SD and Estonia, hair grip, its delivered by boat from China to New Jersey, Estes husband than hires, attract to move the product to the warehouse in Brooklyn or the drops of companies located and once they receive at the items, are logged into a database so that both the drop ship company and ass. He could. How much inventory they have on hand at any time having a drop ship coming house there inventory and manage their shipments means they don't have to buy boxes for delivery or pay rent for a storage facility. Or most important of all deal with shipping on products on a daily basis. So that's pretty awesome, So, even though it has those benefits, as he says, the worst part of recital will experience thus far has been managing that drops of company making sure they're giving her the best shipping prices. As he says, if you want to do this yourself- crucial to find a drop of company, you trust suggest you look for one you can drive to, so you can stop by the facility to make sure everything's going smoothly and Dunbar and there were some challenges along the way, one time but database that the drop cheaper maintained so that they had fifteen hundred pieces left in a tan color, they actually only had seventy seven
as a result of that mistake. They soon had more than a thousand ten hair grips backwater because the product is coming from China by boat. They can't just go out and get more in the next week, as a result of that challenge as to learn to keep on top of her own inventory separately instead of relying on the partners dashboard. She also has a stamp dot com account for international shipments, because she feels like the partner over charges for those but if she gets busy yours just unable to fill, those international orders shall pay for convenience and what the drops of company mail them. Oh in one, more tap when you're doing this She also recommends placing an order yourself that will you oh sure how your product is being packaged as you might. Yes, this is not just a little hobby either with it, a job, and the two young kids at home, asked he has built this out to a very says, will side hustle. The Eurogroup is now making an average of four thousand dollars a month in profits and in addition to direct to consumers. They also sell to retail stores, and they also distributors in Brazil, New Zealand and Australia who, by this kind of right and then sell to their own stores, ensure
It's a hair, raising adventure and she's gone unto, Sir far more people than she first imagined some lessons in shipping for you today, like I said I wish I had known ass or at least been more diligent back when I had a fulfilment centre and also find figure out what product do I make. The story is a great example that something that is just very simple and helpful and useful that meets need can actually do well, what do people I hear from are always trying to find like the next big idea, something it's never been imagined before and if you can do that, that's great, but if not, maybe you should think about things like I hear rip didn't observing, not only the first community that asked he thought about the orthodox jewish women community, but so a number of other people as well helpfulness and usefulness are probably the top criteria should consider if you're thinking about offering something for sale or making something new make sure you have a pretty clear answer to the question of how it is going to help people how it going make someone like better and this story, even other products,
I may not sound and exciting. Like you heard it's very successful, it probably doesn't have a ton of competition and it also seems pretty sustainable. I cannot think someone can easily come along and take us away her, presumably that very significant second income is gonna continue month after month, hopefully year after year, and if, for some reason it never ends First of all, that was a lot of money coming in overtime and sex she's, learn so much through this process. There would probably be even easier to start the next project which for a lot hustlers is what it's all about. You do one thing for a while and then when it starts working or you just have a different interests, you pursue something else, but I hope you enjoy the story. Back with you in tomorrow's episode with another one. If you like to learn more about the Hare, Griff or drop shipping in general just come together, notes at school dot, com, slash to six eight. If you ve got a comment or question for the show, I call on the hustle hotline for four.
Hustle or eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three thank you for listening. I'm crystal about foresight, apple school.
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