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#27: Stressed-Out Mom Gives Up TV To Launch Her Side Hustle


How a San Diego accountant coping with the struggles of new motherhood launched her own private label wine hustle for stressed out parents like herself.

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Hey! What's up, this is critical about you listening to side us for school It started with today's episode. I want to get a shot out to all of the busy parents for listening to satisfy school, often hear from lots of different folks, in particular some single moms single dad's, really anyone whose apparent, and just trying to juggle allow different stuff today stories for you, and even if you're not apparent you can learn. Branding lesson from one savvy mom who launched her own private label. Wine hustle support for this pond cast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars my plane ticket They now you're student loan treat yourself to those shoes you benign with progressive. You could find out drivers who switch save save an average of seven hundred. Ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online, a progressive come and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards.
Savings by new customers. Urban who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen Christian workers and accounted for a San, Diego company should also aloft. For having her daughter. She was super stressed out about returning to work with the bird trying to show she was still a hard worker plus trying to be a good mom getting back to the germ of this kind of stuff, she told herself one day, man, I'm once dressed mommy, the name stuck and she said, cover? If a mom could really build a business, they wanted starting part time limit the day job and a whole new world of childcare. The next step was to consider what should the brand stressed mommy sell. Her first idea was, it stressed. Mommy was a great name for a brand of wine, and I became a first product. You probably think it's difficult to start your own brand of wine, and presumably it is hard to plant your own vineyard, but that's not what had her dead. Instead of planning grapes, she went to Google and type in three words
private label wine from their she discovered. It was actually pretty simple. There are a number of wineries and other companies that will actually do all this for you, they make the wine and they put your companies name or just your name on the bottle. Now it may not always be best. Why in the world, but as long as you're, not trying to be deceptive about it? It's not on when it ought to have a name on the bottle that doesn't relate to the original producer. Heather was good, research. So when you trying to decide on a bender and figure out what to do next. She asked a lot of questions both of herself and of potential vendors now share a few them with you here. But if you want me to show not for this episode, you can get the whole list of questions and, starting with the vendor questions as she navigated this world. Here are a few things that she learned to ask First up: does the vendor want you to provide a logo and then do they want to do a label mock seconds? Are they sending these? products to you to add your label, they generate. Third, are you gonna do
from the? U S or from overseas, had decided to just do U S sourcing, because it seems easier for her. What is the suppliers minimum order, quantity well, they send you a sample so that you could judge the quality before you by and then here a few things that she asked herself ass. She was playing this project Do I have room to store the products? Do I need to get a warehouse, a storage unit somewhere else. Did these products have an expiration date, which is probably going effect. The quantity that I order do I have money to invest in advertising. Even if I have money too, in, do I want to invest in advertising? Do I just want to try to grow that brain ever social media, which can be kind of like the chicken and egg problem. Do you grow a brand, then introduce a product or you start with the product and then grow the brand and lots of other questions and topics that she explored to figure out? Ok, what is that the process to move forward with this project, and this research process allowed Heather to learn more about how the private label industry worked and also helped her to see
for herself which direction she wanted to go on now. Along the same time, she began to learn about drop shipping where other companies maintain inventory and then ship directly to customers. That are provided by Heather, so she would send the addresses and then these companies would send the product, and this led to a really interesting lesson. We should pay attention to this. If you ever interested and dropping Heather signed up for a thirty day, trial of an online and consolidated drop ship database, and these are the companies that have a database of vendor Who will do the job shipping for you? They put your name on a packing slip instead of theirs, and if you, Google drop shipping how to drop ship in a phrases like this, you are very likely to kind of stumble on these companies that they make money. Being a middle man, but when she looked into a sample their products and compare the price on Amazon a lot didn't really allow for any profit, and especially when you factored in the cost of using their database.
So here's? What was interesting Heather spoke on the phone with one of the sales wraps and he casually drop this phrase casually mentioned. Oh, you know one of our benefits. Is we save you the time of contacting the vendor yourself? What that was clearly a mistake on his part because to a resourceful person like Heather, what communicated was? Oh, if I can just figure out how to contact the vendor myself, I can probably get a much better deal. So that's exactly what she did and that's what made all the difference as she proceeded with starting the wine sales and then looking for other products in fact after she got her own stressed: Mommy wine up for sale. She continued to experiment in the world of private labeling and the role of drop shipping, and she now also cells, spar products which seems like another great fit for the stressed Mommy Brandt, spot products and wine now remember this is aside hustle she still working day. Job she's got all these other responsibilities.
But between her website stressed money, dot, com and her sails that she does through Amazon in just a short period of time. Heather was averaging more than a thousand dollars a month in profit. She continues to work the day job and continues to explore opportunities for the future and, on that same site, stress mommy, She also shares her lessons, learned and she's planning to begin consulting with people who like to build a part time hustle in the same way that she has. So let's talk about this, what a fine story really love story. I personally have inspired when I hear about how people Heather? I have prioritized these things in their life and been able to make side hustling work, even with all their responsibilities, and also what a great name stressed: Mommy like assume You hear that you immediately know what it's about and who it's for. You could probably even guess what the brain cells, without knowing any more
or if nothing else, at least you're not surprised when you hear it sells wine and spot products if you're thinking of starting this hustle there's a really common mistake, alot of people make and what's usually best is to make one thing. Work well like one product lying work well and then expand slowly. What people tend to do. Who is I'm in a private label? Six different products? You know they maybe they're related, maybe there completely different, but that doesn't usually worked very well. You'll established more loyalty to the brand over time Am I being targeted in specific and intentional, and just a quick note on drop shipping. I've actually gotten a lot of emails about this, so future episode will go into even more deep how about it. But for now I just know that a little research goes a long way you're, usually not gonna. Do super great. Just by going through one of these general companies that drop ships a million different items. That's why had learned when she began to specifically for a related to the product? She want to sell, she was able to be much more successful and the profit margins allowed her to make more money
Where is she might not have made money at all? If she can't you these General S, companies which isn't usually a great deal. So if you want to private label, if you want to drop ship, if you do something totally different, it may not happen exactly like that for you. But if you listen to these stories that I tell you every day you will see results. Remember inspiration is good, but its brain. By what action is so much better? What to say hi to you, it's high school dot com. You can send me an email, social media using side us all school as the hashtag make sure you are well supported as we go through this year and work on your hustle. I'm critical about this aside, a school and I'll see you tomorrow with another episode.
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