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#272 - PR Consultant Launches California Restaurant Week


A PR consultant in Long Beach, California, earns an extra $20,000/year producing an annual “restaurant week” that brings together chefs and new diners.

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Better side, us school listeners, welcome back its critical about with you, but on the road or weaken Some of you know this morning, I'm in Boston, but I won't be here much longer. I'm actually heading to London tonight, gonna hot back to New York City, really quick! an event at the New York Public Library and then get ready to change continents, naturally honor The show will continue. I will be bringing the episodes every single day like normal time zones might get a look. Using for me, but the show will go on now every day Let us all school, I'm telling you different story of somebody who creates an income generating project by doing so creates a little bit of freedom for themselves. Ultimately, that's what it's about it just about the money coming in to your bank, account it's about what that money Means to you when it enables you to do, or even just how it feels to look at it and you coming in and knowing that you made this happened for yourself today, stories about a pr consultant who launches a local restaurant weak. Now, if you have restaurant week, where you live, they haven't import
or again inhabitants YA to Washington. I think they have it. In New York and lots of other. These were a whole bunch of restaurants, come together and offer these prefix meals for asset price and that price is usually pretty affordable. Gives you a chance to go to a nice restaurant, especially one. You might not have been here before, having meal and Lord a bit about the experience. While these restaurant weeks come out of nowhere. Somebody has to start them. Two of your city and have one or if it doesn't you're just It is about how that process works. Today, story will show you behind the scenes statement. For that a common right up. Support for this punk has comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars by applying get paid down, your student loan treat yourself to those shoes you been denying with progressive, you can find out. Drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred. Ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at progressive. Dot com and see how much you can be saving national average? your car insurance savings by new customers surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen
I often talk to you about using the skills you already have a positioning. Different way to create an asset for yourself and make money. While today story comes. Elizabeth for in long Beach, California, by day she's, a public relations consultant representing hotels, restaurants and destination venues. Also, a travel writer, she's, written nine books and numerous articles for the early times. National geographic, traveler and other publications Elizabeth stays busy and remained side us all. In addition to That is an annual weeklong event called dine out long beach restaurant week to point out for one week the city, shops and restaurants, horrors offer value oriented menus, reflecting their culinary style at a discount, a to coerce branch, new is available for ten dollars, fifteen dollars or twenty dollars per person in a three course dinner menu is offered it. Dollars thirty dollars, forty dollars or fifty dollars a person which price it depends on the restaurant and taxing gratuity are excluded
Like many other cities, long Beach did not have an organised restaurant, weak and Elizabeth thought, the shops and restaurants there could benefit from having one. So in twenty twelve, she started it with She laid her work with the local newspaper to rebranded on our own and make it bigger and better since she run on PR firm Elizabeth Workday, entails working on various accounts and she kind use, your own project, I not long beach as a client. She worked with restaurants throughout the year, but really starts courting them to participate in the event from October. Through January, the restaurant weak itself takes place in February Elizabeth constantly networking. So most of our sponsors continue to be part of the event year after year, and she also adds new ones. The start up costs for this project were almost non existent. It was all based on relationship building annual profit is now about twenty thousand dollars. So what if you want to stop a restaurant, Weak Elizabeth says. Anyone who wants to do something like this has to be prepared to convince restaurants that they need. It. That the investment they make will yield exposure in new guess she has to be a salesperson, marketer trainer problem, solver and her own cheerleader beside us. What is successful, be cut attachment to her natural string
experience Anna connections that she's beautiful handling pr for many restaurants in our day job. She says the fact that she enjoys good food doesn't hurt eater teaming up with the weekly paper as a adding sponsor has also been great because they can get them such out, not just in France, but also through digital advertising and social media. They run about twenty five percent ads from November for the start of the event may produce promotion, Videos and digital adds as well the sponsor and rest logos are all included in the advertising. They also promote the event through for weak billboard, which include sponsor logos in a very busy intersection was. It was estimated garners around four hundred and fifty thousand impressions. Additionally, the event is John L, a number one radio station and its restaurant show. The fork report as well as in popular morning shows all this press coverage benefits the restaurants and helps to bring diners That's really to make this a win, win experience for everyone. The project succeeds because diners like it, people get to try new restaurant budget. Presumably, if they have a good experience, many of them will keep coming back throughout the year. The restaurants like it, or at least they like it once persuaded of the value because they are getting a lot of x
sure they are getting new gas come in. That has to happen for the model to work. The sponsors like it because they're getting a lot of exposure there on that huge billboard there in those twenty five percent ads on the digital ads are the other press and of course it has to work for illicit Two, like I said, she's making twenty thousand dollars a year from this project, and it also seems to compliment and support her day job at the same time Reverend Southern California in February. We should check out not long beach, restaurant week to point out speaking of using the skills you already have. This is a great example. Someone who has a pr career is good at building relationships, especially with a specific topic refocus like what Elizabeth has done in terms of travel. Tourism. Hotels, restaurants here is in
to an extension of that. Not only is it a great site also, it sounds like it also boost her stature in the eyes of the people that she works with from the local influencers media, all these ships and restaurant hers. It really seems like the kind of project where restaurant weak supports or other work there are other work supports. Restaurant weak doesn't always worked out that way. You're lots of stories on the show of people do something completely different? They don't actually want their day job and their side hustle to intersect at all or have any kind of order. But in a case like this, it's almost a perfect fit. I'm a big fan of the restaurant we contact in general, like I said, restaurant several times in Portland, Seattle elsewhere, when it's going on they haven't been to one. Maybe you should see if your city has this, you can go and get a great me try something different, loving, a much lower price than normal. That's what sort of Who was all about giving it the best possible restaurant recommendations? I am there for you. Are we enjoy this research has always inspiration is good, but inspiration with action so much better today.
Its, including links to dine out long beach and other restaurant weeks around the world are inside us all school dotcom, slash to seven too, by the way, if you gotta comment or question for the show you got new listeners coming and because of the site. Also buck just give me a kiss, hustle hotline, eight thousand four hundred and forty nine hustle. That's eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three. You can also record a voicemail on with your phone, you know that two podcast beside us all schools tat come. I would like to hear from you I hope you have a great day wherever you are in the world on critical about precisely school.
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