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#280 - Boring Desk Job Leads to $14,000/month Coffee Pod Biz


When a British man wonders why he can’t find Nespresso pods in other flavors, his curiosity leads to a pod-tacular side hustle that earns a full-time income.

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Hey there side hustlers welcome back. This is critical about your host of cider school. You may have heard me say, but or that one of my first sight or source was importing coffee That was a long time ago. These days, I just drink coffee, but a day story caught my attention when it came across my desk, it's about coffee, pods those machines. We can put a little pardon. You just press a button, then an aspirin comes out long ago, when I was doing the coffee business, I don't think those even existed or if they did they weren't common These stories about a guy in England who gets creative and finds a way to import coffee parts can like I'd long ago, except I was actually importing the coffee, coffee pods a lot smaller and easier to pack and ship- and this is a pretty big success- is gradually start the project with a partner within about six months. There actually earning a full time income from it. I'll tell you all about it.
The idea and how it works right after this support for this punk has comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars by it to get paid down. Your student loan treat yourself to those shoes you ve denying with progressive. You can find out drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at Progressive, come and see how much you can be saving national average we'll car insurance savings by new customers surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen. And twenty fifteen jack ran all was living in Greater Manchester England. Working in an office, a job he described as now we're talking about because it was boring, like many of his colleagues, every day visit the coffee machine which, at his office was an espresso machine or the kind required little parts to make coffee. He knew that
office manager sometimes had a hard time ordering the pots, since a manufacturer required a very large minimum order to get wholesale pricing In addition to that, annoyance Jack also wondered why you could only make coffee from the pots. Why couldn't you make tea or hot chocolate something like a milkshake jacket, always I too have a business. He left school at eight. Sixteen to work full time and again several different ideas before, but none had taken off. Maybe this idea, Woodstock working with his friend MIKE Joy, Set out to research, if any one else had cracked the caffeine free pod market, with a few Google's just they learn that a company in Australia was making espresso compatible pods radio flavors an offer in for sale at a much lower price than the official once Jack requested samples and when they arrived, they fit the machines perfectly, and they also tasted great next. They had to convinced that Australia manufacturer that they were serious. They did that by bill the website in a weekend and agree to purchase a large amount of pods on faith, and it worked in the first month they saw
a thousand pods at a price of around three pounds each or about five dollars, the next month they sold. Nearly one thousand five hundred may continue to grow month after month before finally stabilizing it helped a lot that they had a great product at a low eyes, though they would later pay for advertising their first success came from just putting the word out on social media. They were able to attract individuals and other office managers who wanted to money and try different flavors. Remember a lot of you. On these machines and jacket. Mike were the first people to import and alternative coffee pie. They would fit them in the UK. By the way, it's not illegal to do this in case you're wondering they have to be careful Note that they're not affiliated with an espresso brand and there's a prominent display on their website to make sure there's no confusion? One challenge was these: came from Australia, and they didn't via overnight male since demand for exceeded their initial projection. They quickly went out of stock and how to reorder. Then it would take too for their wholesale shipment arrive. They have to unpack ray I can smaller mailings and then send those mailings out to customers. This became a continual brow.
Until they began to order in larger quantities and thus have more on hand exactly two years in mug pie. Jack's idea that stock is now generating multiple six figures and annual income. It was real, They feature is the business of the week by their local newspaper. The part have reinvested in the business to make sure I can continue to be successful, but might now works on a full time. Jack focuses his time on creating more automation, so they'll be able to grow further, but both found. Still continue to pack pots every day. In addition to basic coffee pods, you can Hot chocolate meant hot chocolate, hazelnut hot chocolate caramel, and the list goes on yes, there is a milkshake flavour. Is a classic example of following your curiosity, using our observation to ask hey. I wonder why this doesn't exist. Why do we have to meet? It huge minimum order just to get lower pricing on coffee, pods, Troy, theirs. Directive and also
why can't I get a milkshake gotta, my coffee machine, I mean who hasn't said that before Thus, if who said something about it before this guy Jack, actually did something about it, you in some way. Hard to imagine that something like this didn't exist. Two years ago in the UK, or maybe technical existed somehow, but it was just inaccessible. It wasn't mainstream people did not find it, I'm not quite sure but either way those pod machines are everywhere. I see them on check into a hotel if you going ashore you can see them lining the shelves. Obviously people are buying them. They like the communion suppressing about I'm getting a decent coffee. I guess you could you ever whether it's really good or not, but that's When conversation that point it is this hustlers really working now something it's great that their importing these parts. Not going through what is undoubtedly a complicated process and an expensive process to learn how to make them themselves when I first are being for the story. That's what I thought they were doing making in themselves. But then other just recycling, which is an lot of ways so much easier. If you can find a market,
or something and as a product that exist somewhere else, you can bring up product market I like that kind of business, much more than setting up a factory or figuring out how to make these, occupied in your kitchen. It's obviously king, very well, for them in their continuing to invest in the business to protect it, I think, is also smart. It almost make when I go out and import coffee again, but not quite because I love what I do and I love making a show for you, I've you enjoyed the story, as always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better donation, No, it's our sides will score dotcom, slash to eighty I'll, be back with you tomorrow, weekly, recap on crystal about four side: hustle school.
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