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#283 - Designer Turns Bad Parking Into $25,000 Per Year


Ever been annoyed at someone who double-parks? This Los Angeles designer turned his frustration into a novelty gift item with growing sales.

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greetings and welcome your listing to side us or school. This is your house critical about glad to have you back today, question for everyone who drive a car. I ve ever been offended at somebody else's parking job Here you go to the mall or a parking garage or just somewhere in the street, and someone else has done such a terrible job that they actually have taken up an extra space or made it difficult for you to get out of your car or otherwise just done something stupid Sadly, all too common. So what do you do when you encounter that situation? Do you just kind of cursed them in your head and walk away? You actually try to register your frustration in some way. Have you ever left a note of your done something more aggressive? Perhaps But today, side of the story is about a guy and allay where driving in parking R D. Challenges more than just a challenge. Sometimes it can be like the southern California Olympics, and this guy creates a profitable project selling magnets that punish bad parkers. Well,
so incurring them to pass on the message when they encounter a parking frustration of their own and, of course, because this is not a school, it's not just an interesting story. It's a project that makes this guide extra twenty five thousand dollars a year I will tell you all about it in just a moment: support for this fog, gas come from sea W and Hewlett Packard enterprise. At sea, w we get modern services need to be flexible, scalable, unpredictable abrogated, you'd, say that Ok, what what I say! Next, probably but a month's security, impressive and freaky Sweetie W can implement secure, Hewlett, Packard enterprise, gentle servers that improve speed and performance while reducing using costs. The product of all I too, restoration by C d, W people who get it. I predict the web address d, w dot com, slash hp, I'm in your mind, man,
If there's one thing most drivers can agree on, is it bad parking is a cardinal sin entering an almost parking lot to find. Someone has double parked across the last available. Space is enough to make saying people go crazy. And maybe even leave a nasty note for design. Peter Van injuries. None of this was doing anything to solve the problem period. Way to change how people communicate about bad parking and create a delightfully distasteful way. To start the conversation, the idea was simple: to create a series of magnets that could be stuck to a ban parkers car and then passed on from that driver to the next bad parking job they see. Thus, it would move the conversation forward, doing no damage to cars, no kidding scratches yet still giving drivers the opportunity to vent their frustrations Ass Peter sites from what is without a highly scientific study, approximately a hundred per cent of people enjoy the satisfaction of Sir
imagine on someone's car who has improperly parked working alongside two partners. He came up with the idea for do your park. Can like do your part, get it and the motto park better pass it on. The team also started a trailer board their friends who Peter says have a tremendously verbose sense of humour could also suggest ideas after some market research and using surveys to get feedback from potential customers. Peter found it people love, magnet that were around seven out of ten on the insulting scale, in other words enough at the person who receives it can, realize I've done something stupid, but also laugh at themselves. They use the seven out of ten scale to settle on there shhh assortment of twenty five magnets too perfectly capture the emotion of the situation, some of the best magnet tagline included colouring books must have been hard for you and airlines would charge you double further, The next step was to take the hustle online computer, uses unexperienced to set up a website and create a shop. If I store in less than a week this alone, to get going with the resources they already had. Speaking of resources, their initial start up costs.
On two thousand dollars, which included the first set of magnets theirs. When some of that money, unpaid marketing, in the form of a few paid blog posts on relevant industry sites peer, says there. And a bigger marketing push at the start, but the viral nature of the products allowed them to be picked up by outlets, including the Huffington Post, the union and the Atlantic in order to create the physical they located a generic printer in their local area invested in their first run, magnets being local was important, because magnets are heavy if they could pick them up themselves, they would save on ship. Cost, as always on the show. It's not just a hobby. It's a hustle, do your part is current, averaging about twenty five thousand dollars a year in income, mostly through seasonal nine sales as the product makes represent stockings Duffer Peter his room We bought back some of the equity from his two other partners and is looking at ways to increase the project's year round income. This will include an increase marketing push in trying to get the product featured in more retail stores, in LOS Angeles,
if its current rate of growth is anything to go by this site, hustle has a parking spot reserved around the world, just don't park outside the lines What bothers you or a noise you or frustrates you, always a good question to ask when you're trying to find your hustle clear, took something that annoys a lot of us and created a fund solution, for it is growing only solution. People are stuck in a part poorly, unfortunately, but as an interest Little gift item has mentioned. A lot of sales are coming around holiday times, which makes sense, because I think this is the kind of thing that peat by for someone else when they buy for themselves, in the way that you market a gift these different than you market, something that people by themselves, these kinds of things to work well and novelty stores or his impulse buys at the cash register. And of course, you can sell them
line as well. But for something like this, it does help to establish that kind of buys that do your part has been able to get especially from a website like the onion, which consists entirely of parity raise or humor Peter is ready for the influx of sales that come from sight, o school Peter. Let us nobody goes now also before A quick coming on the pricing Peter selling, these magnets at twelve dollars for a pack of ten which seems reasonable enough. But he notes that some customers have complained that this feels too expensive for something Gonna give away. I don't mean giving away the pact as a gift item. I mean the maggots themselves going on someone's car. Listen! Here's the thing about pricing! people, are always going to say that your prices too high, no matter what it is. If you simply ass people hey, what's the right price for this are always and give you a low price. If he is more than happy to take a stand and say you know what, if twelve dollars is too much for you, you must just not hate bad parking jobs enough and that's, okay. I am convinced that you could sell a twenty dollars bill for ten dollars and some people would be like wait. That's like half the value
do that and we should have a whole episode about that at some point, but for now just no. If you want to make money with your hustle, which of course you do, you dont have to choose a bottom basement price or the lowest possible price, because obviously, in this case, even though some people think it's too high, he still making an extra twenty five thousand dollars a year from this project, it just getting off the ground so we'll see what happens next hope you enjoy this one has always inspiration is good but inspiration. What action is better everyday. I'm telling you I did true story on a show more to come to. Morrow after that and the day after that tradition, are it's out of school dotcom, slash to eight three, this inside us all school Ankara. Without an you, are a rock star. I hope you Johnny again tomorrow.
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