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#290 - Sneaker Fan Flips Shoes For $1,000 A Month


A trip to the mall at age 10 turns into a long-term hustle buying and reselling popular sneakers. 

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Business model of by low so high this models, not going anywhere it. I got my start twenty years ago, not buying and selling sneakers, but learning I could buy things and then resell them for profit I'll, tell you all about how this guy does it after this quick shut out to our sponsor support for this programme, comes from C d, W and Adobe at C D, W We get your organization can be demanded. The marketing as I might office, they want their adobe update. Now with a dull. These value incentive plan deployed by the experts had seedy w. You can quickly and easily manage software subscriptions for the whole de Acrobat, an created cloud, all included guys come out, don't hurt me airport satisfied digital workforce. You need a doctor and I d orchestration by C D, W people who get it find out more at sea data. You dont com, Slash Adobe,
Chris Cassidy has been obsessed with sneakers, since he was ten years old when the rest of his peers were playing video games, trading baseball cards for watching cartoons, he'd be pestering Dad taken to them off to look at shoes, but even then he wasn't looking for the sweetest text to stand out in the schoolyard. Instead, he found a way to turn a profit I'm going across a rare pair of shoes in his local moth Chris used two hundred twenty five dollars, money that he'd saved up by the shoes for himself, but instead of wearing them he took them home with them up on Ebay and within five minutes he saw them for three hundred and twenty five dollars as a ten year old. He thought that was pretty cool and spent the rest of his pre adolescent, free time trying to replicate that success. Years later, Crystal employs the same. Business model denies its own e commerce website. Five. Thirteen kicks, which references his area code in Cincinnati, Ohio he's got a day job. So just as this on the side, and he was able to start this house
for just two hundred fifty dollars that we spend on his domain web host. Some shipping costs and paid social media advertisements this is an investment he's long seen a return on averaging about a thousand dollars a month in profit month. After and even year after year his go with apparent yours is always to double his investment, because I spent fifty hours on a person incurs. He wants to be confident he can make a hundred dollars when it comes to sell them, it would be possible to work at lower profit margins, but he says it's not worth the time and effort that goes into it. Chris sources is niggers in much the same way as when he was younger. He spent hours. Working his way through brick and mortar stores, both retail and thrift shops define exclusive snickers. He knows he can flip for a profit He also has alerts and social media update, set out to notify him when his favorite boutique shop start their sales, allowing him to I'll buy low and so high upon occasion he's going to some extreme links to acquire the best possible products. So when
West released his first ever line of three issues with Nike before later, switching to a deed, Us Chris drove down to Louisville Kentucky and slept outside in order to purchase a pair first thing in the morning He managed to acquire his next to Paris through other channels for a total investment of seven hundred and forty five dollars, and he later than for more than four thousand dollars. Chris works for a large marketing firm, which has adding to tap into a wealth of knowledge to bring his side also to his customers. We also thinks this process the simple and easy enough for anyone to replicate when five thirteen kicks went live for example. Here melt everyone in his network and asked him to help share it, finding him a bunch of visitors and views on the first day in order to get more consistent traffic he spent most of his time, focusing on building a presence in Google and growing his social media. Following you also make sure his sight content is constantly updated. Optimized with title tags, better description entities generating new links to point back to his site. This is allowed him increase the amount of shoes, you can sell the buyers outside of his usual network and increase the number of people. There is a brand organically anything that
to enter a similar industry. Chris says it's paramount to know your product and what your buyer is. Looking for. You to be flexing what the market, once not just your own taste. Looking to the future Chris wants to increase awareness of five thirteen text and use the money is making to invest in New Paris, so he can update historic daily there is a market for anything that sells, have different prices, indifferent channels, like you see from this story where supply and demand are simply not matched, which also comes through from the story just not enough easy shoes out there and plenty of other models to. Let us know manufacturers, notice and part of what we are trying to do with these popular products is to increase demand, and deliberately not make enough to accommodate that demand. So in some set the industry itself, may frown upon reselling and try to stop it. But for something like this
much like they want that market to exist and are seemingly happy the people at Chris you're. Doing this She met a teenager at our Phoenix event recently whose doing a version of this too, like I said it remit my early days, if you like the concept, done, recycling before the barrier to entry is very low. You just need to pick a market something that you know a bit about. Or can easily learn about and find either. Mismatch of supply and demand or something that sells for different prices in different channels. So here Chris is going to throw shops in retail stores. Looking for certain models that he knows, you can sell elsewhere for higher price. There's all kinds of things you can do this So in the long term, it just a question of how much does it scale? How can you pick a product that has a good enough profit margin to make it worth it? Because if you buy something for ten dollars we saw it for eleven dollars technically made a profit, but not really anything significant, Chris, his vision of not buying anything that he doesn't your comfort resell for twice the price side. Hustlers friends, listeners inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today. Show notes are at.
School dot. Com. Slash to ninety will link up five thirteen tax near the references, Reselling or anything else I mentioned, and if you are, going, something I would like to know about it. Let me know semi quickly, voice note or just an inner note. I cast aside us will score that comp, wheel, Reading awesome responses in a future episode. You can also call the hustle hotline at eight four, fortnine hustle at eight hundred and forty four, nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three and leave a quick message. He was always per listening, you're, a rockstar uncritical about recitals small.
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