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#317 - Lifelong Girl Scout Earns Her Side Hustle Badge (And $3,500/Month)

After spending 20+ years as a scout and volunteer, a woman creates a series of resources for troop leaders. Selling at just $3-5 an item, she earns $3,000-3,500 each monthSide Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey. There was What's up welcome back, my name is critical about your listing to a new week of side. Us will school nominal excited because down the show, I'm telling different true stories of people who create new, so of income, not just getting their job not doing contract labour, but by building something for themselves during the skills they already have most of the time, these people do it without cutting their day job, which is the whole point of the shop. I double everyone should go and quit their job right away if ever, but I do believe very much that everybody should have money coming in from different sources sure. If you agree with that, this show is for you today were gonna. Talk about girl. Scouts now I just saw book I had this whole section called so like a girl scout
lot of emails and questions about that. That's would understand. It is actually read that chapter, but the short version is when I say so, like a girl scout, I'm talking about how during girl scout cookie season, which, if you're not the United States, you may not be familiar. Withdraw Scott cookies. If that case. It is, in fact, a tragedy. You should go online and see if you can import them somehow, because for a short period of time each year the girl Scouts also called grow guides, and some other countries will set up shop on a table in the three usually outside a retail location or some other place, was a lot of people walking by. I think in some areas, also go door to door and are selling these delicious cookies. Now it's not that difficult for them to sell these cookies because they're so delicious, and everyone knows it so when I say so, like a girl I'm talking about making something that has a really clear benefit and finding the people. Really want it, like. I said, there's more about in the bucket, but today we're gonna talk about a lifelong girl scout someone who was a sky herself for more than a decade and then a troop leader also for more than a decade. Eventually, steps
way from being active in local troop when she has a child of her own but uses lifelong learning devotion to the girl scouts to create her own side, hustle back organization. Her side, Hustle badge and only that also earning thirty five hundred dollars a month, creating resources for other troop layers of several lessons for you today, we're gonna talk about e books and guides I know a lot of people have interests in that and questions about it. I probably said before that one of the market for that has shifted and p interested and other kinds of media. That's not nearly as It used to be to sell, ebooks and guides. However, there are clearly exceptions because this woman is selling these products at a very low price point, something like three to five dollars each, which will also too about that, because there so helpful and because she's able to reach so many Scott leaders, that's how she's able to earn up to thirty five dollars a month, which is pretty remarkable, tell you all about it, how she does it and what it is meant to her in today's episode run after this quick little shot out to our sponsor support for this punk ass comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars
by a plane ticket pay down. Your student loan treat yourself to those shoes. You ve, denying with progressive you can find out drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred. Ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you can be saving national average we'll car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen promoting cross and the girl, Scots had been a huge part of life for over twenty five years, during twelve of those years, she'd been a scout herself and then spent thirteen is a troop later. But when her son was born in March, twenty fifteen thirty, this It was time to step down from position and focus your time on a young family. She also had a day job for a large, auto insurance company between those responsibilities at her
in her home life. She didn't have a lot of free time, but she still miss them. And hearing in organizing she devoted somebody Erst her? She knew she could met with schedule with lots of fixed appointments. Plaques you'd have to do as a troop later, but she still find a meaningful way to contribute to the community and inspired visionaries the year before, her son was born. Jody had created a website to share what her local trip was doing. That ship was number eight Euro six, seven one basis a city in Ohio along the banks of Lake Erie just wanted to share our thoughts, vice with other leaders around the country based on Oliver experience, she, Britain, a short epoch and she offered for sale at just five dollars. We're not to cover the gas for her to get two meetings. She was surprised that, after six months, people from the other side of it country were still buying and reading it. She felt at this sight if she could expand or products in the information on it would be the perfect way to help the community and make a little money to put student loans, so now that she was no longer active as a troop later, but still the desire to be involved in
tribute in some way she decided to upgrade. She called the revised project leader connecting leaders. The initial start up costs for this project were a grand total of sixteen dollars. That was just the cost for that name. She did all the sites design herself. She was already paying to access adobe products for her day anti access to a free hosting service ass. She upgrade the project, didn't need to find more money, but she did want to find a bit more about the people who are coming to recite, she added a lineup. From Google analytics to that website cover that most of our visitors were coming from Pinterest. This made her think if she paid more attention to that platform, Pinterest created some images for each of the articles put them. Perhaps that would allow her to generate traffic even months after the article was initially published. Now the information on leader connecting leaders. Dot com is given away for free she's, got long form articles tutorials and how to guide
giving her readers a lot of the information, they need to run a successful and entertaining girl scout troop, but Jody put two small price of between three to five dollars. That's all on some of the specific resources like activity, booklets, pronounced and games, interpreters can purchases with a couple of clicks and then let them immediately and from these low priced products. Jody is now able to generate between three thousand and thirty five hundred dollars a month in net income. In fact, a lot of this is passive income, because once you create these guides and he's got those images on dearest girl scout leaders from anywhere can discover the site and they can go there. Any time and make a purchase not to be clear, even though some of that income is passive. Jody still spending time on this project she spends about four hours a month. Using some social media tools, including who'd sweet, tell, went in Port Brewster from ITALY authors, and the show notes, her readers site bestir is people who follow on social networks, see content from her when she's, not on a computer. She also said Multiple emails a month to an email as she started, which provide extra income.
She went to her most loyal readers lets the know about you, articles, new ideas and new products. She says that building this trust building these relationships with people has been a key component to her success. If there's any secret sauce says its understanding. The scout leaders pain points after twenty five years in the girl, Scots thirteen of them spent as a leader. She says she knows those paint points very well. She creates products that would have allowed I saw her own problems. She writes the copy and sympathetic way that show she stands the struggles about our leaders and I've been a big part of creating that trust from other group leaders who become customers and read there's only five hundred dollars a month is pretty great maturity says she also loves the feedback she gets from. The leader she's been able to help she often hears that some She's made has transformed a scout meeting or an excursion for the better. She especially likes it when they come from towns and cities that are far away from where she lives and she's also hooked on. Brussels Journey now the idea to start something completely different, which may be a feature at some point because
Obviously, isn't busy enough with her young family her day job in this one, but she says even if she does, she wants to continue making useful products for girl scout leaders now, if only she could solve my most pressing girls got problem: how to get those cookies when it's not cookie season. Saw that I'm pretty sure the solution would be worth a lot more than three to five dollars. All right, sir, a bunch of lessons here. Some of them go straight to some core principles of side. Hustling, be helpful to use I'll think of something to other people want and then don't you stay. Ideas stage, but actually create an offer, create something that is for sale. The people you're helping can say, yes, this is helpful. Here's my money, its valuable to me, I'm happy make a small investment also that principle of passive income of being able to create an asset when she's busy, with Oliver other stuff in life with her young family with her day job, whatever else she's doing for next cycle, so she can still
login to your bank account and seed money coming in from this project that she set up, which is, of course, pretty awesome. I also like this Install Google analytics on that website in the early days. This is a really simple thing that you should if you have any kind of website register google analytics it is free gonna get some cogia putting your website and over time that's gonna. Give A lot of data about the people who are coming to your website. It will show you they're, coming from in some cases what their searching for it can be really help, when, as I said, there is no cost, you set it up once in your done easy. I also love example of this kind of content marketing, because x and guides are clearly not dead. I do think it a lot of trees and a lot of topics. It's a lot harder than used to be to just make an epoch and put it out there. And to make tons of money. But clearly, in some cases it still works. I think, in this case she's just hit on this very clear need. She is. For qualified is clearly an authority in a space and she's taken a lot of time to build relationships with all his troop leaders like you can clearly tell that her heart is in it
now on at last point. I do wonder something and let me just explained ass before I get complaints. Proxy been listening for while might know what am I to say next, I kind of you're about that low price point of three to five dollars each. I do wonder like why can be a bit more than that. Now understand that this is for the girl scouts understand she wants to Serbia's troop leaders, and it can't be really high priced at all, totally get it, but still kind of resource. That's gonna, make your life easier, potentially save you hours in planning activities. It might help you have it activity or excursion. Isn't that a bit more than three dollars. I think so. Here's what I would suggest to someone in the situation, because it This is why I think the advice is like all of a sudden overnight everything that's three to five dollars becomes twenty dollars. That's not what I'm suggesting in this case. What I would suggest is: ok, keep those three to five dollar products. There that's fine, but also make a product that cost twenty dollars also make something that is a cat that in like all this stuff. It maybe that's like a hundred fifty dollar value, with all the different exercises, an activity
intensive lessons in story from the trenches but you're, not gonna. Your honor, but he dies. You gonna, sell it for the low price of sixty seven dollars or forty nine dollars why not build something that is a bit higher than that three or five dollar price point. In that way, you do have an option for people who be purchased where the lower priced, buttocks and said this is greatly I want more like. What's next, so that's my question. Perhaps my challenge to Jody in her abundance of free time, When I make something that provides even more value, and even if you want to sell it for less than its worth, a totally understand, respect that but sell it for more than three to five dollars No at that turned out to be successful by the way, I'm not asking for a kick back, but I wouldn't say no to a box of tat belongs. Those are personally my favorite kind of girl scout cookies, peanut butter, chocolate, delicious, probably very bad for you, but sold by the girl Scots. They can't be that bad, while congrats to Jody on his big success can wait to see what happens next you out there. I hope this was helpful everyday. I try to remind you that inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better you'll. Take
action on some of these ideas. You hear about that. You can have a success story just like this one, and I mentioned a bunch of resources in this episode. If you beside us, well schooled dot com, slash three one, seven will have detailed show notes, including to everything. I talked about outsiders, Skoda, com, school, slashed, three one seven and is now Klute episode. Thirty one! Seven! Thank you! So much for listening we back tomorrow with another story. I am critical about precisely school.
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