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#326 - Itchy Honeymoon Shaves Way To $100k Pubic Oil Income

Three friends embrace the reality of pubic area discomfort and build a skincare businesses from scratch, turning it into a six-figure side hustle despite the skepticism of literally every person they talked to.Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Oh hey they're! So God you made it you another episode of side, also school, no, I haven't episode that is really surprising. Longtime listeners know that all kinds of ways you can make money, but I'm pretty sure You ve never thought of this one before not we're not afraid to talk about some things you're on the show that you know everybody's got neat mean that's life. The detail in the true story of how three friends embrace the reality of you area discomfort and build up you oil business from scratch. To a hundred thousand dollar side hustle despite kept of literally every person they talk to you about this. Yes, my friend In fact, these six figure pubic oil hustle you candidate, make money from the most unusual of sources. I know you're in suspense saute the whole story in just a moment. Support for this pod comes from progressive. What would you with an extra eight hundred dollars. My plane ticket made on your student loan creature
after their shoes. You benign with progressive you could find out drivers who which and save save an average of seven hundred. Ninety six dollars on car insurance gets quote online a dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards in saving by new customer service who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen, David Gay Lord. Travelling with a good friend in Canada, when aside hustle of this story was born. That friend, who had written He returned from his honeymoon was excited. A personal discovery and just had to show David, what was that discoveries are here using feared oil in his pubic region, was working wonders not listen before we go on He uses moisturize you're on your face. You use beard oil. Your face or some kind of product like that. Consider the benefits. It reduces irritation and redness after shaving it soon
Often sensitive dry skin gives it nutrients. It really the risk of ydgrun hares and not to mention You smell nice. These benefits and remedies to discomforts, don't just apply two faces. They exist in a given area as well. The thing is: nobody talks about these issues, except on the show, apparently because they have to do with a much more price, area, the body to dispelling the weird feelings that came from hearing this news from his friend David, like. Maybe I could actually be some kind of money making opportunity. They realize it because when was talking about it, that translated to just about no competition in the space and to be among the first an appeal, oil space, where they had no two to be to run. Bush David in his friend turn to Ottawa and brought on a third friend the true began researching oils, nutrition and skin care. The beard oils worked all right, but they know they can refined. Supposed to be even more suited for the pubic region and, of course, to be relevant for both men and women. It continually worked out better recipes, but step closer, they got to a syllable product, the more hesitant they became see another
sounds crazy, but their families and friend didn't understand why there are pursuing such an idea. They had virtually no barbie on the three, but they couldn't let this pubic product potential. The partners eventually rounded up some other friends who are at least willing to try to product out invited number to have a testing party where they narrow down the recipe options through feedback injustice if you're wondering I did not ask for details about that testing party, but after having a chance actually try it. Families and friends were on board. This was compromise. David and his friends, but they can convert sceptics into customers if they could just get samples into their hands. With a couple oil ready to sell. It was time to figure out manufacturing. They were able to source we for their products from Canada, except for the small glass bottles which came from China, there's just no affordable local alternative. The three partners through internal fifty dollars, which cover their total start up costs. That was the bill. Shop. If I store the packaging and bottles and a hundred bottles worth of oil and then came the big day, Bush bomb affair late launched and it was a sensation. The Bush bomb bottles were
turn off the shelves. Oh wait, that's actually not what happened. What happened was that thing started off really slow. They would get a sale here, maybe a sale there, but then two popular blogs responded to David's cult the first blog was dude? I want that dot, com, great domain name and incredible things: dot, com, Bush bond saw a major boost in sales from that press and before long the hundred bottles were sold out to everyone's. Eyes the orders cap rolling in the weight of over a month was clearly displayed on a ship. By store a people. Promoting anyway. It was clearly had something special, tapping into a severely under serve niche, to say the least, and they were one of the very few pursuing it did and his friends reinvested all the income it back into the business purchasing five hundred bottles of people coil but the extra money they also begin experimenting with adds to drive traffic and sales more consistently. It took about five hundred dollars to find a group with the ads. At first, they were a little too lewd say that together and trimmed down their brand identity. Sets them which boundaries and export new ways to approach the ads they eventually found
right terminology analogy visuals after they found their group a mere twenty dollars per day. Ads on Instagram can bring about four to five orders to the Bush bomb website led to an amazing amount of revenue, but was a sustained proven are a wide. I could count on. They also tried. Facebook adds, but they kept getting flag is inappropriate. Then they try to cause several videos to go viral, but they realized wasn't so easy either for feedback. David realized The twenty five dollar price tag was too high for many people who are sceptical. They needed expensive way to get product into their hands, so they launch the sampler package three cents to millilitres each for ten bucks. Included in the sample is a discount on the next purchase, despite actually a couple dollars on each sampler package. Bush bomb finds it it's been an effective way to acquire customers who return a few weeks later for larger orders wishbone has now stepped out of the experiment base the three four. Spending, more money on better ads are reaching out spas in retail partners and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their brand new packaging. They're all revising their website. They even
the land. A celebrity endorsement in the next several months justifies not me started as a strange yet solution. Bayside hustle has now into a hundred thousand dollar your business in just under two years as it turns out, there was treasure hidden in the Bush, all along I'm not sure what I can add to this story, except I will, I once again props to my assistant, Whitney she brought went to me at first. I was like there's no way, I'm talkin about that. That's ridiculous basically had the same response as these three guys friends did, but then she was like Don't look at their actually making a lot of money is a product that helps people its definition, story, and so I was like. Ok, let's try it clearly Something is working out. They ve got this great brand name, which is both funny yet immediately understandable and an experiment with instagram ads. They are able to get to that initial level of sustainability. It's now led them to do so Like redesign the website, focus on other channels look into relationship the in retail partners. So I mean what's not to love sick
figures in an oil based product or a private region of the body. I mean who Maybe one day I haven't, I feel an initial pubic offering, but with that believe you for the day you're welcome as Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better to find a sham and learn more about. Bush bomb go to satisfy school doc. Slash three to six. Thank you for listening we'll be back tomorrow. I'm crystal about for.
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