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#328 - Environmentalist Couple Sells Online Courses in Beekeeping

An organic farmer and business owner in rural Maine create a series of online courses in beekeeping, permaculture, and soil building.Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Many other. What's up, welcome back money, Miss Cristel about. If you listen in real time, and you bit in the: U S. I've got a good thanks, giving yesterday you're, not in the. U S, I have got a chance to eat. Some pie anyway, is pie. Is a good universal thing: not too late, I didn't get a chance. You yesterday go out this week, and get yourself some pie here on the show got a good story for you today. It's about an environmentalist couple who sells online courses in beekeeping. They also have courses in organic gardening and former culture topics and content. Wisest he's is kind of a throwback to our beekeeper episode. Number one o four, show me the honey Houston beekeeper buzzes to forth, dollars a month, and that was but two hundred episodes ago, but I think I must get more feedback but that episode than so many others it properly and our top ten, which speaking should do a top ten list before the end of the year, albacore and in terms of approach, like this cup or to talk about today, makes money is almost
natural comparison to some other episodes? We ve done about the platform you to me you to me, as is online platform where you can go and watch all kinds of courses from just a topic. You can imagine all kinds of technical topics. I learn very programming languages, but also. All kinds of other stuff. So, a couple weeks ago, we talked about Jessica Brody. Who is an author you outta me to create a series of writing courses and make something twenty thousand dollars a year extra from it, I most famous I love. You too, me is Teresa Greenway, who creates all these as on soured o bread and made any five thousand dollars last year, not today, couple doesn't actually use you to me at all. That's why I want to do a bit of a comparison because they ve to do this entirely by themselves penalty, I model and when you create an online course. This decision over whether to you existing platform, like you to me or one of the others, or do it yourself like today's couple, we'll talk about that's a pretty important decision, and there's some key pros and cons to each approach. So after the story, I come back and tell
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Today, story comes from Chris Budget in Belfast me by day, here's. The ceo for a company that makes word press plugins, interestingly enough, that but he was a side hustle before became his full time job. So he needed a new site hustle. So the new one is organic. Life grew a website Bring online courses in organic gardening and permit culture from the world's top organic growing experts, You want to do something to align with his values like the idea of starting a membership site Chris has it sustainable development and describes himself as an environmentalist. He runs this. But with his wife, Samantha, an organic farmer for its work. The website and marketing and Samantha responsible, for course, content instructor relationships and customer support, o algae, which unfortunate stand for original landscape gangster, it's actually just organic life grew offers courses topics ranging from beekeeping, Perma, culture, design, organic gardening, food forest design for cities in suburbs, organic soil building and how to grow a medicinal food forest, all kinds of fun, stuff,
air and the nine courses in total, ranging cost from twenty dollars to two hundred and twenty five dollars. They offer anywhere from two hours of content to about two hours. Christen Samantha are the only ones doing the teaching for these courses. They go out and recruit teachers. They think, would be a good fetch. It got there first by presenting the idea in person once they had the first one. I can leverage that trust factor to get more. They slow down a bit, but when ramping up, they would add a new course. Every couple of months to capture the very more than would show up on site with a three under dollar video camera. At first I did defending themselves, but eventually they started hiring a freelance videographer made life a bit easier. The teachers use for cod screen flow to create screen. Shearing sideshows there's no scripting, because organic life. Grew is essentially digitizing an existing workshop or class for the most part, the teacher Artie we're gonna present on their just capturing it in digital form, prison meant that will then edit the videos themselves using screen flower I movie and ass? They went along. They also started outsourcing similar editing to a freelance it. For in Ireland who uses final cup row, however, it checks
after editing it down and structuring it into an online course gee allows the export to review it to make sure they're happy with the finished product, the more for learning about former culture and gardening is still mostly offline, but with his digital experience, Chris thought he could bring an online these topics can be really hands on, but some people want to take horses online for affordability, convenience and to be able to their own pace Chris found at some of the By purchasing the courses lived in remote locations, they didn't. I just warning about this in another way to get the video people, they use a hosting service called Vimium Pro, and you promise hush videos on Benny before it's not like you to buy without less Marshall Interface lot of archie or business ends there, the basic service is free, but they have approached Airbus, where you have, privacy settings. You can make sure the videos are only pliable to people. You want to see them so in this is: oh algae, has a word press system or people who purchased the course can log in it access to others, but videos, but everyone else can't christen Samantha market courses by offering some content for free and gardening in Burma, culture forms also
on email, less they built up, and then they get interest courses from the instructors influence as well most of their website if it is organic and based on searches. For advertising, but they do have some affiliates which account for about ten percent of sales, resubmit His pricing is in very strategic. Started. He modeled it after what he saw similar course is going for in other course marketplaces instructors, a percentage of the money through pay pal each month and the start up costs for this whole d. I why project we're just about a hundred dollars they already had a three hour: video camera. They already The imo be software ass time went on. I did have travel expenses to meet up and found the instructors, but ass time went on there also making money. The prophet now is a thousand dollars to three thousand dollars a month fluctuate space whether they're doing a promotion or a new course launch a course brings higher income. It also brings attend some of the courses in the catalogue, but it also requires more work, Joe prisons, Martha that oil G couple their able structure, their sight, hustle life around, what's happening with the rest of their life for them, it's the best above
and it also aligned with those values of teaching people about the earth. We also give you see up all the I. Why approach to the model of creating a course in offering an online- and this is exactly the kind of course that could be offered on you to me or other platforms that include skill share. That includes creative, live away, some others that aren't coming to my mind at the moment, and these guys basically said. Okay, we want to create our course and offer it to the world that we want to control the whole process and we will also keep more money. So those are the obvious benefits of doing it. That way, of course, is also What downsides doing that way as well? First one is that these plants, arms. The euro means at the world a make life pretty easy, or people are making their first online course is. They have various to process. They walk you through their still learning curve Forests are gonna, take a fair amount of work, but there are lot fewer things you have to think through to make it happen, so you don't have a technical skills,
dont want to explore the whole world and figure everything out on your own. You going with an existing platform might be better, but then, even if you do the skill the best things about these platforms, at least when they Well is it they have a tremendous audience of their own so there, to bring a bunch of vocs you're interested in former culture or whatever it is you gonna teach, and presumably you don't have an existing relationship with most of those people to actually open the door for you to reach a whole new audience, and even if your commission is lower, even if you may say you know, fifteen bucks on a course instead of forty bucks or sixty bucks or whatever it is, that might still be fifteen dollars that you wouldn't have made anywhere else. So, as I said, pros and cons of you thinking about doing online course. This is why the decisions you have to make right in the beginning. Also, I did like Christian Samantha structure, this project project, to where they're, not the only ones, teaching there actually going out of recruiting these instructors, think that's interesting because it does add a bunch of different dynamics to the whole thing: you're able to teach more subjects, you're able to leverage those peoples influence influence. It's almost like a portfolio model. Using here their creditors stop or fully of assets a thousand three thousand dollars a month and net income. So it's not huge, but it's definitely significant its
the reach that point where they can essentially walk away, and they would still be making some money every month, which is a great place to be in love to help. If you do that at some point be not there already. You can do that by listening to the show every day and then taking action. I always say: Inspiration is guided by inspiration with action is better. I mentioned a bunch of different resources in this episode. Acts have a list of like five tourism software programs- I didn't mention, although there can be linked up on a shuts page- satisfy school, a dot com, slash three to eight going check that out like to learn more. I will be back tomorrow. This is Chris. About recital school.
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