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#333 - Business Analyst Turns Weight Loss Problem Into $130,000 Solution

A woman who undergoes bariatric weight loss surgery creates a subscription service to deliver monthly supplements and resources.Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey there, hello welcome back. My name is critical about this is side hustle school, the only daily pie cast all about creating personal freedom through aside hustle Let us all is not a full time job, it's not just driving for over something like that. It's about creating an asset for yourself today. I want to tell you about a woman who create such an asset It actually goes on to earn more than a hundred thousand dollars over the past year and she greatest asset. My hang on a major problem. She had. She relies lots of. Other people had to Specifically, this woman, it had a periodic weight loss surgery and she was looking for every service to help her effectively manage your way. How surgery, when she didn't violence who is looking for, she saw an opportunity to none fix. Her own problem and to improve her health, but also to help other in opposition and last but not least, improver finances at the same time,
It did in fact turn into a major success. I'll tell you the whole story in just a moment. Support for this podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars my plane ticket lay down your student loan treat yourself too, though, Whose, u benign with progressive you, could find out drivers who switch Save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance, get your quote online, a progressive come and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards savings by new customers. Urban who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen in May twenty. Sixteen Nicky, Wilmore life started taking a series of unfortunate turns thirteen years after her first reactor quite lost surgery. She found herself putting on weight again preparing to undergo a second surgery. Although
She was also placing an impending lay off from work and your job as a business analysed. Secondly, how she had in the past few years putting her health Nicky used one evening to search for a subscription for supplements there are compatible with the surgery she was about to have much to her surprise. She couldn't find any such thing. Turning to a barrier to equate lost Facebook group for help, she saw other people who share the same problem. They wanted. A simple delivery service to help them manage their weight and reduce their stress, but I couldn't find one Nicky had the idea for a product they could solve both her physical and financial problems. Sitting in this, of her daughter, softball gain the next day, Nicky posted about her idea in that Facebook Group and also created a facebook page called my burial. Box before she even done any research into a product. She gathered a hundred likes and knew she had idea on her hands. Really she thought she might within lay off hanging over her head and the responsibilities. Motherhood Nicky took a risk adverse stance to starting a business. She wanted to make sure people were willing to.
I the product not just say they would so she wisely decided to ask people to prefer the product before she invested too much of her own cash. Using an online platform caught celery, she created a simple weapon from my very Patrick Box, and offered a fifteen percent lifetime discount. Anyone who signed up in the first month sensing that it would all be a failure. Nicky was overwhelmed to see her first customer Ruth Goddard signed up for a lifetime subscription. Just a few hours after the offer went, LIVE Nicky's confidence improved. Once you decide to proceed. Her start up. Costs came in at around five hundred dollars. This was money to help create a more detailed wept. That. She hosting service called great joy, as well as by the initial products and materials for her first boxes to fill those boxes. She went looking for very Afric diet, compliant foods, snacks supplements, fitness gear, healthy eating tools and non edible indulgences because of this unique niche or new ship. You prefer shouldn't have much trouble finding and sourcing products to include in the box at a heavily discoloured rate. As the price
grew. She went out of her way to meet suppliers at events, and she also contacted them directly through the forum on their website. Bye, bye, orders in bulk and positioning her boxes and marking platform for the creators of the product she includes. She can also help to dry prices down further. This allows you to make sure she sells products that meet or exceed the value of the boy max and her goal is to ensure a three two one cost value ratio on each box. So what this means is people pay thirty, five dollars for the subscription box and he wants to get more than a hundred dollars of retail value in each box. That way when they see that charge on our credit card they're going to think about the box? I just got relies like oh, I got so much more value than that, so many keep subscribing. If you had our my very Arctic Box website. You'll see that Nicky Curly offers a package that story on a monthly basis, and customers can sign up for one three, six or twelve month contracts with the box. The exact details of what included in each box aren't known until that month arrives, but that's part of the fine that's part of what people are paying for the surprise. They discover ability of finding new products
might otherwise not see and because there's so much value. The idea is that if you dont like every product, will that's fine, hopefully you gonna find something that you like, and each box tilt market. The subscription Nicky focuses on products that will get people talking in the hundreds of Facebook groups, Forbearing Patrick Surgery, since these additions allow her service to reach the right people in a short amount of time, and it helps to build word of mouth refer. Us are so let's talk about the numbers since starting the site. I saw it may twenty sixteen Nicky has gone on. Over a hundred and thirty thousand dollars. That is correct. A hundred Forty thousand dollars and she's curly averaging twentieth. And ours, I might in sales she she's, been able to achieve these figures because she found something in the weight loss industry that nobody was truly catering too, and therefore she didn't come up against any real competition plus bend to the surgery herself. Having struggled a couple of times and overcome It really allowed her to get into our customers minds. She understood their needs, their obstacles, their struggles, their fears and also their aspirations, their desire to get well
a lot of his income has been invested back in the business and she's now purchased a small warehouse space to help reduce the amount of order. She's got. She also trademarked your product for a small fee of just three dollars. She says that process was pretty simple because her kind It was accepted without any contest. It was just a matter of waiting the seven months for the final approval to manage all orders in shipments, Nicky is reliant on a lot of absence services, a mention a couple of them and is always if your true ass, you can learn more about them and see the links on the shots page for each epithet. So she is Canada to help create designs and pamphlets for a box, as she used Trillo to monitor, workflows and is endeavouring to put Oliver customer service under one roof. But the actually says she can't live without is pirate ship which allowed her to ship Oliver products at? U S postal rates without incurring any extra fees. Looking to the future Nicky hopes to be able to
help more people lose weight and keep it off while growing her business he's already thinking about increasing the amount of warehouse Bay, she just purchased and she's playing to create new variations on the boxes that our customers love so much. Well, this service, this collection of items that are delivered each month in a subscription box clearly caters too and identifiable neat It's not just a need. It's an identifiable group of people with a common problem, a lot of people struggle with obesity. Some of those people after consultation with her doktor, choose this very Apteryx surgery option. I did some quick research and the number I found was that in
fifteen. Approximately a hundred ninety five thousand Americans underwent the surgery and most of them are women, something like eighty percent, so Nicky in her personal story related to each one of those factors which was a solution that she chose for herself. So, as I said, she very much understood the common obstacles and fear and insecurity that comes along with somebody. That's facing this situation, as well as their aspiration, their desire to get better. It should not just have a surgery but then keep the weight off, and presumably, if you go through this process and actually have the surgery you are invested in your health and yeah, spinning thirty five dollars a month for a subscription box, it's gonna bring all these different problem. Said, I might not just products, but also this kind of sense of motivation. The sense of like hey you may this commitment. Hopefully these resources are gonna, help you along the way it's it's also a little reminder of your new lifestyle, so in other words, not a big investment for people to make also fund fact. Since starting this business, Nicky has managed to lose an additional sixty pounds herself and get her health back on track. So she is essential.
Her own success story for overcoming this challenge and it becoming a role model of sorts in creating this product for people. So congratulations, Nicky on both your personal success and on this great side of success. More than a hundred thousand dollars in just over a year fantastic, and I hope it keeps growing listeners. As always inspiration is God put. Inspiration with action is better today. Show notes include links to every and resource. I mention that help Nicky Grover Side, us all, a notion which are its school dot com slash three three three hats represent four hundred. Thirty. Three. Remember, if you have a question or comment Shout give me a call in the hustle hotline, eighty four thousand four hundred and eighty nine hustle or eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three, listening to day I'll, be back tomorrow. I'm critical about presidential school.
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