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#36: Fitness Pole Dance Studio Grows To Four Locations


How a graphic designer started a pole dancing fitness studio, expanded it to multiple locations, and grew it to a six-figure income before quitting her job.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Support for this bought gas comes from Goldman Sachs. What Goldman Sachs expert and leading thinkers have to say about trends, shaping markets industries and the global economy, stain formed with the latest insights from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of covert nineteen available on our podcast at yes, a calm such covert nineteen or any of your favorite podcast platforms Greetings. Welcome back. This is not a school, I'm your host, where's God. I can't stop won't stop we are entering a brand new weak got some really an interesting stories this week, I think, you're gonna help you along your hustle journey. Not today, story is about the unique activity of Paul dancing, but not it concerned the show is still say for children. As to whether it safe for your work or not. I guess that depends on how you work feels about your site hustle, but this episode in particular, is about something called fitness pull dancing which, if you're not familiar with I'll, tell you about this
and we use the story to look at a common question. That's come up a few times. What do you do? when you're hustle grocer the point that you can quit your job, how you know when to quit your job. What if you don't want but your job. Is it different? If it's always been your goal to create a new full time income or if your house, just kind of takes off along the way? Well, it's a good problem to have not situation to be at all when you have to full time incomes, but it does require you to choices and people to know how to get those choices in different ways. So it will look at how someone may that decision for herself in a context of a funny story in just a moment, support for this broadcast comes from progressive saving, one and your car insurance is easy with progressive. It's an average savings of seven hundred ninety six dollars for customers who switch and save. In fact, customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy with progressive, including discounts, Jasper, putting a court online or owning multiple vehicles. Get your quote. Online
grass of dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual conference, him he's been you customer service who save a progressive and twenty nine. Discounts varying are not available in all states and situations. Seven years ago, Sarah be started, noticing that a lot of women were taking pull dancing classes as a new fitness regiment, she had taken classes herself and she liked empowering it made her feel while at the same time, serving as an intense work out. Sarah work amid level graphic designer and her career on the rise before long become a creative director, but you I also wanted to explore the possibilities of teaching fitness Paul dancing it maybe even opening her own studio for her first experiment. She does, to try teaching a few classes to see what happened. She arranged her and space and friends building who gave her what she calls ridiculously cheap deal after announcing our very first class. She had several
sweet peas and she was excited the most these are, as GPS were from her friends, but that was ok. She knows to gain experience ass? They stories, times go. However, there was just one problem, not a single person who are repeat actually showed up. It was a You lie down on the very first day of the hustle, thankfully the story doesn't in their because Sarah wouldn't let it end and more classes. People did. They start showing up. Eventually they weren't just your friends, Sarah determine that she would work on this project for at least a year. The counter whirled around she wanted to keep going that first year and even a bit beyond the project was making any money at all. This was a side huh. So she wasn't in a hurry for revenue. She had her day job as a designer. So Sir, I just can't building the project and holding classes and just as fitness, poor, dancing Mister to gain more mainstream awareness. She was getting better at running or hustle. By you ve been able to get a location of her own
then an additional location and then higher other instructors. Sarah just kept building I knew it was time to leave when I couldn't give a hundred percent to my day, job anymore, forty five for big expansion years, an hour in your sex and it's over healthy six figure, hustle ass. She approached that mark last year, Sarah decided the big change and quit her job to grow the studio full time. So obviously, this Here's a decision- and I her how she made it, she said no it was time to leave when I couldn't get a hundred percent to my day. Job anymore as the studio too much better decision making Pique I was working sixty hour weeks at my day, job and still teaching thirty says per week. It was tat make a move, and I knew working for myself was where I wanted to be not to mention that in turn pay off would be worth it. I remember this wasn't fly by night operation or an impulsive gender quitter job she'd been opera Mr De part time for more than five years. At that point, while going from middle graphic designer to senior creative direct.
Engage up doing both the day and the hustle was actually sustainable. For quite a while, but eventually they reached. The point We needed to decide and that's it. She chose to focus on growing the pole, dancing business side note I think people tend to underestimate how long These kinds of things can coexist if human your time. Well, what's your problem we do as a busy productive person and his time Soft goes by you probably get more efficient in your work you may very well be able to defer this kind of decision for a long time like Sarah did eventually have to make it, but it may not happen as quickly as you expect and per Sarah, that small studio space and afraid building, where she first started and not a single person showed up is now locations large in upstate New York, Sarah had of teaching thousands of women, the art of fitness, Paul Dancing, and and with multiple locations and the additional instructors who joined her team, she herself still teaches every day. According to her,
the best part of all of it is the ability. Women are class that not only helps build muscle and get a great work out, but also helps, to feel empowered and confident. So congratulations to Sarah great job. I want to make a couple of general points that I think are very important. The first one is about being profitable aside. Hustle need to be profitable. You can't afford to just break, even if your project, just breaking, even at least for a while creative time. Then it's not aside. Hustle, it's a hobby or it's something else and it may very well be something you want to keep doing. But really meeting that goal of being an income generating project. So normally to encourage people to start hustles, are going to show a profit a lot sooner than one year or in it here, but at the same time, one of the better set aside. Hustle is that you started on the side and you
dependent on income, at least not right away. So that can work in your or as well, especially like we see in the story, because in this case Sarah was able to break even during their first five years, because she, I believed in the mission and the price still had real potential, so she was willing to more valuable time to it I tend to be orbit skeptical of stories where p Fail over and over only too, seed and the end some of those are great stories, but I felt they also kind of reinforce and incorrect, believe that all have to do- is keep trying something, and if something is not right, being that we just have to keep trying and eventually it will and often too much answer is if something is not working, why don't you quit? can do something else, in other words, big believer in giving out strategically. Again this is an excellent exception to that, because she was making progress and, as I said, We believe in the mission, When you have a mission that you believe and that's when you first here. That's when you keep going you Mikey,
all the way to a six figure, multiple location, sturdier practice. That is helping alive different people and a really unique way, and of course they made exactly like that for you. But if you listen to these stories the to your own hustle you hey results. Overtime. Inspiration is good. Operation combined with action is so much better. If you'd like to learn, about fitness, pull dancing linked to Sarah Studio. We'll be in the shouts, that's out of school dotcom, slash thirty six me sure you're subscribed in Itunes or wherever you like to listen to pot, cast If you are enjoying the show give us a shoutout on Twitter or Instagram using hashtag side ourselves school, I guess we appreciate your support, endless starship I'll, see you. Tomorrow this is out of school. I am critical about.
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