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#369 - Designer Earns Extra $5,000/Month Posting Logos on Instagram

After first rejecting Instagram as being “only for selfies,” a Sri Lankan designer starts a popular account that earns steady affiliate commissions. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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hey there side, also school listeners, welcome back money, Miss Cristel about so excited to have you here for season two, as we kick off with a ton of great stories. as we go through the year I'll telling you these stories, but I also hope to show you something through them I want you to learn how these kinds of projects work and what kind of cider salt might be best for you, and is part of that. I think, is very important to understand at both your skills and your personality to find the best fit. There are three general categories of sight: vessels, products, services and economic chalk category for everything else. Most of the stories you'll hear on the show fall into one of those first, two categories which are pretty straightforward, but on day to episode, three sixty seven, that amazing story of the accounts who earns tutor thousand dollars actually more than two hundred thousand dollars buying stuff? It warmer
and then selling it online. That's kind of in this everything else, category and technically that sub category is called reselling like he does have products because he's purchasing something for sale, but the specific products are kind of irrelevant, like it's all about this model of selling today start also falls in this everything else bucket and it features an affiliate sales model using Instagram affiliate sales are when you refer a customer or client to a company. That person makes a purchase and then a company pays you a commission will look at that in different ways throughout the year as well. Not today stories pretty cool. It's this guy from Sri Lanka, who's able to earn five thousand dollars a month posting on Instagram. That is correct, thousand dollars and might posting logos specifically on Instagram. I want to be clear. This didn't happen overnight and actually puts a lot of work into it, but still when she liked paid every day for something that many of us do anyway. I think you're, like the story, I hope you'll learn something from it and bring it to ride after this quick shot out to our sponsor support. Recital school comes from three m from helping
I've vaccine seen in therapy development with advanced application technologies to develop an event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness. The research scientists at three m are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help today and prepare Tibet or tackle what's next learning Three M dotcom, slash, improving lives three m science applied to life for twenty nine year old Sri Lankan native Jonathan Rudolph Design design is poisoned, something that he was interested in as a child. He loves sketching cartoon characters from comics like Batman and X. The leopard, as I was cultivated further as he watched his grandfather. Make beautiful handmade carts now would inspire him to create and design beautiful things ass. He grew up. Jonathan, what act on his lap design at a teenager when a friend gave him a copy of it?
free Photoshop. He was hooked. You it's been a time after school on his computer, designing cars, changing their colours and adding new rims it was during this period. The java knew he wanted to design things for the rest of his life. A year after graduating from university Jonathan began freelancing frank services in logo, design and brand identity. He ain't freelancing business, the graphic illusionist and began looking for work right away. Some amount of work came in almost every week. He was making a decent income while holding down his day job at a publishing house for awhile Jonathan thought. He could become a full time freelancer and leave his data, but the freelance work quickly dried up is he faced increasing
Stiff competition, more designers were competing for a limited number of projects. His lowest point came when he was offered a hundred and seventy five dollars for a logo project. That project would take him three weeks to complete you gotta much better break that lead to a much more profitable project. In twenty fourteen, his wife had created an instagram account under his freelancing name, the graphic illusionist and posted up some of his designs. Jonathan was initially sceptical. He says he hated Instagram because his wife just use it to post selfies, but the account his attention when it started again more lax and followers than either them it expected. After exploring the platform, more Jonathan found that there were a number of design curated accounts with huge followings. However, there weren't any dedicated to finding the best online logos. Having collected stamps and paper clippings of exotic cars, as a child Jonathan saw an opportunity. He decided to start creating the best logos by walking the streets and taking photos.
That's the story behind how his new Instagram account logo inspirations was born. Jonathan would post a couple of logos. He saw every day need maximize the reach of each post by using the appropriate hashtags. He had done its homework and discovered that even in the design space, there were some hashtags that simply had a wider reached and others he pushed it consistently and often, and within the first year Jonathan gained
hundred thousand followers. With all these people paying attention, he then attempted to monetize his new found platform. He offered to post the logos of companies in charge them for advertising, but that turned out to be the wrong approach is only success was with one design company who paid him to endorse for including a Lincoln S caption. He continued to proactively, send out advertising pitches to companies, but got no replies. It was only when he changed tactics. He was able to find real success and turn his creation hobby into a profitable hustle. He signed up with a company called Loco core which offered affiliate commissions for each sale of their logo design programme. Within a few days, Jonathan made tutored fifty dollars which blew his mind with affiliate marketing. He didn't have to pitch companies at all. He realized this was the revenue model. He would pursue
with a working model in place. He began to look more seriously at the project. He joined more affiliate programs by companies, including skill share in book depository. The income he now makes from affiliate marketing has reached five thousand dollars a month and shows no sign of stopping Jonathan continues to grow his platform at the time. Courting, as he has more than half a million followers. Meanwhile, the cost for the site hustle art next to nothing. He spends about three dollars a month for various online services and that's it. There are no other expenses. However, at the same cannot be said for the amount of work he puts him, he sometimes stays out till two a m to work on the project, because time is tight with a day job. He still has pretty one interesting Your instagram accounts. Jonathan has a couple of tips. He says this might sound boring, but the single most important thing you can do is to post daily and be consistent. Ensuring that you only put up high quality images. You're trying to growing account it focuses on a specific topic: stay on topic, dont, be tempted to branch out
do your homework and make sure you use relevant hash tax for your niche and don't be tempted to use third party apps, because Instagram penalize you for it. Jonathan is now exploring the possibility of creating its own products, such as e boxing horses for designers in all that free time he has he's also started a Youtube channel, which is already surpassed ten thousand subscribers. The ultimate aim for him is to go full time with the hustle this year, so will follow along and see. How does Jonathan learned that Instagram was more than just selfies when he put in the real work he received real money. What an awesome project! Congratulations to Jonathan! It's, not an overnight success! It took a lot of work, but his decision to focused entirely on logos, really kind of car about this space in the design. Role is white, so popular least
Think so I went to look at the account and for each policy has not only thousands of likes, but there are also lots of designers commenting on what they like and dont like about each logo to in an important way he's created a community, like, I said at the time of recording, as he has more than five hundred thousand followers on that account and now he's gone along he's also improve how he thinks about the business side of the project. You're goin, something like this is to consistently improve both the content and the user experience along with revenue model, preferably at the same time, so that, as you go along you're making more of an impact you're better serving people aunt your also making more money to at the five thousand dollars a month point it seems. Jonathan is certainly doing that again. Good work, As for me, I'm definitely not created Instagram, but if you'd like to see photos for my travels and daily stories, you can follow me. Hundred ninety three countries- that's one nine three countries hope you enjoy. This episode has always remember. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better
today. Show notes, including links to everything I mentioned, are at sight of school dot com slashed three six. Nine is also a bunch of other free resources for you there if you're on Instagram come say hi and wherever you are today. I hope you do one thing to get closer to a bit more freedom. Thank you for listening I'll, be back to Morrow and critical about precisely school.
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