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#371 - Make Extra Money Using Merch by Amazon

A no-risk model to earn passive income by uploading t-shirt designs to Amazon.com. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey, hey, what's up welcome back, this is Titusville School. The only show bringing you a daily story of someone who starts an income generating projects without quitting your day, job, I'm your host Chris Gill about, and we have talked about the program merch by Amazon and a couple other episodes most famously with episode. Two hundred and fifty five t shirts on Amazon make seventeen thousand dollars. in a much more by Amazon or NBA is a print on demand. Program or Amazon allows independent sellers also known as regular people to upload t shirt designs and their customers purchase them. Amazon pays a portion of that sail to those sellers uninteresting model because you can get started without spending any money whatsoever and also without taking any kind of risk. That doesn't mean it's easy. There are a lot of people out there doing this. So it's hard to stand out, but today I have
Ray of someone who is not making seventeen thousand dollars a month but has just started this on a side to make extra cash, and this is a listener. Success story, someone who got the idea after listening to the show, so, if you're out there trying to figure out what site vessel is best for you well before we go on, I want to share a part of her advice to you. She says aware is important, but not to the point of hesitation. Dont get overwhelmed, trying to understand exactly how everyone else is doing it. Do a couple experiments and entrust yourself, I think, that's great advice, you'll hear more about it in the story which is coming up after the shot out to us support. Recital school comes from three m from helping I've vaccine and therapy development with advance perfectly in technologies to develop an event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness. The research scientists at three m are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today and for arrested, better tackle. What's next learning Three m: dot: slash improving lives.
three m science applied to life, the LOS Angeles, California, LISA Sand. Susi has several day jobs, she's a promotional model, a stand in actor for tv shows, including in c I asked: in a production assistant for live events. She also makes money live streaming on a social network. Periscope today will talk about how she so uses a model called merge by Amazon to bring an extra cash with minimal work. She does this by designing tee shirts without being a designer selling them without any inventory as busy as she is born, LISA. Listen to cite a school. She realised that, even though she was I did about a lot of different ideas. You didn't really have the time or energy to start something big. She needed something she could work on wherever she had spare time and hopefully that something would have the potential to provide passive income. After hearing a previous episode she signed up for March by Amazon because it sounded fun,
She thought why night and it took three minutes to apply while Amazon was a little slower on there and it took them two minds to get back to her so we'll fast forward to that time, and when I finally accepted her application, the next step was for LISA to upload her initial designs. The programme allows you to upload ten designs at first and once you sell tin shirts, you can end up Twenty five designs: once you sell twenty five, you can upload a hundred and so on your goal as a seller is to have as many well designed in the listings as possible, because the more listings, the more sales you'll, have LISA thought of it like a game or a puzzle of some kind of bee figured out and she likes puzzles how did she create her t shirt designs without being a designer, while she got creative about that? She first went to the website, fibre, dot com and put up and add. That said, I need ten original popular niche t shirt designs that can be uploaded to by Amazon, you got a ton of offers right away all less than a hundred dollars the otherwise there wasn't any way to know there actually giving her original designs. She tried it for awhile with some.
And then found out. He was sending her designs that had already been appointed to the platform, which was not just on ethical, is also dangerous because it could get her account band. Next, she went to up work up, worked outcome and there you can pay someone per project or by the hour. The interesting thing about upward is that when you hire somebody, you have the option to see exactly what's on their screen when they're on the clock, for you. so you can monitor how much work is actually being done. She found someone in Morocco who offered to start on a project for five dollars an hour. She would send him ideas for designs but would also search popular culture, references to come up with some of his own. They forgot her first batch of tin designs up. Then she was allowed to do twenty five and then she got to a hundred designs. They were selling a time, but they were selling and once the designs or upload it, she didn't have to do anything else for it at all her first month, profit was just eighty four dollars, but the second month was three hundred dollars and then it continued to rise right now. Our goal is to sell.
Five hundred church to get to the next year of a thousand designs were the proper potential is twice as high. Only that, but Amazon allow sellers to control the price of their shirts. So once LISA gets the ability to sell a thousand designs, she's planning to raise the prices of some of the current shirts to increase their profits further, as part of that she's been marketing directly to her periscope yours, if you not familiar periscope, is a social network that features live streaming. Lisa had a hundred days streak of broadcasting every day and on many of those days she'd where one of a t shirt she designed. Since there is no inventory, Siesta purchased those shirts herself. The platform is interactive with lots of question and answer going back and forth between the broadcaster and of yours. So when people would ask her about her shirt, she Postal linked to the Amazon listing so how's. It worked out for her, which the best part in the worst part of this project will. The best part has been the ability to be creative and it make money with almost no
ask she says: I'm not sure that I'm supposed to run a business, the ideas exciting, but it's really not the right time. For me this way I can still watch something grow that created without worrying, about losing lots of money or negatively affecting anybody else. If it doesn't, work is not awesome. Well. I also always ask people what not so great or what's challenging about the project. Lisa says at the worst part, the experience has probably been the unpredictability of the platform a different times. Amazon has removed or limited her ability to upload new designs or edit prices of existing designs, about any explanation when they do this and you have to just gonna hope and pray that the restrictions get removed. This is just a factor of being dependent on somebody else's platform like Amazon, is all powerful and to reach millions of it'll customers, but they do play by their own rules and they also don't hesitate to change them. As I alluded to in the introduction, LISA has some advice for you. She says having been through the process of starting this new side. I saw my vices,
get overwhelmed trying to understand exactly how everyone else is doing it. I got caught up in a lot of facebook groups. Youtube videos. Earlier on, I ended up making some unnecessary mistakes trying to do things in a way that didn't seem authentic. To me, awareness is important, but not to the point of hesitation, do a couple experiments and then trust yourself. That's one thing I wish I'd done more up in the beginning. Please. I has a situation that many of our listeners are looking for. She can go about her day, work, her regular job or, in her case for jobs,
Whenever she has time work on our side us all, but even when she doesn't have much time to work on it, you can still log into reseller account and see how much money she's made over the past week without doing anything for it at all. Isn't that worth working for? What are you gonna do this year to make that happen? For you, awareness is important, but not to the point of hesitation. I love that quote: there's a fine line between research and taking action and are sometimes it's good to do your homework to prepare other times. You just need to connect to step out there, and this is the kind of model where it's very easy to experiment, since the cost is so low and the risk almost non existent, if you think you might be interested in at some point, might as well apply and see what happens. Just a quick note, as I mentioned the episode, sometimes Amazon could take a long time to approve people for LISA took two months I applied for myself last year and with something
six weeks. So, basically, at the idea interest you at all go ahead and applies, and there's no cause to do so. We think he thinking about other ideas in case it takes them awhile before they get back to you, my friends. I hope you enjoy this story. I enjoyed bringing it to you, as always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. I shall not, including links to several marked by Amazon resources and also the application page. That programme, which is managed by Amazon North relation with us, are at sight of school dot com, slash three, seven wine, that is for episode three. Seventy one If you have a comment or question for the show, I'd love to hear from you give me a call in a hustle hotline at eight hundred and forty four, eight thousand nine hundred and twelve, as also eight hundred and forty four at nine four thousand, eight hundred and twenty seven, eight hundred and fifty three, your rockstar here to your hustle, I'm crystal about recital school.
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