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#375 - Aerospace Engineer Becomes Full-Time Rideshare Expert

A Boeing employee earns $34,000 referring drivers to Lyft, then sets out to become an industry expert. His site now earns six-figures annually and receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.  Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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This episode is brought to you by blackberry. Blue, very mobile devices were powerful because they were secure today, its pair, the security you held in your hand with artificial and Diligence to protect everything you touch blackberry, intelligent security. Everywhere, learn more at blackberry, dot, com, greetings and welcome back to side hustle school. This is your host critical about you a new story every day, not someone creating freedom through a side hustle side, hustle, buck, Romania to income in twenty seven days, I make a distinction between Charter ideas and next level ideas. I started idea is what most people tend to think of when they think about having a side hustle. If you go out and ask people like in popular culture, hey what's a side hustle and number one thing that comes up is driving for uber or Lyft
it. Had a right share service makes you have a lot of right here. Drivers who are listening to the show so shall not to you guys. Thanks were dragged me around his well until we recognise that driving for when these services can offer a flexible schedule. I guess the main benefit, but also not gonna. You create an asset and not really gonna make a lot of progress. Your income is essentially capped, you're on the clock and many of the variables are controlled by the rideshare company, such as starter idea, not a bad idea at all. I just think in a long term, you can do better. So what's up double idea on next idea is an asset it something that can work for you, even when you're, not there or otherwise, to something that you have ownership and control over because again, starting aside us is about creating freedom. Even if you love your job, even if you never want to be a full time entrepreneur, it's great have options and it's great to have something. You can look out and say. I'm proud of that. I made that one of my favorite examples of this principle going from starting out
The next level idea is the story here today about an engineer in southern California who drives for ever on. The side then begins to think bigger in our interests figure income advising right your drivers and serving as an industry expert shows you. Since today story. Ask yourself: how can you go from starter idea to next novel idea? What's your next level idea going to be number you that story injustice? support. Recital school comes from three m from helping I've vaccine and therapy development with advance perfectly in technologies to developing an event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness, the research scientists at three m are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today and for arrested, better tackle, what's next learning three m dot, slash improving lives, three m science applied to life,
Harry Campbell side. Hustling life began at an early age. In fact, it started in a high school lunch room. His mom made the best lunches The other kids would offer him money for them to Harry started. Asking his mom for two bags of chips to snapples and sometimes even to sandwiches. he would resolve the extra items to his classmates for a hundred percent. Profit is best. Customer was a girl in english class. We ve got a bag of chips every day. Later he became an aerospace engineer working for Boeing, the job paid well, when Harry started, driving for uber and lived on the side so of his friends and co workers made fun of him. Why did you need to ferry people around. But for Harry it wasn't so much about the money he earned for each ride. It was the idea and the opportunity he started, driving in twenty fifteen, when the writer companies were desperate to sign up or is it began awarding a lot of incentives for referrals it back. The incentives were much more lucrative than the actual drive it. He first signed up for left, but then earn five hundred dollars for joining over and complaining
single ride. He also hit the mother lode of incentives when lived, ran, a promotion offering new drivers, one thousand dollars for doing one ride and then paid the referring driver, a thousand dollars as well. In other words, they were paying two thousand dollars, require a driver who might only work for them once sounds like a great of investor money. Right. Let's destroy for another show our stories. How Harry took advantage of this three days trying to convince everyone? He knew to sign up people told him it sounded like a scam, but it wasn't. He ended up referring thirty for drivers and earning thirty four thousand where's. He also noticed a lot of people were asking the same questions about right, you're over and over in Facebook groups for drivers, but no one had a definitive answers. There was no single authority. Seemed to Harry that if he could create a resource that answer those questions, it could get people off Facebook and onto his website, making him the authority and that's when he started the right share. Guy a website, blog podcast and eventually much more
Harry start up, costs to begin driving with goober and left were zero dollars, since he already had a car insurance and his website cost to start the right. Your guy were extremely minimal, just a domain web hosting and a theme today the site get hundreds of thousands of visitors in life and while they upgrade the hosting, he still runs the same word press theme that eight, fifty dollars for it. When he first started. He says the site balinese redesign, but he's also not to worry because hey it works at first. The right, your guy was just another side. Hustle Harry made around twenty five thousand dollars from it. That first year, which was a lot more than he was expecting, the traffic was growing. He was starting to get more media attention, any you're that if he went full time on the site, the numbers would only get better
to a sitting around a hundred thousand page visa. Might he quit his day job? This was before the project was making as much as he did at the job, but he had a good emergency funds saved up. It was pretty sure it was gonna eclipse his engineering salary within a year. That's exactly what happened in its first year of full time. Work. The business made over a hundred thousand dollars in profit and is only continue to grow, is now expected it to consulting advising advertising in several other revenue streams. There's a team of two full time employees and around ten freelancers who do everything from writing and making videos to virtual assistance and editing. is all happen in a very short period of time. Just a couple of years now, as I said, I think Harry Story is a great example of going from starter idea to next. Novel idea saw come back to that at the end, but first, if you're thinking through this process yourself, he has some advice to you, said, I think, finding the right side. Also, it's all about trying lots of different things. It's important to do your research.
Jumping right in, but at a certain point you just need to start trying stuff. That's why try to take on products that meet three criteria and hear his criteria? He says first has to be something on passionate about it, did in his, especially when you're working on line. You dont want a blog about a topic for a year and it makes zero dollars and Pilecki, like you, wasting your time worst case scenario you at least when it be able to look back and say I learned a lot and I had fine regardless of the money. Second, it has to be something that helps other people. It feels good to get emails from people who have listened to his podcast or read an article and talk about how to them in some way. This can especially help keep you going when you're not making money, but even when you are still feels great in third, it has to be something that will make money directly or indirectly, at least at some point. He says I love what I do, but I wouldn't do it for free. It has. Make economic sense Harry, isn't resting on his success? Is it but coming out called the right? Your guide is expanding to consult with ATO manufacturers in public policy experts. These plenty to host the first ever right. Your comp
But in non right share nears his wife is expecting their first child this month because of the flexibility that is new. Work, provides he's putting to take a few weeks off entirely and then work half time for a couple of months from the lunch and worry hustled chips and Snapple to leaving his engineering job to become an expert in a new industry. Harry's willingness to follow his curiosity experiment has led him to a life. Where he's fully in control, you could say in the driver's seat if you need a ride once in a while, he still turns on his uber lift up to pick up passengers. I hope you can see the difference between a starter idea in a next level idea got to know Harry a better. Try wrote about him in my last book, one time in Orange County. He gave me a free override what technical he dropping off at my hotel. After an event unfortunate, there was no refer Alfie involved in speaking of referral fees. I love this whole thing about how he earned thirty four thousand dollars in three days. Referring people to lift
to me. This illustrates the site. Hustle principle of, if you see money lying under a rocky, should pick it up. You do have to ask too many questions about it. You have to wonder if it aligned with the rest of your life and career goals and his experience, he said some of his courtiers kind of made fun of him. We started driving river and left. Why don't they they made fun of them after hearing thirty four thousand dollars in three days, that's pretty. sing and even if he never did anything else after that, if he hadn't actually built what is now a real business, employing people earning six figures, expanding to other revenue streams that one story, so I ve been a huge success of its own
And last but not least, I want to answer the question why him? Because there are a lot of rights your driver's there already worthies Facebook groups, people were asking these questions. Why didn't someone else become the right? Your guy, and I think the answer is somewhat that he was in the right place at the right time, but that's not all because other people in that same place at the same time as well. So the second part, the answer is consistency. He says, since we started the site three years ago, we posted in article every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. We never miss a day not for Christmas, not for other holidays, nothing It's not a single other person and write your industry that has come close to that kind of volume that consistently for three years, so in other words, he was in the right place at the right time. We also had a Idea it was willing to experiment, and he puts him effort into it. You didn't just not his fingers, he got
work and now he's enjoying the freedom and security that comes from putting a network. So whatever your situation is over there that you're looking for ideas, I hope you're willing to experiment and put in the work. Remember inspiration is guide, but inspiration with action is better. If you'd like to learn more about Harry's work and the right, your industry in general just come to satisfy school dot com, slash three, seven: five. As for episode of three in seventy five. We too are going strong everyday here on the show, if you'd like to check out our all new training programme and online community can decide us all school dot. Com, slash society. Registration is open for a limited time only and if you think it's a good fair, if you need some support for your hustle, I would like to personally welcome you to it. It's not a good fare. Well, please continue to enjoy the free show every day. It is my honour and privilege to bring these stories. I've got another one coming up tomorrow and every day after that, on critical about precisely school.
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